• Coldfusion
    Mura CMS: Customizing Folders09%20 %20customizing%20folders
    One of the most common things in theme development is the need to customize Mura Folders. This tutorial will show you the best practices in creating your own folder output.Read More…
  • Coldfusion
    Mura CMS: Mura Iterator08%20 %20mura%20iterator
    When doing theme development, it is common to need to loop through collections of content dynamically. This tutorial will show you how to use the Mura Iterator to easily achieve this.Read More…
  • Coldfusion
    Mura CMS: Custom Methods06%20 %20custom%20methods
    Mura CMS gives you the ability to create your own custom functionality, directly from the theme level. This article will show you how you can enhance your themes by creating reusable custom methods that can be used in both layout templates and admin users.Read More…
  • HTML & CSS
    Mura CMS: Display Objects04%20 %20display%20objects
    Mura comes with several built in display objects such as Login Forms, Comments, Navs, Calendar, Gallery, etc. This tutorial will show you how to control the output of these objects for your themes.Read More…
  • Coldfusion
    Template Variables03%20 %20template%20variables
    When building your themes you will want to bring in dynamic content from your Mura site to display meta information, titles, body and so on. This tutorial will teach you how to access various content variables within your Mura site.Read More…
  • CMS
    Mura CMS: Layout Templates01 %20layout%20templates
    In Mura CMS, it is easy to create as many layout templates as you wish to format your theme pages in. Read More…
  • CSS3
    Creating a Collection of CSS3 Animated Pre-loadersPreloader
    In this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to create a collection of pre-loaders for your web projects using nothing but HTML and CSS3.Read More…
  • Sass
    All You Ever Need to Know About Sass InterpolationSass interpolation
    So you play with Sass from time to time. You're starting to enjoy it since it caters to most of your needs. But there is this one thing you don't completely understand: interpolation - slotting values into other values. Well you're in luck, because today I'm going to shed some light on the matter.Read More…
  • HTML & CSS
    Create and Theme an Evernote Powered Blog With Postach.ioPostachio
    In this tutorial we'll be learning how to setup your own powered blog and how to create a custom theme for it.Read More…
  • HTML & CSS
    Easier Visual Data in the Browser With Variance ChartsVariance thumb
    Today, we will be diving into Variance Charts; a unique JavaScript based "grammar of graphics" which provides an abstract, declarative markup style to create what would otherwise be fairly complex charts. Read More…
  • HTML & CSS
    Build a Dribbble Portfolio Grid With Flexboxgrid and JribbbleFlexboxgrid dribbble
    Flexboxgrid is a new framework which allows you to combine the predictability and common language structure of a grid system with the flexibility and simplicity of flexbox. Today, we will walk through the basics of using Flexboxgrid, and use it to build a simple Dribbble feed. Let's get started!Read More…
  • HTML & CSS
    A “Readability First” Approach to Media Queries and LayoutReadability first thumb
    In this article I'll be talking about a methodology that is a mixture of many approaches to Responsive Web Design, with a few extras stirred in. It's both "Content First" and "Device Agnostic", and was originally inspired by the typography focused em based "Goldilocks Approach". I like to think of it as a "Readability First" approach.Read More…