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Ghost — A New Blogging Platform

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About a year ago, I was trying to build a blog with WordPress. As someone who worked for WordPress for several years, this wasn't something particularly new to me, but it was something which elicited regular frustration.

WordPress has grown a huge amount over the years, and these days its far closer to a fully fledged Content Management System for building websites than it is a blogging platform. For some time I'd been dreaming of a platform with all the open source benefits of WordPress, but simpler in every way, and just focused on publishing.

I November 2012 I posted my idea for a new blogging platform called Ghost. After just a couple of weeks, the post had been done the rounds on the internet several times and amassed well over a quarter of a million page views with a great deal of positive discussion. The message was clear: I wasn't the only person who wanted a platform like this. So we set the wheels in motion to start building it.


By April 2013 we'd managed to put together a functional prototype of Ghost. It was very, very basic. But it worked! I decided to see just how much people really wanted this new platform, by asking them to vote with their wallets. The real test of whether a platform is viable. After 29 days on Kickstarter we'd raised $300,000 and the future of Ghost became certain.


So, for the last 5 months we've been working away, and now Ghost is a real working platform available to the public. It's very early days, of course, but we have the beginnings of what could well be the future of publishing online. That is my hope, naturally.

The biggest difference between Ghost and other platforms from a technological point of view is that it's built entirely in JavaScript. A modern technology stack means that Ghost can push the boundaries of what's possible with the web. You can install and run a blog on a 16MB USB stick, a Raspberry Pi, or a high powered Virtual Private Server. We are doing things which haven't yet been done before - and it's incredibly exciting.

From a design point of view Ghost is unique in its philosophy of focusing entirely on publishing. Everything about the administrative system is designed around making writing simple and pleasurable. Everything about the theme system has been created to facilitate personal blog, magazine, and news themes.


As Envato were one of the very first partners to back Ghost when it appeared on Kickstarter - we're absolutely thrilled to be working with the entire Envato user community. Ghost now has a category on ThemeForest, a great deal of amazing content which is starting to appear on the Tuts+ Network, and a bright future for its developer ecosystem.

If you'd like to find out more, head over to the Ghost website, sign up for an account, and download the latest version - completely free.

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