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5 Essential Sketch Plugins for Web Designers

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In this video from my course Up and Running With Sketch, you'll learn about five essential Sketch plugins for web designers. Here's a quick rundown:

1. Craft

Craft is actually like a suite of plugins, because it has six different tools that you can use:

  • A sync tool that you can use to collaborate with your team. 
  • A library tool that you can use to generate styles for shapes, which you can then share with your team.
  • The Content Generator, which allows you to generate either type or images from predefined templates, from the web, or from a JSON file.
  • The Duplicate tool, which improves upon the duplicate tool you find in Sketch by default.
  • Freehand, which lets you draw on top of art boards and designs, allowing for collaboration between designers and developers or clients. 
  • A prototype tool that allows you to create prototypes inside Sketch.

You can learn how to accelerate your workflow with Craft in our short course Craft: Designing With Real-World Data.

Craft plugin for SketchCraft plugin for SketchCraft plugin for Sketch
Craft plugin for Sketch

2. Auto Layout

Auto Layout allows you to create responsive designs inside Sketch. It gives you the option to select certain layers and then pin them to specific portions of your document. Then, whenever you resize your artboard, that item will always stay in the same place. 

By doing that, you're creating designs that can easily shrink and resize while keeping their elements right where they need to be. 

Auto Layout plugin for SketchAuto Layout plugin for SketchAuto Layout plugin for Sketch
Auto Layout plugin for Sketch

3. Icon Font

This plugin allows you to quickly add icons from existing icon fonts on the web. It has icons for material, simple-line-icons, Ionicons, and Font Awesome. But you can add your own icon fonts as well. 

Icon Font plugin for SketchIcon Font plugin for SketchIcon Font plugin for Sketch
Icon Font plugin for Sketch

4. Sketch Palettes

The Sketch Palettes plugin allows you to save a color palette and load a color palette from your hard drive. This is very handy if you want to keep close tabs on your color palettes. 

Sketch Palettes pluginSketch Palettes pluginSketch Palettes plugin
Sketch Palettes plugin

5. Dynamic Button

Dynamic Button lets you select a piece of text and instantly turn it into a button, creating an automatic background with padding around the text that you can adjust if you need to.

Dynamic Button plugin for SketchDynamic Button plugin for SketchDynamic Button plugin for Sketch
Dynamic Button plugin for Sketch

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