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10 Awesome Radio Station WordPress Themes to Download in 2021


Create a powerful, stylish, and fully functional radio station website with the help of ThemeForest’s premium WordPress themes and give your visitors the website experience they deserve.

SONIK is one of the many high quality WordPress radio station themes on ThemeForest.

Your radio station website needs to have many advanced features including streamed radio stations and scheduling tables in order to run successfully. You'll also need to have the proper integrations with WooCommerce so you can monetize any audio that you plan to sell. 

ThemeForest is your go-to marketplace for the world’s best premium WordPress themes. You can find a theme that fits your exact needs, whether you own a radio station, music store, or any business in the music industry. 

The Best Radio Station WordPress Themes on ThemeForest

Discover professionally created WordPress themes on ThemeForest. With a low-cost one time payment, you can purchase these premium WordPress themes and take your website to the next level by improving the speed, design, and functionality of your website. 

Best Radio Station WordPress Themes on ThemeForest
Check out some of the best selling radio station WordPress themes available on ThemeForest

These dynamic radio station WordPress themes help you focus on running your radio station by allowing you to implement an already created template that has the tools you need to run your radio station. These themes allow you to add numerous features to your website that are necessary for its success. A few of these features include: 

  • dynamic audio players
  • events calendars
  • WooCommerce store integration
  • top 10 chart displays

Head on over to ThemeForest now and add a premium WordPress radio theme to your website today!

Top 10 Radio Station WordPress Themes (From ThemeForest for 2020)

To help you with your search for the best WordPress radio themes, I have collected 10 of the best-selling themes available on ThemeForest. Check them out below:

1. Vice: Underground Music Elementor WordPress Theme

Vice WordPress Radio Theme

Vice is a radio streaming WordPress theme that features a striking color palette that's sure to grab your audience’s attention. The theme includes an interactive 3D background and the Elementor page builder allowing you to craft the perfect website. 

You'll be able to display all important information with this theme including DJ compilations, radio hits, discography services, radio residents, and any upcoming events. Vice is a great alternative to free radio WordPress themes. Here is what users are saying about this WordPress radio station theme:

“The template is gorgeous and super easy to install. I had questions and an small issue but the support was superb!” - maupalacios84

2. Musiziya - Musician Band WordPress Theme

Musiziya - Musician Band WordPress Radio Theme

Musiziya is a responsive WordPress radio theme that lets you manage radio and all types of audio. You can even sell the audio files to your customers with the WooCommerce music shop integration. 

Not only that, but users can play videos and check out events with this radio streaming WordPress theme. This stylish looking modern theme is sure to be a hit for your radio station! Buy it now instead of free radio WordPress themes!

3. Megaphone - Audio Podcast WordPress Theme

Megaphone - Audio Podcast WordPress Radio Station Theme

Megaphone is a podcast and WordPress radio station theme that will make your voice heard. Customize the look with six demo options and even more color and font choices.

In addition to the live radio streaming, you can share blog posts, videos, and podcast episodes. Give your website visitors a radio station website experience that they'll never forget with this radio streaming WordPress theme. You'll find Megaphone to be a better choice than many WordPress themes for radio stations that are free.

4. DJ Rainflow | A Music Band & Musician WordPress Theme

DJ Rainflow  A Music Band Musician Radio Streaming WordPress Theme

DJ Rainflow is an incredibly flexible WordPress radio theme that brings electric energy to each page. Not only can it be used for your radio station, but it can be used for artist profiles, music stores, and events. That's a tough ask for many WordPress themes for radio stations that are free. The WordPress radio station theme comes with a dedicated page for audio playback and 3 different homepage layouts. 

The customer support is also top notch with this WordPress radio theme if you ever encounter any issues. Here is what users are saying about this radio streaming WordPress theme:

“The theme is well designed, clean and clear. but also the support is excellent. Great Theme indeed!” - franzandreani

5. Rekord - Ajaxify Music - Events - Podcasts Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Rekord - Ajaxify Music - Events - Podcasts Multipurpose WordPress Radio Theme

This WordPress radio theme features unique designs and full functionality for not only radio stations but anyone with business in the music industry. Here are a list of this powerful theme’s notable features:

  • light and dark modes
  • Elementor page building
  • WooCommerce support
  • advanced options panel
  • ready made widgets

Many of these features can't be found in a WordPress radio theme free download. Check out the live preview of this theme to see if it's right for you!

6. SONIK: Responsive Music Wordpress Theme for Bands, Djs, Radio Stations, Singers, Clubs and Labels

SONIK Responsive Music WordPress Radio Theme for Bands Djs Radio Stations Singers Clubs and Labels

Well that’s quite the title! This dynamic WordPress radio station theme has all the tools you need to build a professional music and radio website. With more than 12 custom post types, it allows you to create any type of content related to your radio station or the specific part of the music industry that you're in. Very few free WordPress radio station templates can say that.

Here are a few features that set this theme apart from the competition:

  • radio schedule templates
  • top 10 charts with audio preview
  • events map
  • WooCommerce integration

View the live preview to see just how powerful this radio streaming WordPress theme is.

7. Onair2: Radio Station WordPress Theme With Non-Stop Music Player

Onair2 Radio Station WordPress Theme With Non-Stop Music Player

Radio has rapidly evolved over the past few years and you need your radio station website to reflect this. The OnAir2 WordPress radio theme has modern features that will help you display your commercial radio stations and radio programs to the worldwide web. 

