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18 Best BuddyPress WordPress Themes: To Make Social & Community Sites


Small business owners are busy. Their task list seems never-ending, so it stands to reason that they could use as many tools as possible to make their daily lives easier. One such tool comes in the form of a WordPress plugin that many web designers or business owners themselves would overlook as non-essential. But the truth is, this one plugin could save you hours of time each week, and even allow you to build a community around your website.

Use BuddyPress to extend WordPresss community functionality
Use BuddyPress to extend WordPress’s community functionality.

The plugin in question is BuddyPress. In a nutshell, BuddyPress allows you to build your own social network—and it’s quite flexible to work with for building a variety of community sites.

You can use it to build a small business website, leveraging BuddyPress to develop a collaborative space between you and your coworkers. Having a dedicated company network allows you and your team to have an immediate overview of who is doing what and make sure every project is on track.

And, if you’re a solopreneur, or want to provide an easy way for your clients to get in touch with you, you can use all the features BuddyPress has to offer to facilitate collaboration and offer immediate support. By giving them an easy means of communication, you can greatly improve visitor engagement and grow your website’s audience.

Overall the BuddyPress plugin will make your life a lot easier, and you won't find any shortage in the number of BuddyPress themes out there.

18 Best BuddyPress WordPress Themes

Here are the best-selling professional BuddyPress themes on Envato Market (ThemeForest), with full-featured designs, that people are using to build social and community sites with: 

Best-selling BuddyPress themes on ThemeForest.

Now let’s take a closer look at some of these themes in this curated selection. Here we showcase the best BuddyPress WordPress themes to make social and community websites with—those that encourage visitor engagement. Learn more about each of these options to find the best WordPress theme for BuddyPress for your site’s needs:

1. Cinematix - BuddyPress Nouveau Membership Theme

Cinematix Community Theme

If you're looking for a community theme that would allow users to register on your site, create profiles, post messages, and create and interact in groups and much more, then Cinematix is definitely for you. This BuddyPress community theme is designed for people that want a space to discuss the entertainment industry. There are over 40 social pages included and unlimited color schemes. With all of its features, Cinematix is still one of the best BuddyPress themes on ThemeForest.

2. Gorgo - Community BuddyPress Theme for Writers & Readers

Gorgo BuddyPress Community Theme

The Gorgo community theme is integrated with a BuddyPress plugin that would allow you to create a social network. This BuddyPress community theme comes with a very minimal and simplistic design, that would keep all the visitors focused on the content, and wanting more. Fans can keep up with their favorite authors, discuss writing topics in groups, and a lot more. If you want to curate a community for professional authors and fans of the written word, you can't go wrong with this social media WordPress theme.

3. Cera - Intranet & Community Theme

Cera - Intranet  Community Theme

Cera is an Intranet & Extranet BuddyPress community theme, that offers an amazing number of features that you're more than likely going to need.

The community theme also comes with a beautiful design and a highly customizable interface, and if this doesn't convince you yet, it also comes with a highly optimized mobile version.

4. CommunityJunction - BuddyPress Membership Theme

CommunityJunction - BuddyPress Social Network Theme

This is CommunityJunction's 2.0 version, and it's still one of the best WordPress themes for social networking. An outstanding BuddyPress social network theme, that delivers in functionality and design. This social media WordPress theme contains every page and detail in an excellent, polished state, not to mention typography, usability and mobile optimization.

5. Kleo  - Professional Community BuddyPress Theme

Kleo is a responsive and retina-ready social media WordPress theme that offers seamless integration with BuddyPress and 10+ impressive demo layouts to get you started on the right foot.

This BuddyPress social network theme has a responsive design and can adapt to multiple niches with ease. Aside from giving you the option to build a community, display activity on your website, and provide live notifications, you can use Kleo to showcase your portfolio, build an online store, and position yourself as an expert with a beautifully designed blog. 

It’s exceptionally easy to customize this community theme and style through the native WP Customizer. Also included is an intuitive admin panel, which makes tweaking and creating custom layouts a breeze.

Kleo Pro Social Media WordPress Theme

6. Sweet Date - WordPress BuddyPress Social Theme

Sweet Date was originally designed to build a dating website but after many updates and design improvements, it's now one of the best WordPress themes for social networking sites.

BuddyPress integration gives you the option to connect all your members and display every detail of their profile. Registration and login options are facilitated thanks to a Facebook login option. Notifications are immediately visible on individual profiles and online status is shown in real-time. The Sweet Date BuddyPress social network theme includes tons of options for styling which makes this theme a joy to use.

Sweet Date - WP BuddyPress Social Network Theme

7. Woffice - Intranet/Extranet WordPress Theme

If you want to build your very own company network, look no further than Woffice. It’s a feature-rich, multi-purpose WP theme with an attractive design that looks good on any device. 

This WP BuddyPress theme includes features like project management, calendar integration, wiki-like articles, a custom login page, a notification center, paid memberships, and much more. 

All of this is paired with a powerful page builder and an easy to use theme options panel, giving you everything you need to create a completely custom business and networking website. It's no surprise that Woffice is one of the best WordPress themes for community groups on ThemeForest.

