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16 Amazing Masonry Grid Style WordPress Portfolio Themes


Let’s get our hands dirty with some web design masonry. We’ll figure out what it is, why it’s effective for some big name brands, why you might consider it for your own website, and which WordPress themes can help you achieve a masonry website layout.

First Question: What is a “Masonry Grid”? 

A masonry grid is a grid-like layout which supports items of varying sizes. The name was arguably coined by Dave DeSandro, creator of the JavaScript Masonry library released back in 2009. On the Masonry site it’s described as “sort of like a mason fitting stones in a wall”. You know, like this: 

But instead of stones and bricks, it’s all of your brilliant work, projects, photos, or whatever.

Why Does This Layout Work So Well?

Masonry-style grids are a familiar and user-friendly way of organizing content. They feel sortable and simple, and visually organize content in a way that’s easy to navigate without being boring. 

It’s a popular format for micro-blogging platform Tumblr. Here’s an example from Coca-Cola, one of the biggest brands using Tumblr with a masonry-style grid layout: 

Social-media-slash-inspiration site Pinterest also uses a grid layout to organize a massive amount of content. Here’s an example from Pinterest user Rayt, who has built a following of nearly six million: 

Why This Layout Works for Portfolio Sites

Masonry grid layouts are especially useful for personal portfolio websites. If you’re a designer or artist, then it’s a great way to showcase your projects and provide a visual representation of the work you’ve done. If you’re a writer, you can use the grid-style to represent stories or published work. If you’re a photographer, showcasing your photographs and creating a sortable gallery by photo type is useful. I’ve used masonry grid WordPress sites to talk about side projects, newsletter designs, event planning work, and more. 

Next Steps: Find the Right WordPress Theme

While Tumblr and Pinterest are both masonry-style, they’re not the right choice for a portfolio site; the social-blogging aspect of them makes it complicated and adds elements that are out of your control. Using WordPress to build your portfolio site means it’s all under your control, from the domain (like yournamehere.com) to the formatting and stylistic choices. Plus, using WordPress gives you the freedom to create a website that’s as simple–or complex–as you’d like. 

Envato runs the largest online marketplace for WordPress templates. Here are twenty hand-picked WordPress themes that have great masonry-style grid layouts: 


KONCEPT - A Portfolio Theme for Creative People
KON/CEPT - A Portfolio Theme for Creative People

This WordPress theme from designer KrownThemes has nearly 5,000 sales and is geared towards portfolio sites. There are four navigation styles, a page builder, and a modular grid. It’s mobile-responsive, with clean code. 

2. Mug

Mug Clean Creative Multipurpose GridPortfolio
Mug: Clean Creative Multipurpose GridPortfolio

Best for “creative professionals that love grid and minimalistic design”. Mug is a flat-style theme. It has plugins that are compatible with Dribbble and Twitter, so it’s great for designers. 

3. Hempstead

Hempstead  Responsive PortfolioWordPress Theme
Hempstead – Responsive PortfolioWordPress Theme

There’s a lot to like about this one: the space-themed designs on their demo, the rounded serif fonts, the included Visual Composer, the interactive maps, the SEO-friendly code, the uncluttered home page... 

4. Mone

Mone - Responsive WordPress blog theme masonry grid
Mone - Responsive WordPress blog theme, masonry grid

With the full-width header and the blog post formatting, this one is especially good for writers and those who need something a little more word-oriented. The left sidebar menu is a unique choice. 

5. Stag

Stag - Portfolio Theme for Freelancers and Agencies
Stag - Portfolio Theme for Freelancers and Agencies

From designer DeliciousThemes, this one comes with lots of different demo layouts, so you can imagine all the possibilities without having to do too much design work yourself–and it’s easy to switch up the look of your site. It comes with Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, and Templatera Addon. Pictured: the “Typed Hero Text” demo. 

6. Hygge

Hygge  An Independent Editorial Magazine  Blog Theme with Shop
Hygge | An Independent Editorial Magazine & Blog Theme with Shop

Hygge is a Danish concept that reflects comfort and coziness, which is how you want your website visitors to feel, right? 

7. North

North Creative Bold Modern GridPortfolio Theme
North: Creative Bold Modern GridPortfolio Theme

A bold portfolio theme, North is made for agencies and freelancers. It’s tested to work across browsers and it’s super easy to customize. 

8. Joker

Joker - Photo  Video Portfolio WordPress Theme
Joker - Photo & Video Portfolio WordPress Theme

This is one the best-rated photography themes on our market. It has masonry-style albums and gallery pages, plus full-width and other layouts for variety. 

9. Kabuto

Kabuto a clean minimal  responsive WordPress creative theme with a fullscreen portfolio grid
Kabuto: a clean, minimal & responsive WordPress creative theme with a fullscreen portfolio grid

Made by Elite web designer Onioneye, this WordPress theme is simple and straightforward. A good choice if you have a logo or want something that’s timeless. 

10. Grido

Grido Responsive and Multipurpose GridPortfolio
Grido: Responsive and Multipurpose GridPortfolio

This grid layout mixes the sizing of the squares, resulting in a portfolio layout that’s complex, without being too chaotic. 

11. Onliest

Onliest - Creative Portfolio One Page WP Theme
Onliest - Creative Portfolio One Page WP Theme

With Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, and homepage PSD files included, this theme is great for those with a little more coding experience (though it’s not a requirement!). The design team is highly rated for their product support. 

12. Huntington

Huntington  Responsive PortfolioWordPress Theme
Huntington – Responsive PortfolioWordPress Theme

A symmetrical grid layout with a left-aligned navigation menu. The menu makes the site simple to look through, and social media buttons easy to find. 

13. Werkstatt

Werkstatt - Creative Portfolio Theme
Werkstatt - Creative Portfolio Theme

Werkstatt is a WordPress theme that shows up on many different lists, because it’s adaptable for many website needs. The simple masonry portfolio is a winning layout, but if you want to switch it up, there’s a number of impressive demos and site designs included. 

14. Pofo

Pofo - Creative Portfolio and Blog WordPress Theme
Pofo - Creative Portfolio and Blog WordPress Theme

This theme’s typography makes it a standout choice. It also includes a WooCommerce-ready shopfront and Yoast SEO plugin! 

15. Haar

Haar - A Portfolio Theme for Designers Artists and Illustrators
Haar - A Portfolio Theme for Designers, Artists and Illustrators

Saving one of the best for last, Haar is a beautiful, creative theme with lots of different layouts and demos. It’s created by Power Elite designer Edge-themes, but with not too many sales (yet!), so it’s a unique choice. I love the way the demo sites have example content that stick to a three-color scheme with its illustrations and imagery. 

Go Forth and Build Masonry!

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