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Top Tips and Plugins for Educators Using WordPress

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As online learning continues to expand in both K-12 and postsecondary education, WordPress has become a natural choice for educators. Its ease-of-use and variety of potential uses allow for the creation of a powerful medium to reach students outside of a traditional classroom.

Let’s explore some ways educators can use WordPress to further the learning experience. With each one, we’ll show you a plugin on Envato Market that can help you tailor your website for learning.

1. Harness the Power of a Learning Management System

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a turnkey solution for running a full-blown educational website. A well-made LMS lets you create and administer courses, take student registrations (paid or free), offer online testing and manage grades. It’s a great choice for those who want their website to be a self-contained learning portal.

WPLMS is a plugin that enables WordPress to perform all of the basic functions of a LMS - and a good bit more. Educators can create assignments, which students can complete and (if necessary) upload via front end account management. Lessons can include media such as audio, video or PDF files. Also included is a messaging system that allows educators and students to communicate directly through the website. Students can earn certificates as they successfully complete courses.

WPLMS - Learning Management System for WordpressWPLMS - Learning Management System for WordpressWPLMS - Learning Management System for Wordpress
WPLMS - Learning Management System for Wordpress

2. Bring School Functionality Online

Traditional forms of communication like paper and phone calls are quickly becoming a thing of the past in many educational settings. The ability to communicate and perform school-related tasks online reduces cost and increases efficiency. This benefits everyone as more resources can be directed towards the things that matter.

School Management System for WordPress can benefit schools both physical and virtual. Just about every aspect of an educational institution can be managed online. Parents, teachers and students each have their own distinct profiles and account capabilities. Report cards can be issued online, attendance can be tracked and reports generated to show both teacher and student performance. The plugin even ties in with several SMS apps, allowing text messages to be sent directly from the school’s website. If you’re looking to create an online school or move an existing school’s functions online, this plugin provides a great launch point.

School Management System for WordpressSchool Management System for WordpressSchool Management System for Wordpress
School Management System for Wordpress

3. Enable Parental Involvement

Parental involvement is one of the keys to ensuring that children are successful in school. Providing methods for parents to stay in the loop are essential. While parents can’t always physically be at school with their kids, online tools can be a big help in keeping them informed of what’s going on.

Ekattor School Manager provides a wide array of school management functions, including the ability for parents to check in online. Parents can see their child’s schedule, teachers, grades and manage tuition. Also included is the ability to catalog the school library, dormitories and transportation options. Teachers can upload study documents and make them available for students.

Ekattor School Manager Wordpress PluginEkattor School Manager Wordpress PluginEkattor School Manager Wordpress Plugin
Ekattor School Manager Wordpress Plugin

4. Challenge Your Students

Add online exercises to your website to both challenge students and reinforce what they’ve learned. Whether it be for practice or more serious purposes, these exercises can provide both educators and students with a solid gauge of progress and an idea of where improvements can be made.

Grammar Test is a great example of a tool that can challenge students and measure their progress. Teachers can create customized tests where students fill in the blanks of the provided sentences. If desired, tests can require student login. That allows results to be collected in the system and performance to be measured.

Grammar TestGrammar TestGrammar Test
Grammar Test

5. Become a Resource

Even if you’re not ready to move an entire school or course online, an educator’s website can still be a wonderful resource. Providing tools to help keep students engaged in their studies will ensure that they’re getting information from a reliable source: You.

For example, consider DW Glossary and Scientific Calculator. DW Glossary adds a vital resource that students can come back to again and again. Using the built-in WordPress comment functionality, a dialogue can be started on specific terms. 

DW GlossaryDW GlossaryDW Glossary
DW Glossary

Meanwhile, Scientific Calculator enables students to perform complex mathematical computations right on your website.

Scientific CalculatorScientific CalculatorScientific Calculator
Scientific Calculator

Education for Everyone

WordPress, when combined with the right mix of plugins, can be utilized to create a high-functioning educational website for virtually any type of institution. Whether you’re looking to provide useful resources or move an entire school online, there are plenty of great options to get you started.

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