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5 Best Free Dropdown Menu Plugins for WordPress

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Need to extend the functionality of your WordPress dropdown menus? Not sure what the best dropdown menu plugins are?


WordPress dropdown menu plugins help you organize your website's structure and give your website visitors a better user experience. WordPress dropdown menu plugins range from simple to more complex menus that offer countless new ways to display your website's content.

The best selection of WordPress dropdown menu plugins is available on CodeCanyon. Each plugin offers you unique ways to add menus throughout your site and not just in the header. 

In this article, we'll cover the top premium dropdown menu plugins as well as the top free plugins. Create a more powerful website by adding a WordPress dropdown menu plugin today!

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Top 5 Premium WordPress Dropdown Menu Plugins on CodeCanyon

In addition to Envato Elements, CodeCanyon offers tons of high-quality premium WordPress plugins, including dropdown menu plugins. Here are the top five premium dropdown menu plugins you can get on CodeCanyon today!

1. UberMenu


UberMenu is a powerful, fully responsive WordPress Mega Menu Plugin developed by sevenspark. The plugin offers a user-friendly interface that is highly customizable, allowing you to create intricate mega-menu configurations with ease. Regardless of the size of your website, Ubermenu has everything you need to display the perfect menu to your audience. 

Here are the main features of UberMenu:

  • fully responsive and mobile compatible
  • advanced submenu layouts
  • easy customization of menu colors, sizes, and fonts
  • generate items from post or term content

2. Hero Mega Menu

Hero Mega Menu - Responsive WordPress Menu PluginHero Mega Menu - Responsive WordPress Menu PluginHero Mega Menu - Responsive WordPress Menu Plugin

If you're looking for a versatile and responsive WordPress menu plugin, try Hero Mega Menu. It simplifies the process of creating a professional, responsive WordPress menu, from complex mega-menus to simpler dropdown menus. The plugin is intuitive, mobile-friendly, and provides a great user experience.

Here are the main features of Hero Mega Menu:

  • fully customizable and intuitive menu builder 
  • add shortcodes, HTML, posts, pages, categories, and custom links
  • wide range of layout options
  • advanced mega-menu builder that supports multiple types of content

3. Mammoth


The Mammoth Submenu for WPBakery Page Builder is a robust plugin that adds mega-submenu functionality to your existing WordPress menu system. It integrates with WPBakery widgets and the grid system, allowing you to construct expansive submenus with a simple drag-and-drop interface. The plugin includes demo examples as WPBakery templates, enabling you to get started quickly.

Here is what you can expect from Mammoth:

  • create expansive submenus
  • seamlessly works with WPBakery widgets and grid system
  • drag-and-drop system
  • friendly interface that requires no coding skills

4. Xlmega Elementor Mega Menu

Xlmega Elementor Mega MenuXlmega Elementor Mega MenuXlmega Elementor Mega Menu

As the name suggests, the Xlmega plugin is packed with features. It's a powerful tool for creating responsive, complex menus with ease. The plugin is optimized for Elementor page builder. If you need to create a full-featured menu quickly, Xlmega menu is the best option for Elementor users.

The main features of Xlmega include:

  • creates dynamic, responsive mega-menus
  • optimized for Elementor 
  • compatible with a wide range of browsers
  • supports various WordPress versions

5. Mega Main Menu

Mega Main Menu Mega Main Menu Mega Main Menu

Mega Main Menu is a comprehensive WordPress menu plugin developed by MegaMain. The plugin provides a responsive menu with a variety of customization options, including sticky menus, icon inclusion, and mega dropdown variations. The tool allows any type of content to be placed in dropdown menus and provides a custom color scheme.

Here are the main features of this dropdown WordPress plugin:

  • place links, text, images, widgets, and shortcodes in dropdowns
  • unlimited color variations
  • 1600 vector icons and 600+ Google Fonts for menu customization
  • WPML compatibility

Let's now have a look at the top free dropdown menu WordPress plugins. 

5 Best Free Dropdown Menu Plugins for WordPress

If you are on a tight budget, free dropdown menu plugins can do the job. Here are the top five free dropdown menu plugins for WordPress.

1. Max Mega Menu

max mega menumax mega menumax mega menu

Max Mega Menu is a comprehensive WordPress plugin that transforms existing menus into user-friendly, highly accessible mega menus. It offers a wide range of features, allowing users to add WordPress widgets to menus, customize menu styles through a theme editor, and control menu behaviors via built-in settings. The plugin is designed for ease of use, enabling you to build a touch-ready and mobile-responsive menu with a few clicks.

2. QuadMenu

quad menuquad menuquad menu

Next up is an all-in-one solution for designing responsive mega-menus, tab menus, and carousel menus. This powerful tool streamlines menu integration in theme projects, offering customizable layouts through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. It includes features like multiple menu locations, widget support, customizable breakpoints for menu collapse, and compatibility with Google Fonts and Font Awesome icons.

3. If Menu

if menuif menuif menu

Want to display specific menu items to site visitors based on predefined visibility rules? The If Menu plugin is a great solution. You can specify rules for anything from displaying menu items only for logged-in users to hiding menus for mobile devices, displaying different menus for admins or editors, and more. The plugin supports basic visibility rules and additional advanced visibility rules. If you need a free dynamic WordPress dropdown menu plugin, If Menu is for you. 

4. Groovy Menu

groovy menugroovy menugroovy menu

Groovy Menu is a free, responsive mega-menu plugin for WordPress that's designed to improve website navigation by adding an easy-to-customize menu to your site. The plugin offers features such as mega-menus, horizontal and vertical menus, dropdown menus, submenus, WooCommerce compatibility, and more. It supports automatic and manual integration, is GDPR compliant, and requires no coding skills for use. 

5. WP Responsive Menu

WP Responsive MenuWP Responsive MenuWP Responsive Menu

The WP Responsive Menu plugin transforms your WordPress menu into a highly customizable, sliding responsive menu. The plugin features easy setup and customization directly from the settings page, with no coding required. It allows users to alter the menu open direction, change the menu icon animation, and add logos and links to the menu bar. Additionally, it integrates with WooCommerce, supports RTL sites, and allows you to add social media icons.

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Add a Dropdown Menu to Your Site Today!

The premium and free dropdown menu WordPress plugins available can enhance your website's functionality. This can help drive more traffic to your site and improve the user experience.

The dropdown menu plugins available on CodeCanyon are only a small selection of the WordPress plugins available on CodeCanyon. If the dropdown menu WordPress plugins in this article aren't suitable for you or you need other types of WordPress plugins, be sure to browse the CodeCanyon library.

Discover the perfect WordPress plugin to propel your business forward today!

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