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15 Best Learning Management System (LMS) WordPress Themes


Online education continues to gain popularity among diverse segments of the population. Not only does it offer the convenience of learning from anywhere or at any time, it also provides an endless variety of subject matter. Learners can study to earn a formal degree, advance their career or pursue a hobby.

Online education continues to gain popularity

If you’re looking to build your own online course, you have number of terrific options that don’t require technical expertise. Through the use of a Learning Management System (LMS) and compatible theme, you’ll have the ability to put together course materials (including text and video), allow students to sign up, test their knowledge, and even award a certificate of completion.

Today, we’ll introduce you to some of the best LMS WordPress themes available on ThemeForest. These top-quality themes cover a variety of use cases and will help you get your online education website off to a fast start.

Best LMS WordPress Themes on Themeforest

Themeforest, part of the Envato Market marketplaces, has thousands of premium WordPress themes, including a whole host of education and LMS WordPress themes. Take a look today and see if one fits your own online learning project!

Best LMS WordPress Themes on Themeforest
Browse the best Learning Management System WordPress themes on Envato Market

Top LMS WordPress Themes

Now that you know the benefits of running an online education site, let’s take a look at some of the outstanding WordPress LMS themes we just mentioned. Each one has something unique to offer and you’re sure to find one that matches your needs.

1. WPLMS Learning Management System for WordPress, Education Theme

WPLMS has been built for a wide range of uses and includes everything you need to run an enterprise-grade education site. Sell your courses, award certificates, and enable learning on the go through an additional mobile app. 

The theme also works in conjunction with the popular BuddyPress and WooCommerce plugins, for social and eCommerce functionality.

WPLMS Learning Management System for WordPress Education Theme
WPLMS Learning Management System for WordPress, Education Theme

2. Education WordPress Theme – Masterstudy

Built for use with its free LMS companion plugin, Masterstudy offers tons of flexibility. Choose from 10+ unique demos to get the exact look and layout you need. The theme supports live streaming of lessons, content dripping, a gradebook and compatibility with BuddyPress. You’ll also find the ability for multiple instructors and custom quizzes.

Education WordPress Theme  Masterstudy
Education WordPress Theme – Masterstudy

3. DotLife | Coach Online Courses WordPress

DotLife is a great choice for individuals looking to build and sell their own online courses. This WordPress learning management system theme caters to life coaches, consultants, teachers and more. 

Lots of demo sites are included, as is the ability to create courses with rich media content. Students can check their progress and take quizzes to reinforce their knowledge.

DotLife  Coach Online Courses WordPress
DotLife | Coach Online Courses WordPress

4. LMS WordPress Theme

A clean and colorful theme, LMS focuses on customization and ease of use. Your students will be able to register using their social media accounts and can also rate courses. Communication is also a key feature, as a private messaging system can be added via BuddyPress.

LMS WordPress Theme
LMS WordPress Theme

5. Colead | Coaching & Online Courses WordPress Theme

Use Colead in tandem with the free LearnPress LMS plugin to create a full-featured online education platform. The theme leans towards individual educators, trainers, etc. and includes extras such as an events manager, timelines and some exciting visual effects.

Colead  Coaching  Online Courses WordPress Theme
Colead | Coaching & Online Courses WordPress Theme

6. University - Education, Event and Course Theme

By itself, University enables you to create and manage courses. But it’s also compatible with LearnDash, a full-on LMS plugin for WordPress that will take things to the next level. Also included is an event management feature (you can even sell tickets via WooCommerce), comment integration with Facebook and Disqus, along with plenty of attractive demo sites.

University - Education Event and Course Theme
University - Education, Event and Course Theme

7. Clever Course - Education / LMS

Clever Course can be used to sell both online and offline courses. Students can register and pay using a number of available payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe and Authorize.net. The theme supports multiple instructors and you can even pay them commissions. Courses are fully-featured and include quizzes, a student dashboard and curriculum listings.

Clever Course - Education  LMS learning management system wordpress theme
Clever Course - Education / LMS

8. Education Center | LMS Online University & School Courses Studying WordPress Theme

Geared towards educational institutions, Education Center can be combined with the LearnDash plugin to create a full-fledged LMS. The look and layout are flexible as it includes a number of demo sites, prebuilt pages and a selection of color schemes (though you can also create your own). In addition, you’ll find tons of custom shortcodes, widgets and a rating/review system.

Education Center  LMS Online University  School Courses Studying WordPress Theme
Education Center | LMS Online University & School Courses Studying WordPress Theme

9. Guru | LMS, Sensei WordPress

Guru pairs up with the free Sensei LMS plugin to help you build online courses beautifully. Not only that, but you can also create custom quizzes, allow students to register on your website and keep tabs on progress with course analytics. 

Other goodies include mega-menu navigation, multiple blog and portfolio types, and support for WooCommerce.

