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Start Learning Web Design in 60 Seconds

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When you want to become a web designer, knowing where to begin can be hard. So here’s how to start learning web design, in sixty seconds!

On Your Marks

At first, customizing others’ work can seem like the easy option, but wading through a lot of code you’re not familiar with can actually make things harder. Instead, start from the beginning, coding up designs from a blank slate. Don’t be intimidated by coding; if you start small, and aim to progress steadily, you’ll be shocked by what you can achieve.

Get Set

First learn the basics of HTML. Learn to make simple unstyled pages with key elements like headings, paragraphs, images, bullet lists and so on. 

Then, move onto styling your pages with CSS. Start learning to style your typography first as that’s the most approachable part of CSS. Then, move onto learning the basics of layout, like controlling width, height, spacing, and how to make multiple columns.

Finally, learn to add some color to your typography, backgrounds, and borders. With these essentials you’ll have all the tools you need to be a web design gun.


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