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How to Change Your WordPress Admin Password

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If you’ve forgotten your WordPress admin password, or perhaps you’d like to change it for security reasons, this quick tip will explain two ways you can reset it.

2 Ways to Reset Your WordPress Password

1. Reset Password Via Email

The first method, if you’re trying to gain access to the WordPress admin and you’ve forgotten your password, is to click the Lost your password? link.

Lost your passwordLost your passwordLost your password

On the screen that follows you’ll be asked for your username or user email address, then you’ll be sent a reset link via email.

2. Change Password From Within the WordPress Admin

If you do know your WordPress password but you’d like to change it (perhaps for security reasons) then you first need to login, then go to Edit My Profile in the dropdown menu at the top right of the screen. Alternatively go to Users > Your Profile (they both go to the same screen).

Scroll down to the Account Management section, and there you can click on Generate Password.

generate passwordgenerate passwordgenerate password

WordPress will then generate a safe, secure password for you, with the appropriate amount of characters, numbers, symbols, and so on. If you’d rather use your own password you can enter it at this stage.


Those are two ways to change your WordPress admin password! If you have any questions about what’s been explained, please leave a comment below.

5 Tips for Better WordPress Password Security

  1. Change your password regularly.
  2. Use a password manager like 1Password or LastPass (this applies to all your logins, not just WordPress!)
  3. Use a Two Factor Authentication (2FA) plugin like this one by the author of Updraft Plus.
  4. Use the Better WP Security plugin to customize your admin URL (everyone knows /wp-admin/)
  5. Subscribe to have i been pwned; a service which will let you know if your personal details have ever been exposed in data breaches on other services.
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