Guru  LMS Sensei WordPress
Guru | LMS, Sensei WordPress

10. Academy - Learning Management Theme

With Academy, you’ll find everything you need to start your own online course. Sell your courses via WooCommerce and award certificates of completion to students. There are also a number of helpful options, such as the ability to assign lesson perquisites and a quiz system.

Academy - Learning Management Theme
Academy - Learning Management Theme

11. eSmarts - Education & LMS Theme

eSmarts comes complete with a WordPress LMS plugin so you can start building your education site right away. The theme supports WooCommerce for selling your courses, along with bbPress to add helpful forums for students and teachers. With nine demo sites, you’ll be sure to find a design that fits your needs.

eSmarts - Education  LMS Theme
eSmarts - Education & LMS Theme

12. Talemy - LMS Education WordPress Theme

If you’re looking to leverage the LearnDash plugin for LMS functionality, Talemy may be the theme for you. It fully integrates with LearnDash 3.0 and supports the new high-end features this version brings to the table. 

Also included are plenty of customization options, along with an AJAX-powered login and registration system.

Talemy - LMS Education WordPress Theme
Talemy - LMS Education WordPress Theme

13. WizeEdu - Education LMS Courses and Events

WizeEdu has been built to work with the LearnPress plugin, allowing you to quickly put together an attractive and powerful website. Among the theme’s many slick features is the ability to filter courses via an isotope script. Its smooth, instantaneous transitions will surely impress your prospective students. You’ll also find lots of custom templates, scrolling effects and more.

WizeEdu - Education LMS Courses and Events
WizeEdu - Education LMS Courses and Events

14. Univero | Education LMS & Courses WordPress Theme

Univero is a highly-customizable WordPress theme you can use to create, manage and sell online courses. LMS functionality is included, complete with powerful course administration options. Other awesome features include mega menus, a variety of layouts and templates, along with a collection of custom widgets.

Univero  Education LMS  Courses WordPress Theme
Univero | Education LMS & Courses WordPress Theme

15. Educon - WordPress Education Theme with LMS compatibility

Optimized for use with the Tutor LMS plugin, Educon brings drag-and-drop ease to online course creation. There are also functions for building custom quizzes, course monetization and awarding certificates to your students. Even better, the theme is optimized for the Gutenberg block editor – so you know it’s future-friendly.

Educon - WordPress Education Theme with LMS compatibility
Educon - WordPress Education Theme with LMS compatibility

Top Reasons to Create an Online Education Website

1. Share Your Expertise

Do you have vast knowledge of a particular subject? Online courses are a great way to share what you know. Whether you’re a top programmer or a real estate expert, you can create a forum to help others learn.

2. Train Team Members

Ensuring that your team understands policies and procedures is vitally important. With an online educational portal, you can share this information with colleagues around the world. Plus, it’s easy to make changes to your courses as your business evolves.

3. Supplement In-Person Courses

If you teach in a traditional classroom setting, having an online supplemental course can be invaluable to students. You might use it as a resource where they can review previous lessons, take online-only quizzes or as a tool to improve communication.

4. Build a Recurring Revenue Stream

Utilizing an LMS website template won’t limit you in terms of content. And many offer integrations with popular payment gateways. This means that you’ll be able to continually add new courses and entice learners to stick around for the long haul.

student offering help to another

5 Quick Tips for Building and Running an LMS

1. The LMS and Theme are Separate Components

WordPress themes exist to handle the look and layout of your website. But when it comes to heavy functionality, plugins are best suited for the task. That’s why you’ll notice many of the themes above mention a specific LMS plugin, such as LearnPress or Sensei. In most cases, you’ll need both a theme and plugin to create and manage online courses.

Sensei LMS plugin for WordPress
Sensei LMS plugin for WordPress

2. Offer a Detailed Syllabus

It’s worth remembering that potential students who are interested in your course are making an investment in themselves. But before they spend their time and money, they’ll want to know what’s in it for them. Adding a detailed syllabus of what your courses have to offer can help them make the right decision.

3. Consider Payment Options

If you plan to sell access to your courses, you’ll want to work with an LMS and payment gateway that fit your needs. For example, recurring subscriptions may not be universally supported. Therefore, it pays to do some research beforehand so you’re in the know.

4. Use Rich Media

To keep your students engaged, be sure to include lots of multimedia. Elements such as videos and infographics will help to explain concepts and serve as a helpful reference later on.

5. Communicate

A great aspect of many of the featured themes above is their compatibility with both BuddyPress and bbPress. These plugins work in tandem to add social media-like features to your website, including user profiles and forums. It’s a great way to stay in touch with your students and develop strong relationships.

The Power and Flexibility of a WordPress LMS

The beauty of WordPress is its ability to enable powerful functionality with just a few clicks. By pairing one of the themes above with an LMS plugin, you’ll have a great head start on your online education website. That means you can keep your focus on creating compelling content.

Looking for more options? Be sure to check out the huge selection available at ThemeForest, or check out these additional resources for education, LMS, and coaching WordPress themes:

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