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20 Best Real Estate Email Templates for 2021


If you’re a real estate agency or work with property in any way, making use of real estate email templates is not a bad idea. Well, it’s likely you already know that you need to reach out to people regularly to build relationships and to bolster your client list. However, even the thought of crafting an email design on your own is too much to handle for some. 

Instead of going down that path, you can easily use a template that’s designed to save you a lot of time. And thankfully, we’ve been able to put together a healthy collection to speed up your search. 

Why Use Real Estate Email Marketing? 

Before we get to the list. Let’s pause a moment to talk about why you might want to use email marketing for your real estate business in the first place. A few reasons include: 

  • Lead emails. Reaching out to potential leads is a time honored way to build your client list -- regardless of industry.
  • Referral emails. Connecting with referrals is another way to generate new business. 
  • Follow ups. If someone has been on the fence about selling their home (or buying a home), a quick follow up is a great way to nudge along that relationship. 
  • Request feedback. If your agency has a presence online anywhere, asking for feedback in the form of a review can help build your reputation.
  • Reaching out to previous clients.  Reconnecting with old clients is a solid way to drum up new business. 

20 Best Real Estate Email Templates for 2021 

What follows is a set of real estate email templates you can use starting immediately. They’re compiled from Envato Elements, where a subscription fee gets you access to a wide range of templates, graphics, illustrations, and photos each month. A few are designed directly for real estate companies. Others are billed as multipurpose and can be customized to suit almost any industry. 

1. Viway Real Estate Email Template

Viway real estate email template

The Viway Real Estate Email Template offers a responsive design and comes with 10 different layouts and color styles, making achieving your desired look simple. It’s also compatible with top email marketing software and includes drag-and-drop builder access. Tons of edits are possible, including inline CSS, unlimited colors, the ability to duplicate and delete modules, custom background images, and more. 

2. Kant Responsive Email Template for Startups

Kant responsive email template

Another option is the Kant email template. It’s intended for startups but can definitely apply directly to the real estate industry. It comes with over 50 different sections you can customize and 12 demos that you can pick from as your starter layout. Its design is responsive and it works with the StampReady online builder.

Kant works with over 30 different email clients and allows for background images, custom code, and interactive menus. 

3. Appalache Email Template for Real Estate 

Appalache email template for real estate

And then there’s the Appalache email template, which has a focus on tourism but can be easily adapted for the real estate space. It comes with a free online template builder and is compatible with top email marketing tools like MailChimp. It works with most email clients, offers layout and color customizations, and features clean code. 

4. Multipurpose E-newsletter Template for Real Estate

Multipurpose E-Newsletter Template

Perhaps the Multipurpose E-newsletter template is more your speed? This one offers a clean and responsive design that can be customized to suit nearly any industry. It includes support for Font Awesome icons, Google Fonts, and is overall easy to customize thanks to its clean code and organized files. 

5. Canoe Multipurpose E-Newsletter

Canoe Multipurpose E-Newsletter

Another option is the Canoe Multipurpose E-Newsletter template, which is another responsive template that prides itself on clean and simple code. The included PSD files uses organized layers and the template itself comes with full documentation, free fonts, plenty of possibility. 

6. Mailee Responsive Multipurpose Email Template

Mailee responsive multipurpose email template

The Mailee email template is responsive and multipurpose, meaning it can look great on any device and be used for any purpose. It’s compatible with most email clients and with all the top email marketing platforms including MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. It’s also customizable via StampReady as well as through HTML and inline CSS. 

7. Hostetemp - Multipurpose Email Templates and Builder

Hostetemp real estate email template

Another great option is the Hostetemp template, which is another multipurpose offering that can be customized to suit the needs of real estate agents. It works with StampReady for easy customization as well as with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. It comes with four demos, over 40 modules, and includes unlimited colors and full documentation. 

8. Hosting - Multipurpose Responsive Email Template for Real Estate

Hosting multipurpose and real estate email template

Or, perhaps Hosting will be more to your liking. It’s another multipurpose email template that comes with over 20 different modules and three individual demos you can customize to your heart’s content. It’s compatible with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, StampReady, and works with most email clients. It’s customizable via HTML and CSS, too. 

9. Asper Responsive Multipurpose Email Template

Asper responsive multipurpose email template

Asper is a lovely multipurpose choice that would work fantastically for real estate emails. This template is responsive and works with top email clients, marketing tools, and builders. Plus, it comes with over 15 different modules, includes layout options, free fonts, icons, and is editable through inline CSS. 

