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Tips for Utilizing Infographics on Your Website

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Read Time: 4 mins

The web can be used as a highly visual medium. As such, we have the ability to share ideas in ways that go beyond text, yet still work in conjunction with it. Images can help us articulate our message more clearly.

Perhaps no type of image is better at this than the infographic. Its main purpose is to take a concept and explain it in an easy-to-understand, visual manner.

“Infographics are perhaps in part a response to the low attention span culture that has emerged over the last couple of decades with the birth of the internet and increased use of smartphones.” – Grace Fussell

Today, we’ll take a look at ways to effectively integrate infographics into your website. We’ll discuss the situations and strategies that can help you reach users. Along the way, you’ll see some amazing examples provided by Envato Elements. With your subscription, you’ll gain unlimited access to nearly 1,600 infographic templates and a whole lot more.

1. Show Off Your Skills

When placing your resume and portfolio online, it can be difficult to call attention to those items that you really want to emphasize. This is where an infographic can do the talking for you. Use one to clearly identify your skills or the projects that set you apart from the crowd.

Music Infographic is a terrific example of how to place your talents at the forefront. The template provides a platform for demonstrating your proficiency with different instruments and could be used to list top projects as well. It’s available in both PSD and AI formats and can be easily edited to meet your needs.

Music Infographic PSD and AI Vector TemplateMusic Infographic PSD and AI Vector TemplateMusic Infographic PSD and AI Vector Template
Music Infographic PSD and AI Vector Template

2. Illustrate a Big Concept

Sometimes, an idea is so big that it’s not enough to merely tell people about it–rather, you need to show them. To do so, try pairing bold graphics with bite-sized blocks of text. This not only looks appealing, but it can simplify even the most complicated of subjects. Your key points will come across as crystal clear.

The world is a big place, but Illustrations of the Earth with Infographics v1 can help you bring it down to size. It features several views of planet Earth, helpful when you’re discussing a specific region. You’ll also find a number of charts and icons that make for a more user-friendly graphic.

Illustrations of the Earth with Infographics v1Illustrations of the Earth with Infographics v1Illustrations of the Earth with Infographics v1
Illustrations of the Earth with Infographics v1

3. Bring Numbers to Life

Financial and other numeric-based reports are quite often bolstered by the inclusion of one or more infographics. The reason? Well, numbers aren’t always the most exciting or easiest thing for readers to digest. Colorful charts and graphs are effective ways to grab attention and demonstrate concepts such as profits and long-term growth.

Use Modern editable infographics vol. 2 to build your own unique data-based graphic. One of its key features is the ability to import spreadsheet data, making it easy to place your own numbers into a stunning chart. You can also choose between light and dark themes.

Modern editable infographics vol 2Modern editable infographics vol 2Modern editable infographics vol 2
Modern editable infographics vol. 2

4. State Your Case Simply

When trying to persuade potential customers, it’s important not to bombard them with information. In this case, less is definitely more. Provide them with only the most important selling points. Use simple graphics and contrasting colors to help people make their decision.

3D Infographics has the perfect mix of great looks and utter simplicity. It’s ideal for explaining multistep processes. Inside, you’ll find razor-sharp icons, geometric shapes and lots of color.

3D Infographics3D Infographics3D Infographics
3D Infographics

5. Keep It Relevant

It’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to make use of generic graphics. However, they’re not always the best fit. The closer imagery is to your subject, the more effective you will be in making your point. For instance, if your website is meant to serve people in the medical field, it’s important to use graphics that reinforce that point. Otherwise, you risk missing your target.

The beauty of Outline Infographic is that offers vector shapes that cover a wide variety of subjects. Use it to present ideas regarding medicine, science, business, technology and more. Templates are available in a number of popular formats and feature a very unique look.

Outline InfographicOutline InfographicOutline Infographic
Outline Infographic

Information to Go

Not only are infographics a great way to display information on your website, their simple and compact nature make them ideal for sharing, as well. Include them in your social media accounts and encourage readers to do the same.

Above all, use them as tools to get your message out there. They might just be one of the most versatile tools we have to promote both ideas and services.

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