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or Register: Form Design From Scratch (Day 1)

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We deal with web forms all the time; when we log in to YouTube, Facebook, or any other web service, we have to get through a login or sign up process. Often this can be difficult because some forms are too long, or too cluttered. We're going to build a stylish, straightforward login form, and today we'll be looking at the Photoshop side of things.

Section 1: Introduction

Let's take a look at login forms, examine one-page vs. multi-page forms, and dive into our Photoshop project.

Section 2: Sign in

It's time to look more closely at our sign-in form.

Section 3: Sign up

Lastly, let's take care of our registery form.

Time lapse: The PSD Build in FFWD

Further Reading and Useful References

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