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Envato Market in 60 Seconds: Becoming an Affiliate

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Through Envato’s affiliate program you can earn passive income by referring new users to any Envato Market website. Here’s a sixty second introduction explaining how to get involved–and why you should!

Become an Envato Affiliate

To begin, you need an affiliate code. Login to any one of the Envato marketplaces and click on Affiliates in the menu. A link to share will be generated for you, though you can use whichever marketplace URL you like as long as you append ?ref=your_username.

How Much Will I Earn?

If someone clicks your referral link, then signs up for an Envato account and purchases an item (or deposits money) you will receive 30% of that user's first deposit or purchase.

This is a great way of earning some extra passive income, especially if you’re already an author or a buyer with Envato, and since the affiliate program pays out over $3M per year I’d say it’s worth getting involved! 

One or Two More Things

There are regular contests held for the most productive affiliates, and you can also earn more through our Envato Studio affiliate program

Note: all URLs prepended with “go” (for example: will not count towards affiliate earnings.

Useful Links

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