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Lead Generation Plugins for WordPress

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Are you looking to generate more leads, convert visitors into subscribers, build a vibrant email subscriber list, and boost your sales? With lead generation plugins for WordPress, you can build your email list, bigger, faster and more targeted than ever before. 

What Is Lead Generation for WordPress?

You can generate more leads by running effective marketing campaigns that convert your website visitors into subscribers to your email lists. 

I will look at WordPress plugins that will help you in this journey. 

  • email marketing and newsletter plugins
  • popup plugins 
  • social locker plugins
  • abandoned cart plugins
Green Popups Green Popups Green Popups
Green Popups, one example of plugins on CodeCanyon that will boost your lead generation efforts.

Best-Selling Email Newsletter Plugins for WordPress on CodeCanyon

If you want to run dynamic email campaigns you will find some of the best email newsletter plugins on CodeCanyon for a very affordable one-time payment.

Topselling Email Newsletter plugins on WordPress Topselling Email Newsletter plugins on WordPress Topselling Email Newsletter plugins on WordPress

These two plugins are standalone digital marketing platforms. You don't have to pay monthly subscriptions. They come with tons of features to help you run campaigns and sales that can significantly help grow your leads.  


Mailster Mailster Mailster

Mailster allows you to host, create, manage and send email newsletter campaigns from your WordPress dashboard. This means you don't have to pay recurring monthly subscription fees, and you get to own your subscriber data and digital assets for your campaigns. 

This WordPress lead generation plugin comes with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor which lets you create stunning email campaigns and even embed images into your newsletter, without coding knowledge. 

Its powerful automation tools allow you to easily engage with your contacts by sending automatic welcome emails, birthday emails, trigger campaigns from actions, follow-ups, and more.

You can take advantage of its tracking and analysis tool to improve your email campaigns and get the best conversion possible. With the help of these tools, you can find out where your subscribers come from, which email client they are using, their click rate, and any other activity. 

This translation-ready WordPress email marketing plugin also integrates with popular WordPress plugins that can be added to have an even greater impact on your business. 



BeeMail is a powerful digital marketing and sales management platform that equips your WordPress or WooCommerce website with capabilities like contacts and list management, email marketing, form design, and publishing. 

It is equipped with a powerful drag-and-drop editor that allows you to create beautiful email campaigns and target the right people with personalized messages. 

It also has a form builder that enables you to create beautiful forms and publish them to your WooCommerce pages or landing pages so you can easily collect and store contacts.

You can inject a web version to every email campaign so that recipients can read it online using a browser. You can track your contacts' engagement with your marketing campaigns, for example opens and clicks, and then follow up with those who have not taken any action.

BeeMail can deliver marketing emails directly using the hosting server. It is also powered by versatile integration support to any local mailer or remote SMTP service like Amazon SES, SendGrid, Elastic Email, SparkPost, or Mailgun. 

Best-Selling Popup Plugins on CodeCanyon

Popups are some of the most effective lead generation tools that help you build targeted email subscriber lists. They come with many tools, including the ability to integrate forms that make email collection easy.

For a one-time payment, you can grab a popup plugin and get started building your email subscriber list. The popup and opt-in WordPress plugins available on CodeCanyon will allow you to integrate a popup or form into your website to capture your website users' email addresses, giving you the opportunity to market to them in the future.  

Topselling Popup plugins on CodeCanyonTopselling Popup plugins on CodeCanyonTopselling Popup plugins on CodeCanyon

Let's look at some of my favorite popup plugins on CodeCanyon.

Green Popups

Green Popups Green Popups Green Popups

Make your website more attractive with Green Popups. This plugin allows you to create unique multi-layered animated popups. You even have a library of over 200 professionally designed ready-made templates to choose from.

For easy collection of subscriber data to grow your leads, the popups can be embedded with AJAX subscription or contact forms which work with a lot of CRM, marketing, and newsletter systems.

The popups display on any part of the web page or as a sidebar widget. They can display on page load, on exit intent, on scrolling down, or on user’s inactivity. They can come up when AdBlock is detected or when users click something. 

Green Popups integrates with HTML forms, payment gateways, SMS gateways, CRM and newsletter systems, email verification services, and more. 

In addition to working with WordPress Multisite, this plugin supports WPML, so you can create popups for different languages. 


ConvertPlus popup plugin for wordpress ConvertPlus popup plugin for wordpress ConvertPlus popup plugin for wordpress

ConvertPlus is the all-in-one WordPress popup plugin that transforms your website into a lead generation powerhouse. It allows you to build your email list, bigger, faster and more targeted than ever before.

Features like the exit popup, opt-in popup, slide-in popup, video popup, on-click popup, social popup, embedded forms, widget boxes, and info bars make it the most powerful popup and lead generation plugin.

You can create a campaign by choosing from a huge library of over 100 beautifully designed and high-converting ready-made templates. You can customize it per your needs, add triggers and filters, publish it, and track its performance. 

It is easy to set up. You only need to follow a few intuitive steps, and you'll be ready to create beautiful popups in minutes and start converting your website visitors into subscribers, social followers, and customers.

