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UI Design in 60 Seconds

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“UI” stands for “User Interface”, a way for users to interact with something. As every website is a user interface “UI Design” is at the core of web design.

What Exactly is UI Design?

“UI” is not to be confused with “UX” which stands for “User Experience”. Creating good UX is what UI Design strives to do.

So, to create a good UI there should first be a plan for UX, ideally illustrated with wireframes

A wireframeA wireframeA wireframe
The low fidelity wireframe stage

From there you can get into designing a UI that will bring the UX into reality. Start by fleshing out the wireframe with typography and monochrome colors, to make sure everything is readable and accessible. 

Fleshed out in monochromeFleshed out in monochromeFleshed out in monochrome
Fleshed out in monochrome

Then, add color and images, using brighter colors to highlight key UX areas. This is the time that branding should be implemented, including integration of logos and company colors.

With color and brandingWith color and brandingWith color and branding
With color and branding

Aim to create a visual style that can connect with the type of users the website has. Make sure you have a layout that can respond to all possible screen dimensions, and a means of interacting that accounts for all possible devices.

And that is UI Design in sixty seconds!

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