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Checklist: Ways to Enhance Your Onboarding Experience


Onboarding is an important part of your user journey–it is the first step the user takes in getting started, helps them understand your product’s main benefits, and plays a large part in determining whether the user will return. 

To ensure your onboarding UX covers all these important tasks here’s a quick checklist of questions. Answer them whilst you design any onboarding flow and your users will thank you for it!

  • What does your product do? 
  • Is your product what they’ve been looking for?
  • How does your product help users accomplish their tasks?
  • Why should they join your service or pay for your product? 
  • How does your user make an informed purchase decision?
  • What are the essential things to know?
  • Where should your user click first?
  • Where does your user go for more information or help?
  • What are the best practices for using this product?
  • What will this page look like once the user has filled in more data?
  • What are the different features of this product? Can the user try this out while minimizing risk? 
  • What are your user’s primary goals and how does onboarding help them with their goals?
  • What concerns might your user have before using your product and have you addressed them?
  • Is it possible for a user to skip all this if they prefer to?


So there you have it; a comprehensive list of questions to consider when designing an onboarding experience. Remember to focus on your product or service’s main features and benefits, and respect the fact that people have different styles of learning and absorbing information. Good luck!

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