A few impactful features in this theme include:

  • songs feed
  • radio player
  • events calendar
  • podcast series audio players

If you're serious about creating a professional-looking radio station ready theme, then choose OnAir2. The professional design and feature set make it a better option than most free radio WordPress themes.

8. Chords - Music / Artist / Radio WordPress theme

Chords - Music  Artist  WordPress Radio Theme

Chords lets you build any music related website with no coding experience. One powerful feature that's included in this radio streaming WordPress theme is its track listing management. 

This is one of the most advanced track and discography tracking systems available on a WordPress radio theme. You can easily create playlists and embed them anywhere using shortcodes. If you're tired of trying to make your WordPress radio theme free download work for you, try out Chords.

9. Rare Radio | Online Music Radio Station & Podcast WordPress Theme

Rare Radio WordPress Radio Station Theme

This WordPress radio theme includes 3 homepage layouts that feature a contemporary design. They’ll allow you to showcase your photo and video galleries in an eye-catching and interactive way. 

Notable features also include schedule time tables, broadcast management, and online radio streaming. View the live preview of this WordPress radio station theme to see if it's a fit for you and your business.

10. Muse — Music WordPress Theme

Muse WordPress Radio Station Theme

Muse is a responsive music, radio, and event radio streaming WordPress theme that features a minimalist design. If you need to include a music store on your website, this has everything integrated already so you can start selling any audio. 

Muse is compatible with many page builders to help you get your WordPress radio theme ready. Make Muse your go-to WordPress theme for your radio station.

Free WordPress Radio Station Templates From ThemeForest

Premium WordPress radio themes are always the best when setting up your website. However, they may not be the best for your current budget. At the same time, many WordPress themes for radio stations that are free compromise quality and features.

That's why ThemeForest offers free WordPress themes that are premium quality so you can get the best of both worlds. Every month on ThemeForest, you can find a selection of free WordPress themes with multiple uses.

Free WordPress Themes From ThemeForest
You can find your perfect WordPress radio theme free download from ThemeForest.

It's a great way to find a quality WordPress radio theme without stretching your budget. Want to see if you can find your WordPress radio theme free download? Head over to ThemeForest and see the selection of free WordPress templates this month.

Discover More Great Radio Station and Media WordPress Themes for 2020

The above WordPress radio themes offer you the most powerful options available on the web. However, each business is different. You may require additional features that are not present in these best radio themes of 2020 and might need other functionality in order to run your business. 

If none of the themes detailed above seem to suit your radio station or music business’ needs then be sure to check out all the other top WordPress themes available on ThemeForest in the articles below. You're sure to find one that has what your business needs!

While you're at it, make sure to check out these helpful articles on how to select a WordPress theme and how to get the most out of them!

5 Must-Know WordPress Design Tips for Your Radio Streaming WordPress Theme 2020

You're probably excited to get to work on your WordPress radio theme and create an awesome website. But before you do, I do want to share a few helpful design tips to get the most out of your WordPress radio station theme.

1. Use Vibrant Colors and Gradients

Music is often the opposite of dull and lifeless. That's why it's important to match the lively mood in your color choices. Modern color schemes for 2020 are heading away from pastels. Find vibrant, energetic colors and use them in gradients. I recommend using this color wheel tool from Adobe to find the perfect blend of colors.

Vibrant Colors DJ Rainflow WordPress Radio Theme
DJ Rainflow uses striking colors to make an impression with visitors.

2. Play With White Space

While creating useful pages, many amateur designers fall into the trap of cramming in too much content. Instead, use white space to your advantage. White space is the space between page elements. Go minimal and limit the number of elements you use per page and space them well. It makes your site look great while being easier to interact with.

3. Typography is Important

Many great pages don't meet their full potential by using uninspired fonts. In 2020, bold, large typefaces are a great way to attract visitors to your WordPress radio theme. But be careful! Many great-looking fonts aren't web-compatible. I recommend checking out Google Fonts for choices, as well as the incredible custom font collection on Envato Elements.

RareRadio WordPress Radio Station Theme
The typography of RareRadio is both modern and very stylish.

4. Design For Mobile

Did you know that according to Statista, more than half of global website traffic comes from mobile devices? That means that designing your WordPress radio station theme for desktop only leaves out a lot of potential visitors. Make sure you find a fully-responsive template. That means your listeners can enjoy your website no matter the device.

5. Add High-Quality Images

It may be music to their ears, but you should also plan to appeal to your visitor's eyes. Using great images in your WordPress radio theme instantly elevates the look of your website. Try out different layouts that let you use photos to complement the music you feature.   

Onair 2 Image Focused Radio Streaming WordPress Theme
Onair 2 is a perfect example of a WordPress radio theme that blends images and content.

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Take Advantage of the Radio Station WordPress Themes Available on ThemeForest Now!

Streaming, audio players, event and program schedulers, and music stores are all components that make up contemporary websites. In order to be successful in today’s competitive radio industry, you must have a website that has a modern design and these modern features. When it comes to presenting your customers with these modern websites ThemeForest has the best WordPress radio themes available.

Regardless of what type of music business that you're in, the themes on ThemeForest have the tools necessary for you to create a completely custom website that will function exactly how you need it to. Grab one of the premium WordPress radio station themes today!

Looking for even more WordPress themes? Remember to check out all the other high-quality WordPress themes available on ThemeForest.

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