Color Theory

  • Color Theory
    Color for Attention and Depth in 60 Seconds60 1
    The colors you choose in your designs can give the illusion of depth, making important things seem closer to the viewer and more likely to catch the eye. This video will help you learn how to use color for attention and depth in 60 Seconds!Read More…
  • Kids
    Web Design for Kids: ColorWeb design for kids 10
    In this tutorial we will jump into color theory, different ways of using colors in our CSS, the meaning of certain colors, and review how to select the perfect colors for our sites. We'll wrap up with some general tips for using color on the web.Read More…
  • LESS
    Creating Color Schemes with LESS Color FunctionsPre
    LESS provides a handful of functions which make defining and manipulating colors super easy. In this tutorial we are going to walk through a number of them, helping you control colors, produce better color pairings and keep them organized.Read More…
  • Typography
    Tips to Help You Properly Mix Text With ImageryLorem
    In this article, we will discuss five different aspects of placing text over images that will help you properly mix copy and imagery.Read More…
  • Color Theory
    6 Beginner “Safety First” Color Guidelines for the WebColor preview
    In this tutorial I’ll be sharing with you six sure fire, “can’t go wrong” guidelines you can follow to get a foundational grasp on working with color in web design.Read More…
  • Design Theory
    An Introduction to Color Theory for Web DesignersColor
    Today we're going to learn the importance of color in Web Design and how to choose a pleasing color scheme. This article is part of our Basix series, which is aimed at providing practical and concise explanations of design principles for those with little design experience... let's get started!Read More…