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14 Best Stripe Payment Plugins for WordPress


Do you want to accept credit card payments on your website? Stripe is one of the most popular payment processing gateways for accepting payments by credit cards on your WordPress website. And a Stripe payment plugin makes it worry-free to use Stripe with WordPress and WooCommerce.

What Do I Need to Accept Money With Stripe?

There are two requirements for accepting money online by Stripe:

  1. Your website needs to have SSL.
  2. You need to have a Stripe account. It's free, there are no hidden charges. 
Stripe Payment Terminal WordPress
Stripe Payment Terminal WordPress is one example of Stripe plugins on CodeCanyon.

On CodeCanyon you will find Stripe payment plugins that make it easy to add Stripe to WordPress.

Best-Selling Stripe Plugins for WordPress on CodeCanyon

Topselling Stripe Plugins for WordPress on CodeCanyon


1. Best-seller: WP Full Stripe—Subscription and Payment Plugin for WordPress

WP Full Stripe - Subscription and payment plugin for WordPress

WP Full Stripe is designed to make it easy for you to accept payments and create subscriptions from your WordPress. You can manage payments, refunds, payment plans and cancelations from the WordPress admin. You can accept one-time payments and recurring payments in more than 100 currencies from a wide range of credit cards by customers from over 35 countries.

The plugin comes with highly customizable forms that you can create, customize, and deploy in minutes. You can change the colors of your forms to match your the look of your website, localize forms in languages spoken by your customers, add payment buttons to pricing tables for seamless checkout, and collect addresses for billing and shipping. 

The plugin takes security seriously and for that reason it doesn't store any credit cards on WordPress. 

2. Bookly Stripe (Bookly PRO Add-on)

Bookly Stripe (Add-on)

If you use Bookly PRO to accept bookings and reservations, your customers can make payments online using Stripe on your WordPress website. Customers can pay instantly without being redirected away to complete the transaction. Easily setup and use the Bookly Stripe Payments Add-on using the detailed documentation.

3. WooCommerce Stripe ACH Gateway

Woocommerce Stripe ACH Gateway

WooCommerce Stripe ACH Gateway allows your customers to pay directly using their Bank account. You can verify accounts using micro-deposits. You can also process refunds via ACH Stripe and Plaid. 

The plugin supports Plaid integration. Plaid will allow users to pay by logging in using their bank username and password.

This ACH Stripe plugin also integrates with WooCommerce and WooCommerce subscriptions.

4. Stripe Payment Terminal WordPress

Stripe Payment Terminal WordPress

Quickly and easily accept payments on any page or post using the Stripe Payment Terminal WordPress plugin. Using this plugin you can set up one-time payments, recurring subscription payments. In addition to setting up recurring payment subscriptions, you can cancel subscriptions from your admin or customers can cancel subscriptions themselves. Other types of payments you can set up: predefined amounts or custom amounts made by your customers for an invoice. You can also set up a thank you page for each payment button. 

5. Stripe Integration for Contact Form CF7

Stripe Integration for Contact Form CF7

This plugin allows you to integrate stripe payment in your contact form 7 forms and start selling unlimited products in three easy steps: create a new Contact 7 Form, add the Stripe button, make money. The transactions are saved into your WordPress database. 

6. Google Pay and Stripe Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

Google Pay + Stripe Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

Increase your mobile conversions up to 350% by integrating Google Pay with your Stripe account.

Customers using Google Pay will never have to fill a form to enter their card or address information, significantly shortening your checkout process and increasing conversions. 

Your customers’ transactions are also secured using Google’s end-to-end data encryption. This plugin also allows you to instantly refund your customers from the WordPress admin area.

7. Stripe Connect for WooCommerce Product Vendors

Stripe Connect for WooCommerce Product Vendors

WooCommerce Stripe Connect is an add-on for WooCommerce Product Vendors. It will allow you to accept credit card payments directly from your WooCommerce online store. Commissions are marked and paid automatically.

Customers don't have to leave the site to finalize the checkout process. You can issue refunds automatically through the order page. The plugin is compatible with Per Product Shipping and  supports Tokenization, WooCommerce subscriptions and SCA (Strong Customer Authentication): 

8. WooCommerce Stripe External

WooCommerce Stripe External

WooCommerce Stripe External sends customers from your checkout page to the Stripe payment gateway then brings them back to your website's payment success page on your store. This plugin works only for WooCommerce stores running in USA and Canada

9. Stripe for ARForms

Stripe for Arforms

Stripe for ARForms integrates your form entries and payment in a single process. You can charge customers instantly after form submission from ARForms. You just need to create a form with ARForms, configure it with Stripe and it's ready to go. 

