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14 Best iOS UI Kits for Mobile Design


Nowadays, with mobile applications developed every day, rapid designing and prototyping of the UI and UX are vital to reach the market quickly. 

Creating a mobile application UI from scratch can be a very time-consuming task, and that's why we carefully handpicked 14 UI Kits made with a focus on the iOS platform to make your design journey easier.

Go ahead and take a look at all these goodies!

What is a UI Kit?

A UI kit is a set of files that contains important UI components like fonts, buttons, layered design files, icons, etc. UI kits can be simple with a few buttons and design components, or extremely robust with toggles that change fonts, colors, and states on the fly.

14 Best iOS UI Kits for Mobile Design

With an understanding of UI kits and why you need them, we can get to the fun stuff and explore all the elements we’ve handpicked for you from the Envato Elements marketplace, a subscription-based service that provides access to thousands of resources each month for a single monthly price.

1. Neumorphic iOS Calculator

Neumorphic iOS Calculator

We kick off our list with the Neumorphic UI Kit, an iOS calculator app concept that includes two screens, mockups, a 3D scene for cinema, and dark and light themes.

If you’re looking to build an iOS calculator, we suggest you give this theme a look–you‘ll be pleasantly surprised with the quality of the design.

And if you’re really into neumorphism and neumorphic UI design, check out this collection of UI kits:

2. Charlotte iOS UI Kit

Charlotte iOS UI Kit

Charlotte is an iOS UI Kit that comes with 120 beautiful (and useful) elements in 12 different categories for your next project.

This iOS UI Kit also comes with:

  • Very organized Sketch and PSD files.
  • Vector Graphics.
  • Pixel perfect components.

3. Profiles iOS UI Kit

Profiles iOS UI Kit

This UI Kit comes with multiple templates, 520 icons, pixel-perfect design, and compatibility with all iPhones, and if that's not enough, Profiles iOS UI Kit also comes with Adobe XD, Sketch, PSD, and Figma files.

4. Sketchy - iOS Wireframe Kit

Sketchy - iOS Wireframe Kit

The Sketchy iOS Wireframe Kit offers a staggering 218 app screens, 29 categories, and 500+ elements. This iOS UI Kit is beautiful, completely editable, and all the elements are 100% vector-based.

5. Helen iOS UI Kit

Helen iOS UI Kit

Helen is an elegant portfolio app UI kit that is designed specifically for iOS. This UI Kit is not only beautiful, but it boasts a simple and optimized user experience,

This iOS UI Kit comes with over 40 screens, both a dark and light mode and well-organized layers.

6. Turbo iOS Wireframe Kit

Turbo iOS Wireframe Kit

Turbo is an iOS UI Kit that comes with 100 different wireframing screens available in Sketch, PSD and AI format. Turbo is professionally crafted for quick and effortless prototyping.

This iOS UI Kit comes with 9 categories:

  • Sign in
  • Sign up
  • Walkthroughs
  • Navigation
  • Profile
  • Social
  • News
  • Multimedia
  • E-commerce

What are you waiting for? Go give Turbo a look!

7. Bones IOS Wireframe Kit

Bones IOS Wireframe Kit

The Bones iOS UI Kit offers a wide and varied selection of design objects for your next application. This theme comes with 120 fully editable screens in 10 categories and 3 different file formats, Photoshop, Sketch, and Adobe XD.

It also comes with a clear structure that will allow you to position the elements the way you want without losing time finding the folders and layers you need. So go check out this amazing UI kit.

8. LaModa Fashion iOS App UI

LaModa Fashion iOS App UI

LaModa is a fashion iOS UI Kit. It comes packed with 17 beautiful screens, customizable components, and organized layers. If you’re looking to create a fashion iOS app, then LaModa is a good option for you, so make sure you give it a look.

9. Weeny iOS UI Kit

Weeny iOS UI Kit

Weeny is a fresh and colorful iOS UI Kit, available in Sketch format. It includes multiple categories and multiple beautiful elements such as forms, buttons, search bars, forms, and notification bars.

10. iOS 12 App Icon Template

iOS 12 App Icon Template

As the name of this iOS UI kit suggests, it’s an icon library for iOS 12. You can easily customize the icons, adjust color, and resize the icons at will.

This icon template kit comes with:

  • Ready for iOS 12
  • 1 PSD file
  • Easy to use smart objects
  • One-click action to export squared or rounded icons
  • Multiple export Sizes

11. Settings - iOS 13 Wireframe Kit

Settings - iOS 13 Wireframe Kit

Settings is a beautiful and modern iOS 13 Wireframe Kit that will help you get a headstart on your application’s design. It comes with scalable vector files, free fonts, and settings screens.

12. IOS Icon Template - All sizes

IOS Icon Template - All sizes

The iOS Icon Template UI kit comes with multiple beautiful and resizable icons for your next project. Make sure to give it a look if you’re looking for a high-quality iOS icon template.

13. Wyvern iOS Wireframe UI Kit

Wyvern iOS Wireframe UI Kit

Wyvern iOS Wireframe is a UI kit that consists of more than 55+ ready-to-use screens, saving you time and energy in designing your next mobile application.

All screens and elements are fully customizable, well-organized, and come in Sketch format.

14. Collector iOS Wireframe UI Kit

Collector iOS Wireframe UI Kit

The Collector Wireframe UI kit is a stylish collection of 200+ iOS Wireframe Screens design that consists of 22 popular categories for your mobile applications. This collection is made for Adobe XD to speed up and facilitate your work with prototyping your mobile applications.

This iOS UI kit also comes with:

  • Easy to customize
  • Free Google Fonts
  • Compatible with Adobe XD
  • 1x iPhone X resolution (375x812px)
  • Free updates

Tips for Choosing and Making the Most of Your iOS UI Kit

1. Make Sure the Icons Fit What You’re Looking For

Many iOS UI kits include a selection of icons, a critical part of any app design. As such, look for icons that match the needs of your project. Sometimes this may mean finding a niche UI kit. However, if that’s not available, you could go the opposite way by opting for something more generic and customize it to your needs.

2. Not Your Style? Edit it!

Most UI kits use vector graphics (compatible with Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Figma, and Sketch) which are flexible and easy to edit. Therefore, if an element isn’t the color or size you were hoping for you can change it as necessary.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Remember, UI kits are there to help get your project started. But you don’t have to use any item as-is.

Charlotte iOS UI Kit

Enhance your App with iOS UI Kits and Resources

Creating an app can be a scary prospect if you don't have a design in mind. However, with a UI kit on hand, it’s hard to go wrong. Hopefully, this collection of iOS UI kits presents you with plenty of options to get started with. Best of luck!

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