Woffice - Intranet Extranet Business WordPress Theme

8. Socialize - Social Network BuddyPress Theme

Socialize was built with one goal in mind: to take full advantage of everything BuddyPress has to offer. This social media WordPress theme has every feature you'll need to build a powerful community or social networking website: from detailed profiles and member directories to live activity feeds and notifications. 

Socialize makes it easy to navigate from page to page thanks to the power of AJAX filtering and provides an easy way to register and login do to its integration with the WP Social Login plugin. What’s more, each BuddyPress widget has been integrated with the page builder so you can easily create your own layouts and place widgets anywhere you want on your website. Try it out and see how Socialize can be the best WordPress theme for BuddyPress and one of the best WordPress themes for social networking.

Socialize Best WordPress Theme For BuddyPress

9. Thrive - Intranet & Community WordPress Theme

The Thrive Intranet & Community WordPress Theme offers a complete solution to build not only a community website but a powerful company network as well. This innovative theme can be tailored to your needs so that your members can easily share messages, files, events, tickets, and forms; edit and collaborate on documents, and manage files and projects. It also offers a private site option, with a secure login for members. It’s easy to set up the Thrive Intranet & Community WordPress Theme, and it’s even easier to customize thanks to the integration with Visual Composer Builder.

Thrive Intranet  Community WordPress Theme

10. Salutation - Responsive WordPress + BuddyPress Theme

Salutation has a clean and responsive design focused on high-level content organization. Thanks to the well-thought-out menu organization and page structures, this BuddyPress community theme is extremely easy to navigate and your users can quickly find what they're looking for. 

On top of that, you can easily build custom layouts, add custom headers and backgrounds, change the color scheme, and more. The community theme includes plenty of administration features that give you complete control of your website’s layout and design. If you've been hunting for WordPress themes for community groups, you'll love Salutation.

Salutation Responsive WordPress Themes For Community Groups

11. Aardvark - Community, Membership, BuddyPress Theme

Brought to you by BuddyPress specialists, Aardvark is a comprehensive WordPress community theme. It’s especially perfect for anyone wanting to charge for membership access and sell online courses. The drag and drop page builder makes it easy to create a unique layout, and the theme options panel gives you complete control over the visual styles of your website. These features and more make Aardvark one of the best WordPress themes for social networking.

Aardvark - Community Membership BuddyPress Theme
Aardvark - Community, Membership, BuddyPress Theme

12. Seeko - Community Site Builder with BuddyPress SuperPowers

If you’re looking to build a modern WordPress theme for a community that needs to handle search queries, Seeko is the right WordPress for you. This BuddyPress community theme - built with the latest technologies - offers you a fast, innovative and easy to use WordPress website. It’s a perfect theme for dating sites or membership sites.

Seeko makes creating and editing your pages simple with the Elementor page builder, Gutenberg editor and LIVE Front-end Header builder. You can see why over 500 people looking for WordPress themes for community groups have chose Seeko.

Seeko - Best WordPress Theme For BuddyPress
Seeko - Community Site Builder with BuddyPress SuperPowers

If you've never used Elementor to build pages before, learn all about it from this tutorial.

13. Gwangi - Dating & Matchmaking Community Theme

Gwangi is another BuddyPress WordPress theme that’s perfect for a dating website - or any matchmaking site for that matter. Like other BuddyPress themes featured here, Gwangi has a clean, modern and flat look that’s highly customizable to your liking or branding needs. Moreover, thanks to their Visual Composer integration, editing and creating pages is seamless and easy.

This WordPress community theme offers a community store integration with WooCommerce, an events calendar with seven layouts for events pages, and five child themes for a quick start.

Gwangi - Dating  Matchmaking Community Theme
Gwangi - Dating & Matchmaking Community Theme

14. OneCommunity WordPress BuddyPress Theme

Your hunt for social media themes comes to an end with OneCommunity. OneCommunity BuddyPress Theme is a bright and bold, responsive community WordPress theme. This theme includes all the standard BuddyPress features such as member profiles, user registration, activity feed, and then tops it off by adding the ability to upload media, documents, and much more. 

It has four homepage options and nine color schemes included, along with over 40 unique page templates for your inner pages. OneCommunity BuddyPress Theme is truly a powerful social theme that's sure to please even those with the most demanding taste.

OneCommunity BuddyPress Theme

15. Buddy - Multipurpose WordPress/BuddyPress Theme

Looking for mult-ipurpose social media themes? Then you'll be happy you found Buddy. Buddy features a clean and simple site design that adapts beautifully to all screen sizes. This BuddyPress theme works best as a community website: be it for your business, school, or organization. However, it can be used without the social networking features as well. 

Special features include shortcodes for various BuddyPress related widgets, icons, and an SEO optimized structure. The social networking community theme gives you the ability to change the options on each individual post, page, or you can do it globally to change them all at once.

