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We’re Translating Tuts+!

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Announcing the Tuts Translation ProjectAnnouncing the Tuts Translation ProjectAnnouncing the Tuts Translation Project

Up until recently, all the tutorials on Tuts+ (there are nearly twenty thousand!) had one thing in common: they were all published in English. And that’s strange when you think about it, because our community is nothing if not global. 

We often get requests for translations via social channels, email, and in tutorial comments, and we also know that community members are already translating our tutorials so they can share them with their fellow countrymen and women. In response, we’ve launched the Tuts+ Translation Project, to meet the demand and share the hard work of our generous community members.

Now it’s possible for volunteers to translate whichever written tutorials they please. We take the translations, give them the once-over, then publish them so that they’re accessible via the original posts.

Round of Applause

The response has been phenomenal. After a few initial requests via social media, over 60 volunteers have been in touch, publishing almost 200 translations in more than a dozen languages between them!

It’s Yours; Use It

Every written tutorial on the Tuts+ network is open for translation. If you feel you can help others by converting one into your mother tongue, find the link in the sidebar of a post you’ve enjoyed and let us know!

This project does rely on the generous nature of our community members (thank you) though translators are given full credit for their work. In fact, many have said that translating Tuts+ content is the best way to learn, so there’s certainly something to be gained by taking part.

Table Toppers

We’re very grateful to all who have volunteered, but a special mention has to go to these three individuals who’ve gone above and beyond in helping out with the project:

  1. Erick Patrick (Portuguese) 35 translations
  2. Lourdes Lopez Jimenez (Spanish) 11 translations
  3. Thoriq Firdaus (Indonesian) 8 translations


We’re continually adding more languages and translations to the network. Here are some of our favourites (with their ISO codes handily noted next to them):

More Multilingualism

To find out more take a look at the Tuts+ translation project information page, sign up for newsletter updates and please let us know if you have ideas for improving the project further!

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