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10 Best White-Label Branding Plugins for WordPress


As a developer, you can completely customize the back-end of your clients' websites to reflect their unique brand and messaging. It means completely transforming the look of the dashboard, admin menu, logo, graphics, header, the width of the logo, the footer logo, and the login form. You do this by removing all information that comes with WordPress. This is called white-label branding.

If you are code savvy, you can make all these changes manually. But it's time-consuming. That's where white-label branding WordPress plugins come in. No coding experience is required to use them. With these plugins, even those with no coding knowledge can create a white-label back-end for their WordPress websites.

White Label Branding for WordPress Single Site

What Do White-Label Branding Plugins Do? 

  • They give you the ability to control and transform the appearance of the back-end. 
  • They help you customize the back-end of your WordPress site without coding. 
  • They come with extensive documentation that helps you do the customization by yourself.

Bestselling WordPress White-Label Plugins for 2020

Here are a few of the bestselling white-labeling WordPress plugins available on CodeCanyon for 2020.

bestselling WP Whitelabeling plugin

How White-Label Branding Is Done

White label branding can be done manually or by using plugins. 

The manual process involves making changes to your WordPress theme's PHP code by inserting snippets of code to perform the following tasks:

  1. replacing WordPress logos with the client’s logo
  2. replacing standard login images with the client’s image
  3. replacing the header
  4. customizing the admin menu
  5. replacing footer text like Powered by WordPress with your own wording 

If you have no coding knowledge or little coding experience, then manual white labeling is overwhelming. The same applies to experienced developers who are pressed for time. 

Of course, you don’t have to do all that manually. There are plugins you can use to do white labeling.

White-Label Branding Plugins on CodeCanyon

On CodeCanyon, you will find white-label branding plugins that will help you customize your clients’ WordPress back-end to reflect their brands. 

1. Bestselling: White Label Branding for WordPress (Single Site)

White Label Branding for WordPress Single Site

With the White Label Branding plugin, you have the ultimate tool for customizing the WordPress admin and login screen.

It allows you to take full control over branding in the WordPress admin by:

  • customizing your login screen, menus, and logos
  • changing the color scheme of the entire admin section 
  • creating your own advanced login templates
  • creating new user roles and assigning capabilities 

Not only that, but you can decide who has access to what features by hiding elements for other administrators. 

You can even create a fake administrator account! This is useful if you want to give your clients “admin” access, but still limit what they have access to. The real administrator will also be hidden from the user list. This way, a client with the “fake” administrator account will never know that they don’t have full access to all features.

2. WPShapere

WPShapere - WordPress Admin Theme

WPShapere is a very popular back-end customization plugin on CodeCanyon. It’s a very light plugin, easy to install, and easy to customize. 

Here is what you can do with this powerful plugin: 

  • remove the WordPress logo from the admin bar
  • upload your own logo to the login page and admin bar
  • customize the login page design
  • customize the admin theme with 16 built-in themes to kick-start your project
  • remove the WordPress default dashboard widgets
  • add your own content widgets and RSS widgets
  • customize the admin bar links
  • add your custom logo, text content, or links in the footer
  • create user access restrictions

 3. White Label Branding for Multisite

White Label Branding for Multisite

White Label Branding for Multisite lets you control the branding of the main site and all sub-sites in a network of websites powered by WordPress Multisite. 

This white-label branding WordPress plugin for multisite allows you to:

  • give each sub-site the ability to do their own branding and customize their menus for the editor role 
  • customize the menus and logos on each sub-site in your WordPress multisite network
  • replace the WordPress logo from the login screen and dashboard with your own identity or even your client’s 
  • add custom dashboard meta box viewable only to editors or all users with your own welcome message or help

4.  Ultra Admin

Ultra WordPress Admin Theme

Ultra Admin is a combination theme and white-label branding plugin that helps you design a WordPress site for your clients with your own company branding. 

It comes with 30 built-in theme templates. You can customize the admin menu, top bar, buttons, content boxes, typography, forms, text and background colors, logo, and so on.  

