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RSVP for Events With These WordPress Plugins


Adding events to your WordPress website is simple enough; there are several excellent calendar plugins to choose from. But to take things to the next level, adding event registration capabilities will bring another layer of functionality and convenience. Event registrations and RSVPs are also a great way to increase customer interaction and loyalty.

Let’s review some things to consider when utilizing event registration on your own website. We’ll also check out some WordPress plugins to help you make it happen. There are great solutions for virtually every type of event; whether you charge for them or not.

1. Attendee Lists are Useful for Like-Minded Communities

If you’re involved with a group that meets around a specific topic like coding, hiking or even knitting, displaying a list of registered attendees along with your event can encourage others to sign up. In the world of WordPress, this functionality is often added to WordCamp websites. It’s always exciting to see who else will be joining you at an event.

Events Plus is a full event suite that enables users to register for events on your site. From there, you can display a list of attendees via a WordPress Shortcode on any page or post. Use the plugin to create multiple ticket types (free or paid) and offer discount codes.

Events Calendar Registration  Booking
Events Calendar Registration & Booking

2. WooCommerce Integration Makes Order Management Easy

There are some real benefits to an event registration plugin that works with WooCommerce. For one, if you already have an online store, all of your orders will be seen in the same place. This also means that you can use any payment method supported by WooCommerce for your events. Bringing all of your transactions under a single umbrella will make for easier management.

Modern Events Calendar works in conjunction with WooCommerce for event registrations. It also integrates with other popular services and plugins like MailChimp, Google Maps and BuddyPress. You can take advantage of these integrations for better functionality and data gathering.

Modern Events Calendar - Responsive Event Scheduler  Booking For WordPress
Modern Events Calendar - Responsive Event Scheduler & Booking For WordPress

3. Importing Events from Outside Sources Adds Convenience

Perhaps your organization uses a service like Google Calendar internally, but wants to integrate some or all of those events into WordPress so that users can register for them. Or you might have a salon where each stylist uses their own separate calendar. Regardless, it’s both possible and worthwhile to create a single calendar that pulls in events from multiple sources. This gives users one place to register for events or book appointments without the need for hopping around multiple sites and maintaining multiple accounts.

With VR Calendar Sync Pro, you can create multiple calendars (up to ten), each synced from up to five sources. It syncs with Google Calendar, VRBO, Airbnb, Flipkey and Homeaway, so it’s great for managing rental or vacation properties. But it can also be of benefit to any business that book appointments, or that needs to import events from outside sources. PayPal and Stripe are supported for paid registrations.

VR Calendar Sync Pro - Responsive Booking Plugin
VR Calendar Sync Pro - Responsive Booking Plugin

4. Limiting Registrations Encourages Users to Act Quickly

The basic economic principle of supply and demand certainly applies to events. Displaying the amount of seats currently available for your event provides incentive for prospective attendees to make sure they’ve locked up their own spot. After all, no one wants to see that an event is sold out before getting around to making a reservation.

EventCommerce lets you add registration limits to your events and will display the amount of seats currently available on the frontend of your site. The plugin is quite flexible and can be used for just about any type of event, even appointment booking. Multiple calendar views help you create a registration system that truly fits your needs.

EventCommerce WP Responsive Event Calendar Pro
EventCommerce WP Responsive Event Calendar Pro

5. Sending Event Reminders Offers Peace of Mind

Have you ever signed up for an event only to stress out about the details? Event reminders can help to assure attendees that their registration is on file and also inform them of any pertinent information they’ll need to know. It saves them extra trips to your website and it may just save you from having to answer a few inquiries.

Booki is a WordPress booking plugin that lets you create custom event reminder emails. Email templates can be customized to match your brand. You’ll also be able to automatically or manually confirm registrations–handy for those who want to book appointments online with an extra measure of control.

Booki - WordPress Booking Calendar plugin for reservations and appointments
Booki - WordPress Booking Calendar plugin for reservations and appointments

Supercharge Your Events and Your Business

Utilizing an event registration system on your website is an effective way to help build your business. You’ll encourage customers to visit your site more often to check out what’s going on. Plus, you’ll get to know them better through both personal interaction and the data you collect during the registration process. It’s a simple way to build lasting relationships that can enrich you both personally and professionally.

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