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Change the Logo on Your WordPress Site

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Logos are an integral part of your brand's identity. They help identify your business everywhere, both online and offline. Therefore, it is important and makes sense that you use your brand logo on your website.

In this article, you will learn how to easily update the logo on your WordPress website. I'll start by discussing the things that you should keep in mind when creating a logo for your brand. 

In another post, I describe how to change the WordPress logo size on your site.

Things to Keep in Mind When Creating a Logo

Since you are reading this article, you probably already have a logo that you want to use on your website. However, you should consider using these two tips if you have recently created your website and are still trying to figure out what your logo should look like.

  1. Try to create a logo that is simple and unique. You will probably want to use this logo in a lot of places. If the logo is complicated in design, creating a small version of it will be an issue. Ideally, you want the logo to be clearly identifiable on all scales.
  2. Try to create a logo that is somehow related to your brand name or the industry that you represent.

You don't have to absolutely follow these rules. Just use a logo that works best for you. However, keeping these tips in mind could help you create a better logo.

Changing the Logo in WordPress

Different theme developers will have their own navigational links that you will have to click through in order to get to the section where you can change your WordPress logo. However, they will all be located somewhere under Appearance > Customize in the Admin dashboard.

Customize Appearance Free ThemesCustomize Appearance Free ThemesCustomize Appearance Free Themes

After that, you can click on Site Identity in most free themes to get to the following screen. Just click on Select Logo and pick your logo from the media library.

Site Identity Free ThemesSite Identity Free ThemesSite Identity Free Themes

Developers of some premium themes might have more sophisticated customizer settings to give you better control over more aspects of the website's appearance. This also means that the option to change the site logo will be somewhere else (but still under Appearance > Customize) in the dashboard. Here is an example from the theme Eduma on ThemeForest.

Premium Theme Customizer MenuPremium Theme Customizer MenuPremium Theme Customizer Menu

The Logo option in this case was available under Appearance > Customize > General > Logo. Furthermore, clicking on Logo takes us to a new menu with more logo-related options.

Logo Image OptionsLogo Image OptionsLogo Image Options

This particular theme gives us the option to upload two different logo variants: a regular logo and a sticky logo. The sticky logo appears after someone has scrolled a bit on the website.

Just like Eduma, many other premium themes will have their own implementation of the customizer. You might need to do some digging to find out where the exact options are, but they are generally easy to find.

Unable to Find the Logo Change Option

It is possible that you tried different menus and still couldn't find the option to change the logo on your WordPress website. In such cases, there is a strong possibility that the theme developers did not add support for a custom logo when they created the theme.

Basically, a theme requires that you add the following line somewhere in the functions.php file to add support for a custom logo.

You won't see any option to change a website's logo if the above line is missing from the theme file. If that happens, just ask the theme developers to add support for a custom logo.


I hope that this post helped you figure out how to change the logo on your own WordPress website. As I mentioned earlier, not all theme developers place these options in the same place. If you still cannot find these options, just contact the theme developers and they might be able to help.

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