Buddy Multipurpose Social WordPress BuddyPress Theme

16. Olympus - Responsive Community & Social Network WordPress Theme

Olympus is a clean, modern, and fully responsive WordPress and BuddyPress theme that allows you to make the most of your online social networks and communities. This theme features private messaging, forums, mentions, matchmaking and various types of directories. 

Standard community pages and options are also included with Olympus such as user registration and login forms. The design is fully responsive as well as retina-ready, which means your community website will look good on any device. A few clicks customizing Olympus will show why it's one of the popular social media themes online.

Olympus - Responsive Community  Social Network WordPress Theme
Olympus - Responsive Community & Social Network WordPress Theme

17. Lynk - Social Networking and Community WordPress Theme

Lynk is everything you've been looking for in social media themes. It's a clean and modern WordPress community theme with amazing BuddyPress features including directories, magazines, communities, events calendars, and social connections lists. Every page on this BuddyPress website is easy to edit with the theme’s layout builder. Lynk can adapt to your brand seamlessly thanks to unlimited color choices and several other customization options. It’s a wonderful theme with many robust features to make your community site an incredible one.

Lynk - Social Networking and Community WordPress Theme
Lynk - Social Networking and Community WordPress Theme

18. Besocial - BuddyPress Social Network & Community WordPress Theme

Besocial is a responsive, multi-purpose, social media WordPress theme with an impressive feature set that includes the ability to create profiles, post comments, create groups, add connections and even use the like and dislike rating system. You can also discuss ideas through forums and sell products to your community members thanks to the WooCommerce integration. All in all, Besocial is an excellent and powerful BuddyPress WordPress theme for online communities.

Besocial - BuddyPress Social Network  Community WordPress Theme
Besocial - BuddyPress Social Network & Community WordPress Theme

What Features Should a BuddyPress Theme Have?

It goes without saying that a quality BuddyPress theme will have an attractive and responsive design to ensure maximum compatibility with mobile devices. It should also be optimized to load fast as website speed is an ever-increasing factor in visitor interaction and search engine ranking. A few other specific features include:

  • Custom page templates for user registration, login, and password reset
  • User profile pages and the ability to easily edit your profile
  • Live notifications
  • Search option
  • Creating and Interacting with groups
  • The ability to add friends
  • Activity feeds
  • Private messaging

Community Website Best Practices + Tips 

Selecting the perfect theme for your community website is just the beginning. Once you’ve set up your Buddypress website, you need to promote it to encourage visitors to become members of your community and make sure proper security measures are in place to keep your community safe and free from spammers.

1. Make Sure Everything Works

Before the official launch, make sure every feature works. The last thing you want is to promote a website that doesn’t work as you intended. Go through the registration and login options yourself and consider inviting a couple of beta testers to go through the same process. Post a few status updates, upload a document, try sending a private message. In short, test everything.

Kleo Social Media Themes
Test out the registration, login, and posting processes with the Kleo BuddyPress community theme.

2. Add Social Login and Registration Options

Nowadays, more and more websites take advantage of social login options. Since most of us already have numerous logins for various purposes and websites, adding an option to register or log in with Facebook or Twitter makes it easier for your users. They’re sure to appreciate this little touch.

3. Protect Your Registration Pages

Unfortunately, a community website of any kind seems to be a magnet for spammers. Consider adding a plugin that stops the spammers at the door by asking anyone who wants to register a simple math question. You can also give CAPTCHA a try, but bear in mind that many people are turned off by it.

User Account Profile Registration Concept
Your users should feel safe on your website while registering. (Stock photo: User account profile registration concept, Envato Elements)

4. Promote Your Community

Use your existing network and promote your website through your blog and social media accounts. Consider adding bonus content exclusively for members of your community. Aside from online promotion, use offline promotion methods such as adding your website link to your business cards or creating custom magnets or mugs to generate interest and encourage users to sign up.

5. Encourage User Interaction

As the leader of your community, it’s your job to encourage users to participate. Therefore, it’s crucial to be active yourself and participate in your community on a daily basis. For the first few weeks, consider posting questions or daily polls and invite your members to participate. 

You can also create a contest that requires user submission in order to win a small prize. Later on, as your users get familiar with your community, they'll become more active and start conversations on their own.

Cinematix BuddyPress Community Theme
Sharing community events like in Cinematix can encourage users to interact on and offline.

Learn More About WordPress With Envato Tuts+ on YouTube

The social media themes and tips found in this article can help you start an amazing WordPress website. But if you're just starting, you may want some more pointers.

If that's the case, head over to our Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel. Our team has built a playlist of helpful video tutorials and guides for WordPress pros and beginners alike. Check out our playlist to see useful content like the video tutorial below.

BuddyPress Makes Starting a Community Site With WordPress Easy

Community sites are great for collaborating with others and networking socially within an active community. It can also help you drive your brand recognition through user engagement. 

Creating your own community website with BuddyPress can save you a lot of time and give your WordPress site the social features it needs. To make sure building your community website is as easy as possible, choose any one of the best BuddyPress themes from ThemeForest. You won’t regret it!

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding (new) BuddyPress themes with the best, trending new designs.

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