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20 Best Dentist, Doctor, Medical and Health WordPress Themes (2021)


Whether you’re just opening up your practice or if you’ve had it for a while, one thing is for certain: there’s no better way to attract more patients than to create a website for your business. With a website, you can show off your expertise in your chosen field. A website helps you spread the word about your practice because patients will have an easier time finding you when they search for a doctor or a dentist in their area.

One of the easiest ways to create a website is to use WordPress and a medical WordPress theme designed specifically for doctors, dentists, and other health and medical experts. 

medical and health WordPress themes on themeforest
Medical WordPress themes on Envato Market

With WordPress, not only will your website be easy to use, but you’ll also benefit from thousands of plugins that will help you book more clients and present your services in a professional manner.

In this post, we’ll showcase the best medical WordPress themes and share the must-have features your website should have.

20 Best Medical and Health WordPress Themes

The WordPress medical themes on this list feature an attractive and responsive design. They also come with features such as booking forms, services list, team member showcase, testimonials, and more.

1. Medilink - Health & Medical WordPress Theme

Medilink Doctor Appointment WordPress Theme

We begin our list with Medilink, one of the many healthcare WordPress themes designed for medical institutions. Easily deliver crucial information to patients with this template's features and editing options. Patients can book appointments, see their doctor's schedule, and see the full medical team with ease. Medilink has 12 different home pages and more than 15 header variations. This clean health center theme will be welcomed by your patients.

2. Medigroup - Medical and Health Theme 

Medigroup Doctor Appointment WordPress Theme

The Medigroup theme is a clean and highly readable WordPress medical and health website theme. It includes an easy-to-use page builder and a powerful theme admin panel that allows you to customize every aspect of your site. You can get creative with layouts to bring out the most of the Medigroup health center theme. 

3. Medik - Medical WooCommerce Theme

Medik Medical Cure Health And Medical Wordpress Theme

The Medik theme is perfect for clinics, healthcare centers, or hospital supply vendors. You can show off your stock with easily with this theme's organized megamenu. Feature products on this health center theme's home page. On top of that, the theme is SEO optimized, responsive, and completely customizable.  

4. Medizco - Medical Health & Dental Care Clinic WordPress Theme

Medizco Health Center Theme

The Medizco theme comes with a ton of features designed to help you create a powerful website for your medical practice. The theme is fully responsive and has a modern and clean design. Main features include:

  • 3+ home page designs
  • Easy to customize
  • Fully responsive layout
  • Parallax sections
  • 400+ icons and 200+ line icons
  • And more

5. Medizin - Medical Elementor WooCommerce Theme

Medizin Medical Cure Health and Medical Wordpress Theme

The Medizin health center theme comes with numerous useful pages and more than three home page options. Save time with one-click demo installation and look good with its Retina-ready design. The theme also supports WooCommerce out of the box and is easily customizable, so uploading products is a breeze. Medizin is one of the best healthcare WordPress themes available.

6. MediCenter - Health Medical Clinic WordPress Theme

MediCenter - Health Medical Clinic WordPress Theme
MediCenter - Health Medical Clinic WordPress Theme

Medicenter is a WordPress theme designed for medical and health care institutions, clinics and hospitals, doctors–in fact anyone involved in health services. Visually suited to the medical industry, Medicenter is also furnished with a timetable tool which allows you to manage timetables of all the departments in a clinic or medical center, making it easy for staff to manage their schedules.

7. Medical Clinic - Clean WordPress Medical Theme

Medical Clinic

The Medical Clinic WordPress theme is a great choice for clinics and other health institutions like private clinics, specialized clinics, nurseries, family doctors, and more. The theme features a clean and modern design along with the ability to showcase your areas of practice, your medical team, and testimonials from your patients. You can also show your hours of service. The WordPress medical theme is fully customizable and includes plenty of shortcodes, so you can easily tweak the layout of any page.

8. Healthcare - Medical for Doctor Dentist

Healthcare - Medical for Doctor Dentist WordPress theme

The Medical and Dentist theme has a modern, responsive design and makes it easy for your patients to book an appointment thanks to the built-in appointment booking form. It also includes a timetable, opening hours, department management, and other features necessary to showcase your medical expertise.

9. One Life Medical - Versatile WordPress Theme for Medical and Health Websites

One Life Medical WordPress theme

Try One Life Medical theme if you specialize in plastic surgery. The theme has plenty of areas to showcase your range of services, answer your most commonly asked questions, and show your location. The theme is easy to customize and customers love the ease of use and the customer support.

