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Browser Support in 60 Seconds

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As web designers, when it comes to browser support all we really want to know is if we can use the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SVG features we want. Here’s how to find out, in sixty seconds!

Understanding Browser Support

First, figure out the browsers used by the visitors to the site you’re building. Don’t assume generic figures apply to every website, always run analytics to get the facts (you might be surprised by how many people use old or obscure browsers).

Make pragmatic considerations before dropping support for a particular browser. On a commercial website, cutting off just 2% of users could translate to thousands of dollars lost.

When you know which browsers you need to cover, go to caniuse.com and see what they support. Also check support on any libraries and frameworks you want to use, like jQuery or Bootstrap.

When using features that are not fully supported always have a backup plan. You could use polyfills to replicate functionality in older browsers, provide a graceful fallback, or add a notice to users so that they aren’t left confused.

That’s how to handle browser support in sixty seconds!

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