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User Experience

  • Interface Design
    3 High-level Approaches to Prototyping by ExamplePreview
    In today's tutorial I will compare different types of web prototypes through illustrating three high-level approaches by example. Read More…
  • User Experience
    The Finer Details of UX for KidsUx kids 2 retina
    In the previous article we discussed what we mean when we refer to "kids", the unique challenges they bring, as well as some key considerations when designing UX for kids. In this post we'll discuss items UX professionals should pay close attention to after they hand off their formal UX.Read More…
  • User Experience
    Use and Abuse of Icons in the Modern AgeIcon retina
    The number of icons we see on daily basis is amazing. They are everywhere around us, both online and offline. We love to use them. They enhance the aesthetic of our sites and can provide a better user experience. Sometimes however, we forget the reason behind using an icon, and that's when it becomes easy for icons to lose their effectiveness.Read More…
  • User Experience
    The Building Blocks of Designing UX For KidsUx kids retina
    Designing for kids is a unique and challenging situation for any UX professional. While many principles and practices span across all ages, there are many issues which arise exclusively when dealing with children. In this introductory article we'll look at children and the specific design issues that they bring about. We'll also examine some guidelines, constraints, and considerations that you should take into account when designing UX for kids.Read More…
  • User Experience
    Best Practices for Designing Effective Banner AdsAd effective retina
    If you’ve ever been online — which, if you’re reading this, I assume you have — you’ve probably encountered a banner advertisement or two. These typically come in the form of a prominent image on the page, although the exact size, positioning and content can differ drastically.Read More…
  • User Experience
    A Beginner's Guide to Designing Ad-Friendly WebsitesAd guide retina
    Advertising has always been big business and, these days, the Internet plays a massively important role. By 2011, advertising revenue on the Internet surpassed that of cable television in the United States and, the following year, estimates put US Internet advertising revenues at $36.57 billion.Read More…
  • User Experience
    What Stops You Buying High Value Goods Online?Graph retina
    Recently, as part of a wider optimisation study of how we operate our business at Cutting Edge Knives, I posted up a short survey on Twitter. I specifically asked why people abandon shopping carts with expensive/luxury items in them and what (if anything) would encourage more people to complete their purchase.Read More…
  • User Experience
    The World of UX Anti-PatternsUx antipatterns retina
    As a user of the web, from time to time you may find certain things which are really annoying. Perhaps something about a login form, navigation, or a web application in general, makes it difficult for you to complete a given task. Why has someone designed and built something in this way?Read More…
  • User Experience
    Designing a Better Contact PageContact preview
    A good contact page is essential for maintaining relationships with your visitors. Whether we're talking eCommerce, magazines, personal websites, online services, users will usually seek out a contact page as their first means of communication with you. Oddly enough, many web designers neglect the humble contact page, even considering it one of the least important aspects of a website. Let's put that right.Read More…
  • User Experience
    Designing for PerformancePerformance thumb
    Designers have a tremendous impact on site performance based on how they design for the web, before a single line of code is written. This article will cover how performance can be designed and what it takes to make it happen.Read More…
  • User Experience
    First Steps in Your User Experience Workflow: Nascent UXPreview1
    UX is typically an early part of the software development lifecycle, but let's look deeper into the steps a UXer should take before really beginning to put a UX design together. I want to refer to this as Nascent UX. Nascent) simply means "beginning to exist or develop". Nascent UX is the gathering and organizing of information prior to the actual design phase of UX.Read More…
  • User Experience
    Cultivating Trust Through Web DesignPreview
    In this article we're going to discuss trust; what it means in terms of UX, potential pitfalls and how we as designers can play an important role in influencing it. You'll want to read this, trust me..Read More…