A great support service, and an easy to customize template, one of the bests good looking templates for medical websites. 5 stars for you guys!

10. Meda - Parallax Medical WordPress Theme

Meda parallax WordPress theme

Consider the Meda theme if you like the eye-catching effect of parallax animations. This theme is sure to grab the attention of your visitors and make it easy for them to see what type of services you offer. The WordPress medical theme even comes with an e-commerce functionality, so you can sell basic medical and health supplies on your site.

11. MediClinic - Multipurpose Doctor WordPress Theme

MediClinic doctor WordPress Theme

The MediClinic theme comes with 12 different homepage demos, so you can easily adapt this theme to fit your particular health niche. The doctor WordPress theme has a clean and modern design and allows you to easily display your location and service hours right below the header. The large header image is also perfect for adding a call-to-action button and patients can easily get in touch with you thanks to the contact form in the footer of the homepage.

12. The Hospital - Professional Medical WordPress Theme for Doctors

The Hospital medical WordPress theme

The Hospital theme is a great choice for a clinic or a small local hospital. The theme features a minimal design and allows you to showcase your services and prices and make it easy for patients to contact you with their questions or to schedule an appointment. Main features include:

  • Drag-and-drop page builder
  • Easy one-page sections
  • Live customizer options
  • Retina ready
  • Fully responsive
  • MailChimp plugin support
  • Extensive documentation

13. Medina - Flexible Doctor WordPress Theme

Medina doctor WordPress theme

The Medina theme features six different homepages and 11 templates for pages such as About, Services, Procedures, and more. The theme has been optimized to load fast and rank better in search engines. It’s also easy to customize thanks to the powerful theme admin panel and drag-and-drop page builder. Customers love the flexibility and design quality of Medina:

This is a great theme! I am using it for a doctors office business page and for the individual doctor. Theme looks beautiful! Customer service is also great. They are prompt in responding to my requests for help.

14. Medicare - Colorful WordPress Theme for Health Websites

Medicare WordPress theme

Medicare is a WordPress theme designed with health, medical, clinic, dental or veterinary service websites in mind. It’s fully responsive, retina-ready and easy to customize. Various homepage demos are available, and you can easily showcase your team, areas of practice, testimonials, and share your expertise through blog posts and case studies.

15. Medicale - Responsive WordPress Health and Medical Theme

Medical responsive WordPress theme

The Medicale theme makes it very easy for patients to book appointments and buy basic medical supplies from your site. The theme is fully responsive and also comes with features such as:

  • 12 premade color schemes
  • Drag-and-drop page builder
  • MailChimp support
  • Timetable schedule
  • Various page templates for the homepage and inner pages

16. Healthflex - Unique Medical WordPress Theme

Healthflex Medical Doctor Appointment WordPress theme

The Healthflex theme is suitable not only for medical and health clinics, but it can also be used by health coaches and for medical conferences as well. The theme comes with an appointment booking form, a full range of customization options, and various modules to showcase your services, medical team, testimonials, and more. Additionally, the theme integrates with MailChimp, so you can easily build your email list and stay in touch with your patients.

17. SoulMedic - Flat Medical WordPress Theme

SoulMedic medical WordPress theme

The SoulMedic theme is a great choice for anyone that needs to create a website in the medical niche and loves the flat design style. The theme features more than 25 page layouts for the homepage, about, services, and other pages. You’ll also find an appointment booking form and events schedule. In addition to the features above, the theme has also been optimized for SEO, is translation-ready, and can be completely customized.   

18. Pregnancy Medical - WordPress Health Theme For Gynaecologists

Pregnancy Medical WordPress health theme

Choose the Pregnancy WordPress Medical theme if you’re a gynecologist in need of a website. The theme includes three unique homepage types and comes with fun animations in the header that showcase your areas of practice. The theme has an elegant design and it’s easy to customize. You’ll also find an appointment booking form, pricing tables, doctor and doctor detail pages, and more.

19. Medel - Contemporary Medical and Health WordPress Theme

Medel health and medical WordPress theme

The Medel theme features a contemporary design and comes equipped with all the features you need such as booking forms, medical theme showcases, testimonials, pricing tables, and more. You can also add an online store and sell basic medical and health supplies. The theme is fully responsive, has several demo versions, and is optimized for SEO.

20. Apicona - Bold Medical WordPress Theme

Apicona medical WordPress theme

The Apicona theme features a bold and modern design with several demo versions. This theme is responsive and SEO optimized as well as translation-ready. It’s also easy to customize through the advanced theme options panel and you can change the layout and elements on any page thanks to a powerful drag-and-drop page builder.

