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10 Popular Unbounce Themes Designed for Conversion

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Unbounce templates have been enjoying growing success on Themeforest since the category was launched a couple of months ago. In this quick roundup, we highlight some of the best, demonstrating perfectly how to design landing pages for conversion.


Approach is built as a lead generating tool. If you have a product, or a service, and you're looking to expand your potential customer database, this theme has you covered.

Unbounce Landing Page Template for Startups

This template focuses on drawing visitors' attention to a startup service. It's bold, it's spacious, it's inviting. The striking header image and contrasting CTA are crying out for you to sign up for early access..


Condio reminds us that landing pages of any sort are aiming to convert visitors in some way or another.  This is the first of its kind of Themeforest, but I'm guessing it won't be the last.


FORK is a clean and balanced theme, with a number of colour schemes and layouts to choose from. It, typically of Unbounce themes, gives you dedicated desktop and mobile variants instead of responsive layouts.

Landing Page for Startups

Jen Gordon specialises in designing landing pages. In fact, she's built quite a neat collection of her HTML and Unbounce themes, all aimed at conversion in various industry niches.

Travel & Tourism Landing Page

This is another of Jen Gordon's themes, again employing all of Unbounce's recommended techniques for conversion-centric design.

Law Online

Again, introducing another area of industry which you may not think about needing conversion-centric design, Law Online caters nicely for Legal firms. Get a free quote! Though that's probably where the freebies end..


Purpose is the second theme we've featured from G10v3 - using the title perfectly to remind us what a landing page needs above all else; purpose.


Jen Gordon again, this time showing us her Unbounce versatility by offering up a Startups theme.


You've written a book. And you need people to buy it. You need the MYBook landing page.

I hope these examples have inspired you to have a go at designing Unbounce themes yourself! To learn more about what's required, check out The ThemeForest Author’s Guide to Unbounce Templates by Denis Suhopoljac.

Remember, Unbounce templates are built and designed with very specific purposes in mind; take a look at Oli Gardner's How to Become a Conversion-Centered Designer to learn more about conversion.

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