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Learn how to create the backbone of any website with our HTML tutorials. Start from scratch or brush up on the latest features and best practices.
  1. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

    HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

    Tutorial Beginner

    HTML is the structural coding language we use to build web pages. Some people refer to HTML as being the “building blocks of the web”. Here’s what it means...

  2. HTML Element: img

    HTML Element: img

    Tutorial Beginner

    The HTML img element is one of the first elements developers learn, and it’s used to embed images in web documents. It is an empty element and contains...

  3. HTML Element: figure

    HTML Element: figure

    Tutorial Beginner

    The HTML figure element is used to encapsulate media such as images, diagrams, photos, and code snippets.

  4. HTML Element: dfn

    HTML Element: dfn

    Tutorial Beginner

    The HTML dfn element defines a term within a document, helping to provide clarity and context. It is often paired with the abbr element to describe or...

  5. HTML Element: del

    HTML Element: del

    Tutorial Beginner

    The HTML del element represents deleted or removed content within a document, and it is typically used with the ins element to show modifications or changes...

  6. I Style My ALT Text (and You Should Too)

    I Style My ALT Text (and You Should Too)

    Tutorial Beginner

    The alt attribute within an image tag provides alternative content for users who can't download images, or who have images turned off. But have you ever...

  7. HTML Element: dialog

    HTML Element: dialog

    Tutorial Beginner

    The HTML dialog element is used when you want to create a modal or dialog box that overlays the main content of a web page.

  8. Building an Admin Dashboard Layout With CSS (and a Touch of JavaScript)

    Building an Admin Dashboard Layout With CSS (and a Touch of JavaScript)

    Tutorial Intermediate

    In this tutorial, we’ll create a responsive dashboard layout. To build it, we’ll borrow some ideas from the WordPress dashboard.

  9. HTML Element: dd

    HTML Element: dd

    Tutorial Beginner

    The HTML dd element represents “description details”. It’s paired with dt (description term) and placed within a dl (description list) to give us the...

  10. HTML Element: dl

    HTML Element: dl

    Tutorial Beginner

    The HTML dl element represents a “description list”. It’s used to present a list of terms and their corresponding descriptions or definitions.

  11. Using the Popover API: Native Modals for the Web

    Using the Popover API: Native Modals for the Web

    Tutorial Beginner

    In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use the Popover API, a versatile new tool in Chromium 114 for creating dynamic and customizable popovers.

  12. HTML Element: datalist

    HTML Element: datalist

    Tutorial Beginner

    The datalist element contains a set of option elements representing predefined options for other input elements. You can use it with the input element, whose...