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Top Elementor Templates for WordPress (+ Free Templates)


A lot of little details go into creating a beautiful and functional website. As such, one of the biggest challenges of being a web designer is producing quality work with peak efficiency. Building layouts, adding special effects and ensuring that your work can be viewed on any device takes time.

That’s why designers are increasingly taking advantage of helpful tools like page builders. They allow you to create amazing page layouts in short order – and without the burdens of writing and testing code. The result is an attractive, fully-functional website built in a fraction of the time.

Say Hello to Elementor for WordPress

When it comes to WordPress page builders, Elementor stands out as a top choice. Both the free and pro versions of the plugin offer tons of features aimed at making the design process as efficient as possible.

Elementor for WordPress
Elementor for WordPress

And, while you can certainly build custom pages from scratch, Elementor templates can save you even more time. These prebuilt page templates cover virtually every potential use and can also be customized to fit your needs.

Today, we’ll introduce you to some of the top Elementor templates you can use to spice up your projects!

How to Use an Elementor Template

Elementor templates are easy to install and use, but there are a few different methods for doing so. And it all depends on where your templates come from. Let’s take a look at three common scenarios.

Elementor Library

When you install Elementor (free or pro) on your website, you will gain access to a selection of free templates (pro users gain even more options). Here’s how to find and use them:

  1. Create a new page or post inside WordPress and click on the Edit with Elementor button. That will take you inside Elementor’s page builder UI.
  2. Once inside the UI, you’ll notice two icons (a pink plus sign and a gray folder) in a rectangle at the center of the page. Click on the gray folder (hovering your cursor over this icon will show an Add Template tooltip).
  3. From there, you’ll have access to a number of templates. Just click on the one you want to use, then click the Insert button to add it to your page.

Envato Elements WordPress Plugin

Did you know that there are hundreds of great Elementor templates available through the free Envato Elements WordPress plugin? Install it to gain instant access to a variety of both free and premium template kits – each offering various matching components of a website.

Envato Elements WordPress Plugin

 Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a new page or post inside WordPress and click on the Edit with Elementor button. That will take you inside Elementor’s page builder UI.
  2. Once inside the UI, you’ll notice three icons (a pink plus sign, a gray folder and a green leaf) in a rectangle at the center of the page. Click on the green leaf (hovering your cursor over this icon will show an “Envato Elements” tooltip).
  3. Browse through the available templates and click on the one you want to use. On the next screen, click on Import Template.
  4. Exit the Envato Elements window and you’ll be taken back to the Elementor UI.
  5. Click on the gray folder (hovering your cursor over this icon will show an Add Template tooltip).
  6. The newly-installed template will appear in the My Templates tab within the Library. Go there and insert your new template.
elementor buttons

Note: A subscription to Envato Elements is required to access premium Elementor templates.

Downloaded Templates

If you have downloaded your Elementor Template from somewhere else, the process is slightly different. You’ll have to import either a .JSON or .ZIP file into your website. Here’s how:

  1. Create a new page or post inside WordPress and click on the Edit with Elementor button. That will take you inside Elementor’s page builder UI.
  2. Once inside the UI, you’ll notice two icons (a pink plus sign and a gray folder) in a rectangle at the center of the page. Click on the gray folder (hovering your cursor over this icon will show an Add Template tooltip).
  3. This time, we’ll click on the Import Template button (a circled arrow icon) on the upper right of the Library window. You can then upload the .JSON or .ZIP file containing your template.
  4. The newly-installed template will appear in the My Templates tab within the Library. Go there and insert your new template.

The Best Elementor Templates

Want to hit the ground running with a terrific webpage design? These Elementor templates will do just that.

Note: In order to help you know which installation method to use, we’ll provide the source of each template (Elementor Library, Envato Elements or Download).

1. Homepage – Business

This clean, colorful homepage is a great fit for just about any type of business. It features beautiful illustrations, an integrated count-up script and sharp typography. A short and simple option.

Source: Elementor Library

Homepage  Business

2. Product – App

Want to promote your product or service? This template comes complete with everything you need for a one-page rundown. You’ll find a lovely hero section with space for a featured video, an easy-to-read pricing table, FAQs and testimonials.

Source: Elementor Library

Product  App

3. Music Festival – Home 1

This template offers a convenient schedule section that will help keep your visitors in the know. It’s a great fit for concerts, conferences or other events where attendees will check back repeatedly. There are even a number of features that take advantage of Elementor Pro.

Source: Envato Elements

Music Festival  Home 1
Music Festival

4. Landing Page – Vacation

Complete with a full-screen video background, your visitors will have a hard time resisting the urge to book a vacation. The template relies on rich media to tell the story. In addition, there is great color contrast and an interactive slideshow.

Source: Elementor Library

Landing Page  Vacation

5. Maintenance Mode 3

Whether your site is undergoing some routine maintenance, or you just want a slick “coming soon” page, this simple template is a great choice. It features a unique look, yet doesn’t overwhelm with text. Use it for concise messaging and as a gateway to your social media accounts.