Free WordPress Themes From ThemeForest

Premium healthcare WordPress themes are high-quality, but they may not fit every budget. That's why Envato Market has you covered. Each month, you can find free WordPress themes from ThemeForest.

Free WordPress Themes from ThemeForest

There's something for everyone with the free WordPress themes from ThemeForest. Just like the rest of the premium WordPress themes on Envato Market, these free themes offer you high, professional quality that can bring traffic to your health center or business. Just follow the links in this section to choose your free WordPress theme

5 Must-Have Features of Medical Websites

If you want to attract as many patients as possible to your site and encourage them to book an appointment, there are a few features that your site needs. But before we list some practical features, let’s quickly consider the work of designer Eric Meyer whose six year old daughter very sadly died back in 2014. 

What he and his wife experienced during that time gave cause for Eric to think about “designing for crisis”, thinking about users who may be under serious levels of stress when using a website. Someone in crisis may seem like too much of an edge case to consider during the design process, but the impact of a poorly designed website in that situation can be serious.

“We’re not trained to take crisis situations into account when we design. It’s human nature to look away from difficulty, to avoid pain.” – Eric Meyer

Health and medical websites are perhaps the best example of commonly used services where the users might be right in the middle of a crisis. When creating your own medical website be sure you take those users into account.

To learn more about this watch Eric’s talk for free: Designing for Crisis.

1. Booking Form

A booking form will make it possible for anyone who comes to your site to make an appointment online. This minimizes the need to have patients book on the phone and allows you to schedule and see more patients during your workday.

2. List of Services or Practice Areas

Listing your services is necessary, so visitors know immediately if you’re the right specialist for their needs. Themes like One Life Medical do a great job of allowing you to present your practice areas without overwhelming or confusing visitors.

One Life Health Center Theme
The One Life Medical theme lets you easily list services.

3. Testimonials

Choose a theme that has the ability to display testimonials from past patients as that increases visitor trust and your credibility. Consider a theme like Medicare for its ease of use, colorful design, and the testimonials feature.

Medicare Colorful Medical Cure Health and Medical WordPress Theme
Gain more confidence from potential patients with the testimonial feature from the Medicare theme.

4. Responsive and Attractive Design

It goes without saying that one of the key features is responsive and attractive design. This will ensure that visitors on mobile devices can access and use your site without any issues while an attractive design will help you stand out from the competition. You may feel that one of the free WordPress themes for doctors is a good fit for your needs, but typically you’ll only get a high-quality look from a professionally designed premium theme.

Responsive Doctor Appointment WordPress Theme
Medicenter is a theme that puts responsive design first.

5. SEO-Optimized Code and Content

Lastly, you’ll want to opt for a theme that has been optimized for SEO. SEO optimization is like the medical cure for underperforming health and medical WordPress themes. Optimization will increase the visibility of your website in search engines and bring you more traffic.

Medical Website Design Trends for 2020

Medical information will always have high demand, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't make your health center theme appealing. You don't need a There are five design trends you can use to make visitors feel welcome on your medical website.

1. Use Illustrations

Illustrations are making waves in the web design world in 2020. There are many healthcare WordPress themes that include illustrations you can use. Your medical website can benefit from having them to help soften the look of its pages. 

LongLife Illustration Image Medical WordPress Theme
LongLife includes illustrations in its WordPress theme.

2. Personable Language

Just like illustrations, easy-to-understand and relatable language are a huge trend to follow. Often medical terms can be scary. If you work honest, simple language into your health center theme, your website will become more accessible to visitors.

3. White Space

This design trend is one of the most important ones on this list. Using white space well makes your website cleaner and easier to navigate. Make sure to use this trend for your doctor appointment WordPress theme.

Health Center Theme With White Space
Great white space usage makes websites more readable, just like this example using the Medio template.

4. Image-Driven Design

Whether you believe attention spans are getting shorter, it shouldn't change your opinion on using images. In 2020, show, don't tell. Combine high-quality images and illustrations in your healthcare WordPress theme for a modern website.

5. Shades of Blue

If there's one color associated with the medical profession, blue is definitely the one. For 2020, the color of the year according to Pantone is Classic Blue. You can play off of this association while designing your trendy medical website.

Blue Health Center Theme
The different shades of blue used in this medical theme is perfect for different medical professions.

Find the Best Medical and Health WordPress Theme for Your Site

Building a great website for your health practice or medical clinic is easy once you’ve got the right theme to do it. Use our roundup of the best medical and health WordPress themes to find the one that’s best-suited for your type of practice and get more visibility and patients.

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