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Mastering Icon Fonts on the Web: Open Assignment

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It’s time for another open assignment! Instead of learning something by following a number of steps, I’m going to get you to complete a task.

This task relates to a course I’ve just finished recording called Mastering Icon Fonts on the Web, available to Tuts+ subscribers, or as a one-off purchase for $15

Open Assignment

Even if you haven’t followed the course, you can still try your hand at the assignment and share your results with the Tuts+ community! We’d like you to design your own (simple) icon set and then package it up as a font. Take a look at this video to find out more:

Here’s a preview of the example icons you’ll find included in the source files. You can either use these as a starting point, or design your own icons from scratch.

Don’t forget to ask questions, give your feedback and post your results in the comments section underneath! Good luck!

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