Source: Elementor Library

Maintenance Mode 3

6. Wedding Planner – Testimonials

Testimonials can be a deciding factor for potential customers. This template gives them a clean, professional place to promote your business. And, you can edit each element to match your own website.

Source: Envato Elements

Wedding Planner  Testimonials
Wedding Planner

7. One Page – Architect Office

Here’s a highly-visual landing page that gives off a professional vibe. There is plenty of space for photos, and the included parallax effect will keep users engaged. To top it all off, you’ll find spots for basic content and contact information.

Source: Elementor Library

One Page  Architect Office

8. Web Agency – Portfolio

Portfolios are vitally important to creative professionals. With this template, you’ll be able to show off your work in style. Sporting a bold and colorful look, you’ll also find lots of extras like scroll-based animation and a working gallery.

Source: Envato Elements

Web Agency  Portfolio
Web Agency

9. About – Startup

A good About page doesn’t have to be overly complicated – and this Elementor template is proof. It’s beautiful, colorful and has space for the essentials. Of course, since these templates are all fully-editable, you can expand as needed.

Source: Elementor Library

About  Startup

10. Free Coach Home Page

Consultants, personal trainers and (yes) coaches will love this free home page template. Featuring bold text and lots of whitespace, it’s a great vehicle for introducing yourself to the world. It also looks great on small screens.

Source: Free Download (elementor-den.com)

Coach Home Page

11. Tech (general business) – Features

The beauty of this template is in its unique layout. With a rounded hero area and offset columns, each piece of content occupies its own place in the sun. The colorful images help to make for a pleasant user experience.

Source: Envato Elements

Tech general business  Features

12. About – CV

If you’re a freelancer for hire, this CV template is the perfect place to show off your skills and experience. The multicolumn layout keeps things interesting, while the typography is spot-on. The interactive skills chart is the icing on the cake.

Source: Elementor Library

About  CV

13. Electronic Product – Products

For sites with just a few products, this template offers an attractive layout. The included product table allows you to list features, pricing and a photo. Plus, several calls to action will help steer customers in the right direction.

Source: Envato Elements

Electronic Product  Products
Electronic Product

14. Recipe – Recipe 1

Foodies will love the well-thought-out layout of this recipe page template. Ingredients, steps and nutritional info are all neat as a pin and easy to digest. And there are plenty of opportunities to share delicious photographs.

Source: Envato Elements

Recipe  Recipe 1

15. Landing Page – Mobile App 1

This landing page offers a stunning home for a mobile app. It utilizes a terrific color contrast, allowing images to really stand out. In addition, you’ll find an icon-based feature list, a space for testimonials and a logo carousel.

Source: Elementor Library

Landing Page  Mobile App 1

16. Online Tutorials – Tutorial Series

Here’s a page with a gorgeous layout – perfect for times when you need to create an index that points users in different directions. Each card offers a colorful headline, featured image and author information. It could be a great way to list products, pages or blog posts.

Source: Envato Elements

Online Tutorials  Tutorial Series

17. Contact – Corporate

A solid contact page should get right to the point, and this template offers a great starting point. Contact information is concise and a Google Map will make it easy for users to find your location. All the basics are covered here.

Source: Elementor Library

Contact  Corporate

18. Free Coffee Shop Homepage Template

Sometimes, a single page is all a business needs to share their message. This free Elementor template offers everything you might need in those cases. You’ll find a clean design, integrated hover animations and compelling section layouts.

Source: Free Download (elebuilds.com)

Free Coffee Shop Homepage Template

19. Videographer – Video Single

Here’s a great option for those of you looking to showcase video content. It features a large hero area to embed your video, along with a table of contents below. The layered look places the focus on your media.

Source: Envato Elements

Videographer  Video Single

20. Golf Course – Popup

Yes, there are popup templates too! This simple and attractive window invites users to book a reservation. Just note that you’ll need Elementor Pro to take full advantage.

Source: Envato Elements

Golf Course  Popup
Golf course

Quick Tips for Using Elementor Page Templates

1. Templates Are Fully-Editable

Want to change something about your chosen template? It’s easy! Elementor’s page builder functionality applies to premade templates as well. Feel free to click on any item you’d like to edit and make it your own.

2. Templates Are Responsive

Virtually every Elementor template is designed to be fully responsive. So, you can rest assured that it will look great on any device. You can even get a sneak preview of how your template looks at various sizes within the page builder.

3. Looking for a Full Site? Use a Template Kit.

Template kits are a collection of page templates – all of which use a consistent design. Think of them as being similar to a WordPress theme. If you are looking to put a full site together quickly, this will help you get things done. Just import the kit (or individual pages) and start editing!

Beauty and Productivity

Elementor is a fantastic tool for both novice designers and seasoned pros alike. It’s easy to use and contains powerful features to help you build even complex websites in less time.

When you add Elementor templates to the mix, the whole process is made that much better. Since templates cover just about every type of page you can imagine, and come in a variety of looks, they will quickly become one of the go-to items in your toolbox.

Take a look at these video tutorials to get started using Elementor today:

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