Features of this ARForms Stripe plugin include:

  • supports stripe subscription
  • transaction notifications after successful payment
  • view complete transaction and filtering facility
  • ability to collect customer information for shipping and billing
  • multiple currency support
  • dynamic pricing

10. Viavi Stripe Donation for WordPress

Viavi Stripe Donation for WordPress

Viavi Stripe Donation for WordPress makes it extremely easy way for your users to donate on your site without having to refresh the page. It uses Stripe Checkout to overlay the page and then posts the donation through AJAX to keep your users engaged on your site. 

Features of this plugin include: 

  • multiple currency support
  • dynamic pricing
  • creating custom layouts and buttons

Free Stripe Payment Plugins for WordPress

WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway

WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway

The Stripe plugin extends WooCommerce allowing you to take payments directly on your store via Stripe’s API. WooCommerce Stripe includes Web Payments API support which means customers can pay using payment details associated to their mobile devices in browsers like Chrome for Android amongst others that support the Web Payments API. 

WP Simple Pay—Stripe Payments WordPress Plugin

Stripe Payments WordPress Plugin – WP Simple Pay

WP Simple Pay is a standalone payments plugin that connects Stripe with WordPress. Since it’s not an add-on, no other plugins are required. Simply set up a payment form and start accepting credit cards on your WordPress site. You can create create unlimited payment forms, display your brand or product image on Stripe checkout pages, also custom payment success and failure pages. You have the option to collect customer billing and shipping addresses and verify postal codes without an address. The plugin is translation-ready and supports Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Accept Stripe Payments

Accept Stripe Payments

Accept Stripe Payments allows you to easily accept credit card payments on your website via the Stripe payment gateway. The plugin is fully responsive making it convenient for users to pay on their mobile devices. You can view all the payments you received from your WordPress admin dashboard. You can accept donation via Stripe also.

Stripe Payment Gateway for WooCommerce 

Stripe Payment Gateway for WooCommerce (Credit/Debit Card, AliPay, Stripe Checkout)

The Stripe Payment Gateway Plugin for WooCommerce lets you accept payments from multiple channels directly on your website via the Stripe payment gateway. The plugin supports full and partial refunds, automatically sends email receipt to customers after payment has been made. You can choose to receive payments only from preferred cards. 

Things to Consider When Choosing a Payment Gateway

Choosing a payment gateway so you can receive payments through your website is one of the most important decisions for an eCommerce site. Here are some things you should consider: 

1. How well does the payment gateway integrate with crucial parts of your website? This includes billing forms, shipping forms, checkout, pages, posts, and so on?

2. Is the user interface intuitive—which is to say straight forward and easy to use, with no learning curve.

3. Are you able to customize your forms to fit the look of your website? For example you may wish to add your logo, create additional fields, or add widgets or CTA buttons. 

4. Can you receive payments from customers worldwide and in different currencies? Are you able to take new forms of digital payments as they are invented?

5. Does the gateway support payment analytics? Payment gateways should be able to gather as much useful data as possible in order to give a clear picture of how the gateway is performing and how it can be improved to function better. Data that can be gathered includes types of devices used to pay, payment failures, double payments, dropped payments because of bad internet signal, refunds, and so on.

6. Can the gateway be configured to send receipts automatically to customers after payment has been made? The receipt should include all transaction details. It should also redirect customers back to the website and include all details of the transaction on the payment successful page. In case of transaction failure it should inform the customer on the website window using a payment failure form. 

7. There are numerous categories of taxes to be factored into payment forms: federal, state, GST, VAT and so on. Is the payment gateway able to handle different tax requirements based on regions? 

8. As your business grows so does the transaction volume. Will the payment gateway expand with your business? 

9. How detailed or granular are the reports so you can perform your financial reconciliation with ease? Are there search and filters so you can search for particular items? Are the reports downloadble, printable, and exportable?

10. Fraud and data security is an ever-present issue—how much attention does the maker of the payment gateway devote to security? 

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