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How to Install Ghost

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This quick screencast will take you through the process of installing Ghost on your local system. Simple as that!


When installing Ghost, you'll need to have Node.js installed. Don't go running for the hills, node will make this whole process really easy.

What are node and npm?

By installing Node.js you will install both the node and npm requirements. You can find the full install instructions for all Operating Systems at

Ghost uses the Node Package Manager (npm) to install its dependencies (required files) which keeps the initial build as small as possible. This approach also allows for the Ghost dependencies to be installed based on the latest compatible versions from the 'npm' repositories.

Using npm allows for both a dependency install for 'production' Ghost environments (as in this video tutorial) and also 'development' Ghost environments.

Signup Password

A quick note on the Ghost signup password; this should be a unique password which you can use to login to your individual Ghost installation.

This is not connected to your account or other Ghost logins.

Watch the Screencast

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