10. Bright - Multipurpose Real Estate Email Template

Bright multipurpose real estate template

Still another delightful choice is the aptly named Bright real estate email template, which offers a responsive design that’s editable through HTML, CSS, or StampReady. It also works with major email software and clients and cones with 20 different sections you can edit to suit your needs. 

11. Zamoza Responsive Real Estate Template

Zamoza responsive real estate template

Another great option is Zamoza. This real estate template is multipurpose and offers a stylish design that would suit the real estate industry as well. It’s editable through StampReady and works with all the top email marketing platforms. It uses free fonts and comes with over 20 modules, over 10 color variations, as well as full documentation. 

12. Fritz Real Estate Template

Fritz real estate email template

The Fritz real estate template is another great choice for your real estate business. It works with MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, and other top platforms. This template is editable via StampReady as well as through HTML and CSS. It comes with over 20 modules, full documentation, plus the design is responsive and retina-ready. 

13. Email Newsletter for Real Estate

Email newsletter for real estate agents

You might also want to consider the Email Newsletter, which is multipurpose but great for real estate-specific businesses, too. The included PSD file includes well-organized layers, a free Google font, free icons fonts, and the design itself is responsive and retina-ready. 

14. Marquez - Email for Agencies and Real Estate

Marquez email newsletter

Marquez is another great template that would work for any agency but real estate agencies in particular can benefit. It works with the top 30 email clients and comes with 18 different layouts and over 80 sections you can customize in any way you’d like. It works with the online builder, StampReady, too. 

15. Cloe - Responsive Real Estate Template

Cloe responsive real estate template

Another template worthy of your consideration is Cloe. This one is responsive and retina-ready as well, works with all the major email clients and is compatible with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. It works with StampReady and can also be edited through HTML and CSS. And it supports background images, too. 

16. Cromo Corporate Email Newsletter Template

Cromo corporate and real estate templates

Or, perhaps you might want to use Cromo Corporate Email Newsletter Template. This one works with all the usual suspects: MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and many others. It works with StampReady, too, for easy editing. But if you want to edit the template on your own, you can use HTML and CSS as well. 

17. IdeaOn Email Real Estate Template

IdeaOn email real estate template

Still another option is the IdeaOn real estate template. It’s responsive and retina-ready and works with all the major email clients like Gmail and Outlook. With it, you also get access to a drag-and-drop email template builder. You can change the background image, edit via plain HTML and CSS, and it comes with multiple layouts to choose from. 

18. Presento Email Template - Multipurpose and Real Estate

presento email real estate template

Another template to consider is the Presento email template, which is multipurpose but great for real estate agencies, too. It comes with five different versions to choose from, is compatible with StampReady, works with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor, and can be edited by means of plain HTML, too. With support from most major email clients, Presento is still another reputable choice. 

19. Aquarius Email Template

aquarius email template

The Aquarius template is targeted toward the corporate lot but it can be easily extended and/or modified to suit the needs of any industry. It’s truly multipurpose and can be edited through an online template builder, HTML, and PSD. This template is responsive, compatible with all the top email marketing platforms and most email clients, and you can even customize the background image. 

20. Venzar Responsive Clean Email Template

Venzar responsive clean email template

Last on our list is Venzar, a responsive real estate email template that could honestly be used for just about any purpose but possesses a look and feel that real estate agents would appreciate.

It can be edited using all the popular email marketing platforms like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor but it can also be edited through standard HTML and inline CSS. It comes with over 20 editable modules, 10 color variations, and full documentation so making customizations has never been easier. 

How to Make Your Real Estate Emails More Effective 

Having a good template to use can save you time and effort, certainly. But there is still more to making the most of your real estate marketing emails. Just a few things to keep in mind as you create your next newsletter, email blast, or follow up message. 

1. Make Use of Your Subscriber List 

If you’ve built up a subscriber list, there’s no time like the present than to use it. As in, really  use it and make new connections. Segment your list to reach people who are interested in different services or who have different concerns. 

2. Reach Out Regularly

Related to the above, the occasional email message is great but consistent, regular emails are even better. Connect with people on your list on a predictable schedule. They’ll come to expect to see emails from you in their inbox. It also keeps you top of mind when their friends or family are looking for a realtor. 

3. Build a Sense of Community

There’s no need to keep your emails all business, all the time. In fact, it’s a much better idea to provide a sense of community. You can do this by promoting events in your local area, keeping your messages seasonal, and even discussing timely topics. 

Get Started with Real Estate Email Templates Now 

When trying to promote your real estate agency or your status as a broker, there’s no reason you have to go it alone when creating emails. By using one of the real estate email templates above, you’re bound to save time and realize even better results. Good luck! 

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