Ninja Popups

Optin Panda For WordPress Optin Panda For WordPress Optin Panda For WordPress

Ninja Popups for WordPress is a powerful popup plugin tool that brings you high-quality leads and increases opt-ins on your mailing list. This WordPress lead generation plugin will help increase your subscriber count and the social count of your site by using professionally designed popups to do the following:

  • direct visitors on your site into taking an action, such as subscribing to your newsletter
  • offer a discount or coupon for departing customers
  • lock content that can only be accessed when they share their email

Through its powerful drag-and-drop editor, you can create unlimited colorful and dynamic popups by choosing from many layouts and colors. You can choose to delay popup display for seconds after the website opens. You also have tools to track how the popups are performing. 

Ninja Popups for WordPress integrates with all popular mailing systems like Mailchimp, GetResponse, InfusionSoft, Jetpack, ConvertKit, and many more.

Master Popups

master popoupsmaster popoupsmaster popoups

Transform your traffic into leads, sales, and signups using the Master Popups WordPress plugin to convert your website visitors into subscribers and clients by saving their email, first name, last name, phone and other data through popups and subscription forms.

Master Popups has a powerful drag-and-drop visual popup editor with which you can easily create subscription forms, contact forms, images, videos, offers, notices, discounts, and any other type of popup.

You can select from over 70 ready-to-use popup templates to create modal popups, full-screen popups, notification bars, and slide-in popups, including inline and widget popups.

Master Popups integrates with more than 50 email marketing services such as Mailchimp, Mailster, MailPoet, Sendinblue, MailWizz, MailerLite, Active Campaign, and Mautic.

Ultimate Popup Builder

Ultimate Popup BuilderUltimate Popup BuilderUltimate Popup Builder

Bright popups with notification of upcoming discounts and promotions? Go for it. 

Popups with subscription forms, popups with contact forms, GDPR popups? You got it.

Easily make any popup you want with Ultimate Popup Builder. Your plugin of choice for endless popup options, where you are only limited by your imagination.

With Ultimate Popup Builder, you can easily customize the size, positioning, background, and animation. You can choose the type of appearance on load, on scroll, on click, or on page exit intent. You can easily customize the overlay and select the background, as well as the popup close button.

You can use Ultimate Popup Builder with any page builder, be it Elementor, WPBakery, or Gutenberg. There are 14 ready-made popup templates that you can import, and they are available for Elementor and WPBakery Page Builders. 

Ultimate Popup Builder is compatible with many plugins. You can easily create a popup with a subscription form using the Mailchimp plugin shortcode. To add a contact form, just add the form shortcode from the Contact Form 7 plugin. You can even come up with any pop-up variations using your plugin shortcodes. 

Social Locker and Content Locker Plugins on CodeCanyon

Locking your best content is another proven way of getting subscribers and social followers. In the case of social lockers, the more shares your content gets, the more visitors to your website that you can convert into social followers, subscribers, and customers. 

You can increase your social count and get more views for your content by purchasing one of these social locker plugins for a small one-time payment. 

Topselling social locker plugins on CodeCanyonTopselling social locker plugins on CodeCanyonTopselling social locker plugins on CodeCanyon

Now let's have a look at some of the best social locker plugins available.

Opt-in Panda

Optin Panda Optin Panda Optin Panda

If you want to see your email subscription rates burst through the roof, then you should try Opt-in Panda. Here is how it works: Opt-In Panda locks a portion of content on a webpage by hiding or blurring it, then asks the visitor to enter their email address (opt-in) to unlock the content. In other words, it gives visitors a reason to subscribe immediately in return for instant access to your valuable content like downloads, discounts, videos, and so on. 

The plugin works equally well with single opt-in (without email confirmation) and double opt-in (with email confirmation) modes. You decide which mode to use.

Opt-In Panda integrates directly with all the major mailing services and plugins: Mailchimp, AWeber, GetResponse, Mailster, MailPoet, and more. 

It also supports transactional mailing services like Mandrill, Postmark, Mailjet, Amazon SES, and SMTP after installing their respective WordPress plugins.

Social Locker for WordPress

Social Locker for WordPress Social Locker for WordPress Social Locker for WordPress

Social Locker for WordPress locks your most valuable content behind a set of social buttons until the visitor likes, shares, or tweets your page.

Once they "pay" with likes, shares, or tweets, they can get access to your content, download freebies, read an ending of your article, watch a video, get a discount, and so on.

It helps improve the social performance of your website, get more likes and shares, build quality followers, and attract more traffic from social networks.

All you need to do is select the part of your content you want to lock, click a button, and you’re done.

This way, you can use articles, videos, audio, images, download links, coupon codes, or anything else you can think of as an incentive for people to give you likes or shares.


ARSocial - Social Share Buttons & Social Locker PluginARSocial - Social Share Buttons & Social Locker PluginARSocial - Social Share Buttons & Social Locker Plugin

ARSocial has the ability to build your brand overnight by sheer connectivity. This plugin can propel your content across up to 40 networks at the click of a button, ensuring the maximum possible visibility, viral growth, and popularity.