Ultra Admin's white-label branding features will help you create a white label WordPress site by:

  • rearranging menu and submenu items
  • changing menu icons
  • controlling the top bar links
  • customizing the footer
  • setting plugin access permissions 
  • customing the login page

5. WPAlter

WP Alter - White labeling WordPress Plugin

WPAlter completely changes the style of the WordPress admin panel to your desired color theme. Using this plugin, you can:

  • remove the WordPress text and logo
  • create custom login themes and add a custom logo for login and admin pages
  • hide, rename, and rearrange admin menu items
  • hide admin menu items based on user roles

You can create a white label WordPress site and also white-label emails.

WPAlter is tested for compatibility with popular plugins: Visual Composer, WP Super Cache, WP Total Cache, Contact Form 7, and WooCommerce.

6.  Material Admin

Material - White label admin theme

This multisite-compatible white-label branding WordPress theme comes with:

  • 100 elegant themes and gives you an option to create your own custom theme 
  • 20+ custom dashboard widgets for site and visitor statistics
  • LTR and RTL modes so can be used for any language

To support white-label branding for WordPress, you can easily: 

  • rearrange menu and submenu items
  • change menu icons
  • enable or disable menu and submenu items

It also comes with a fully customizable login screen. 

7.  Legacy Admin

Legacy - White label admin theme

Legacy Admin is an advanced, feature-rich white-label WordPress admin theme that comes with:

  • 20 elegant, fully customizable themes
  • beautiful login screen theme
  • admin menu management 

Here is what Legacy Admin allows you to do in terms of white-label branding:

  • customize the admin top bar (all links and CSS Styles)
  • customize the footer
  • customize the login section 
  • customize the admin look and feel to represent your branding needs
  • customize the admin menu
  • add a custom logo and favicon for the admin panel

It is translation-compatible, with RTL and LTR modes that can be used to support any language. Finally, Legacy Admin is also multisite-compatible, so it’s easy to install and ready to use on a multisite network.

8. Slate Pro

Slate Pro - WordPress Admin Theme and White Label

Say goodbye to the run-of-the-mill WordPress. With Slate Pro, you can:

  • reimagine WordPress with a clean and simplified design 
  • change or remove all WordPress branding 
  • brand clients’ admins with custom colors and a custom login screen

Your clients don’t even have to know that you’re using WordPress! Also, Slate Pro is multisite-compatible, so you can control the look of all sub-sites.

9. wphave Admin—WordPress Admin Theme

wphave Admin

wphave Admin is a clean, beautiful and modern admin theme that is very easy to customize. It is packed with useful features such as a custom login page, custom theme colors, and much more.

Using wphave Admin, you can do:

  • white-label branding for the WordPress back-end
  • white-label branding for login


Here's one more plugin that isn't specifically a white-label branding plugin, but could be useful for any white-label branding project. 

Menu By User Role 

Menu by user role for WordPress

Menu by User Role gives you complete control over the menus in your WordPress-powered website. You can:

  • create a public menu
  • create a menu for logged-in users
  • create a separate menu for each user role defined in your website

In addition, you can create a custom navigation menu, which can be used instead of the default menu. In order to use this feature, it must be registered in the theme’s functions.php file.

You can easily add pages, posts, categories, and custom links to the menu. And you can even create multi-level menus with just a few clicks and organize them by drag and drop.

This plugin can be used together with White Label Branding for WordPress.

Free White-Labeling WordPress Plugins

For a professional white-label WordPress site, the premium plugins from CodeCanyon can't be beat. However, if you want to try creating white-label WordPress sites for free, here are some plugins you can start with.

White Label CMS

White Label CMS

The White Label CMS plugin is for developers who want to give their clients a more personalized and less confusing content management system.

White Label—Custom Login & More

white label - custom page  more

This white label WordPress plugin lets administrators bring clients' websites to life by creating a complete custom WordPress dashboard with their own widgets, adding a custom logo, creating a custom login, and so much more.

Ultimate Client Dash 

Ultimate Client Dash

With Ultimate Client Dash, you can customize and rebrand the WordPress dashboard and login page, manage users' capabilities, create custom widgets, and more.

WordPress Admin Theme—Cora

WordPress Admin Theme - Cora

Cora is the ultimate WordPress admin theme and white label plugin designed to help you achieve a modern clean look that is harmonious with your brand. It comes with lots of options to help you customize your admin area and login page.

Get a White-Labeling WordPress Plugin Now! 

Transform the back end of your clients' websites to reflect their unique brand and messaging with white-labeling WordPress plugins available on CodeCanyon.

bestselling white-labeling WordPress plugins for 2020

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