In fact, it is several plugins rolled up in one: social locker, social fan counter, social share, social like-follow, and subscribe.

The social locker feature comes in handy when you have material that you do not want shared, but only seen by those who subscribe. You can choose what material can be shared. 

ARSocial provides a feature that places social network buttons section-wide and site-wide, as well as with a shortcode on all pages and posts. It also provides various display positions, like mobile display settings with a footer bar.

Subscribe to Unlock

Subscribe to Unlock Opt In Content Locker WordPress PluginSubscribe to Unlock Opt In Content Locker WordPress PluginSubscribe to Unlock Opt In Content Locker WordPress Plugin

Subscribe to Unlock makes it fast and easy to capture subscribers by simply locking some specific content of your site until users subscribe to your site. You can even lock the whole site with a popup or give a countdown to users until they can view the content without subscribing.

You can create unlimited locker forms by choosing a stunning layout from ten beautifully designed templates. You can also connect the forms directly to popular third-party subscription services such as Mailchimp and Constant Contact. 

Opt-In Downloads for WordPress

Opt-in DownloadsOpt-in DownloadsOpt-in Downloads

Opt-In Downloads is a WordPress plugin that allows you to distribute files through subscriptions. If people want to download something from your website, they must submit their contact details. After submission, they'll receive the download link by email. Very simple workflow.

All submitted data is saved in a database and can be exported as a CSV file to popular email marketing providers such as Mailchimp, iContact, or GetResponse. 

Additional features of this WordPress lead generation plugin include: 

  • responsive design: the opt-in form looks nice even on small screens.
  • GDPR-ready: enable or disable the “terms and conditions” checkbox for the opt-in form
  • shortcode-driven: use shortcodes to place the opt-in form
  • easy to install
  • translation-ready



Subscribe-to-Download makes it fast and easy to capture subscribers right from your WordPress site by simply providing them a freebie to download when they give their email. 

You can create unlimited subscription forms by choosing a stunning layout from 20 beautifully designed templates. 

You can also connect the forms directly to popular third-party subscription services such as Mailchimp and Constant Contact, making it easy to collect subscribers from your WordPress website. 

In addition, you can track the download status and export subscribers.

Best Abandoned Cart (Remarketing) Plugins on CodeCanyon

Not all is lost when a cart is abandoned. It is an opportunity to get leads from potential customers so you can follow up with enticing deals. Grab one of these abandoned cart plugins and see for yourself!

Topselling Abandoned Cart Plugins on CodeCanyonTopselling Abandoned Cart Plugins on CodeCanyonTopselling Abandoned Cart Plugins on CodeCanyon

CartBack—WooCommerce Abandoned Cart and Remarketing in Facebook Messenger

CartBack - WooCommerce Abandoned Cart & Remarketing in Facebook MessengerCartBack - WooCommerce Abandoned Cart & Remarketing in Facebook MessengerCartBack - WooCommerce Abandoned Cart & Remarketing in Facebook Messenger

CartBack is the most effect way to recover abandoned carts and generate leads because it is connected with Facebook Messenger.

When a customer abandons their cart, you can send them a personalized message to their Facebook Messenger inbox with a discount coupon that has a call-to-action button where they can enter their email. Once they opt in, you can maintain the relationship between you and your customers by sending them deals.

CartBack helps you keep those customers in a database. On the analytics section on your dashboard, you will see the number of add to cart users, the number of messages sent in each reminder, first reminder, second reminder, or third reminder, including clicks, purchases, and revenue.

WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

WooCommerce Recover Abandoned CartWooCommerce Recover Abandoned CartWooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart monitors carts that are abandoned by members and guests. It automatically sends mails using the mail templates at specified times to recover the abandoned carts.

For members, as soon as a product is added to their cart, it will be captured in case the cart is later abandoned.

Guests will have to reach the step of inputting their email address on the checkout page, but once their email has been entered, their abandoned carts will be captured.

Lead Generation Tips

  1. Harness the full potential of social media channels. Each platform attracts a particular audience based on age or other factors. Know what platform your target audience is likely to spend time on. 
  2. Become a master of forms since you will be using them to collect visitors' information. Test and see which forms get you more subscriptions.
  3. Make your content shareable. The more your content is shared, the more traffic comes your way. 
  4. If you're going to lock content, make sure it is of very high quality, or else you will lose the trust of your subscribers and they will move on.
  5. Make calls to action an indispensable part of your campaign messaging. You can create some really stunning campaigns, but if you don't get users to take the next step then your efforts are for naught.
  6. Your website is the most important lead generation tool. If it's sluggish, then you lose your leads. Make sure it performs at an optimum level by investing in regular updates, site cleanup, and maintenance.   
  7. Master SEO—its full potential is still under-exploited. 
  8. Harness the power of testimonials, comments, and reviews. Hearing what other users think of your products or services increases your credibility and gives your leads the push to join in. 


We have looked at plugins that are necessary for building your subscriber list and converting visitors to customers. Without these lead generation tools, it would be difficult to capture emails on your website, and your marketing campaigns would not be as effective. 

Additional Resources

Below are some articles with resources that will help you to generate more leads and build a successful business. 

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