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25+ Top Hotel Booking WordPress Themes (Reservation Websites 2020)


Whether you’re launching your hotel business or looking for a refresh, having a high-quality website can be make or break. These days, you don’t need to hire a designer or web developer to bring your website to life—instead, you can select a WordPress template from ThemeForest and easily edit it to make the site your own. It’s a budget-friendly option that doesn’t come at the cost of quality. 

Tips for Selecting Your WordPress Theme

1. Responsive, Responsive, Responsive

Staggeringly, up to 80% of hotel bookings are made on mobile devices so clearly, neglecting responsive design would be a very big mistake. Many themes are designed with this in mind, but make sure you check for responsive design before you invest. 

2. Don’t Underestimate Imagery!

The hotel industry is a competitive one. Of course, you want to wow users with your responsive design, but before they part with their money, they’re going to want to see what they’re paying for. 

Hotel and dog
Spot the pooch

Ensure you’re selecting a template with the option for image galleries or even video content. 

3. Let Them Book!

Once you’ve wowed them with your website design, make sure you provide a seamless user experience that enables them to book their stay! Selecting a WordPress template with a plugin for online booking, like Hotel Booking or Awebooking, is a hassle-free way for customers to select their chosen date and part with their funds. 

Best Selling Hotel Booking WordPress Themes 

Read on for the top 25+ hotel booking WordPress themes to take you into 2020 and beyond. 

1. KALLYAS - Creative eCommerce Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

With more than 43,000 sales, KALLYAS certainly is a popular theme with a lot of fans. It offers more than 70 demos so you can see how the site can be customized to suit various industries, and if you’re looking for a hotel reservation WordPress theme, the Hotel Spa demo is worth checking out. 

Compatible with the WP Hotel Booking plugin, users can scroll to see the rooms available before deciding whether or not to invest. 

KALLYAS - Creative eCommerce Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
KALLYAS - Creative eCommerce Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

2. Hotel + Bed and Breakfast Booking Calendar Theme | Bellevue

This theme is packed full of demos specifically for the hotel industry, so you can see how it could look based on the services you have to offer. For instance, there’s the Hotel Demo, Chalet, Apartments, and Guest House—plus many more. The booking system is front and center in this template which will help to provide a simple user experience, and in turn, reduce bounce rate. 

Hotel  Bed and Breakfast Booking Calendar Theme  Bellevue
Hotel + Bed and Breakfast Booking Calendar Theme | Bellevue

3. Soho Hotel Calendar

If sleek and sophisticated is what you’re after then this may well be the template for you. The easy to use booking system also takes center-stage, and even includes additional features like seasonal pricing, booking restrictions, and booking restrictions. With iCal, you can also sync your booking data with websites including Airbnb and booking.com to ensure you never overfill rooms. 

Soho Hotel Calendar
Soho Hotel Calendar

4. Hotel Master Booking WordPress

Created way back in 2015, this WordPress hotel management theme definitely has experience on its side. However, it’s updated regularly, with the latest update in December 2019. In its version 3 release, it also offers the iCal function, there’s the ability to block out rooms on specific dates, plus the transaction page has been redesigned in the backend. This is a template that screams luxury. 

Hotel Master Booking WordPress
Hotel Master Booking WordPress

5. Hotel Booking

A simple name, and a simple navigation to match. With at least 3 demos, you can see the versatility offered by the team behind this theme—the Chalet theme, for example, includes booking info right at the top along with full-width imagery. This one also comes with the Revolution slider so imagery pleasingly scrolls to show users what could be in store for them if they book!

Hotel Booking
Hotel Booking

6. Tejal - WordPress Hotel Booking Theme

Released in March 2019, this WordPress hotel listing theme is a relative newcomer to the block. However, it’s already managed to collect an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars so it must be doing something right! 

It’s highly visual and there’s the option of being able to overlay imagery on top of each other which gives the site a feeling of depth. It’s fully responsive too. 

Tejal - WordPress Hotel Booking Theme
Tejal - WordPress Hotel Booking Theme

7. City Hostel | A Travel & Hotel Booking WordPress Theme

If you run a hostel or other low-cost hotel then this could be a great option for you. With a bright color scheme, illustrated icons, and spaces to clearly show the price, this has a young feel and is geared towards delivering value. Of course, like most templates, it offers flexible typography and color schemes so you can edit these features as required. 

City Hostel  A Travel  Hotel Booking WordPress Theme
City Hostel | A Travel & Hotel Booking WordPress Theme

8. Luxe - Hotel WordPress Theme

At the other end of the spectrum is this hospitality WordPress theme designed with luxury and elegance in mind. It comes with more than 7 built-in sliders which add to the high-end feel of the site, as imagery reveals itself in an aesthetically-pleasing way as the user scrolls. To give the user a hint as to what to expect from the full hotel experience, this theme is capable of supporting YouTube and self-hosted videos in the background so you can go deeper than imagery alone. 

Luxe - Hotel WordPress Theme
Luxe - Hotel WordPress Theme

9. Hotel XENIA - Resort & Booking WordPress Theme

This online booking theme WordPress comes with 2 modern hotel demos—Xenia Resort and City Hotel. Like many of the templates, it’s translation ready so it can easily be translated to suit your market, plus it is compatible with the WPML plugin for multilingual sites. Overlapping imagery and text boxes give this a strong editorial feel, plus the option to add testimonials within a simple slider works well. 

Hotel XENIA - Resort  Booking WordPress Theme
Hotel XENIA - Resort & Booking WordPress Theme

10. Sunway - Hotel Booking WordPress Theme

You just have to jump onto the reviews to see why customers enjoy this template—design quality and customer support are regularly praised! The online booking system accepts payment through PayPal, 2Checkout, Stripe, and Beanstream/Bambora. This template allows for paragraphs of text on the homepage, perfect if you really want to tell the story of your hotel or resort, something that could be especially useful if you’re looking to be considered for honeymoons or other special occasions. 

Sunway - Hotel Booking WordPress Theme
Sunway - Hotel Booking WordPress Theme

11. Monalisa | Hotel & Resort WordPress Theme

The demo homepage shows how much is possible with this template—including blog capability, testimonials, integration with Google Maps, and of course, the essential online booking system. The developers behind Monalisa praise the platform for its high-speed performance, with a 96% PageSpeed score, plus it’s responsive and retina ready. 

Monalisa  Hotel  Resort WordPress Theme
Monalisa | Hotel & Resort WordPress Theme

12. Keter-WP Theme for Small Hotels, Guesthouses, Rooms for Rent and B&B

Starting small? This WordPress hotel booking theme is a good place to start! The hotel and rooms page template with a sliding panel is a strong feature and you can also introduce news and information in ‘sticky’ posts at the bottom of the page. 

Keter-WP Theme for Small Hotels Guesthouses Rooms for Rent and BB
Keter-WP Theme for Small Hotels, Guesthouses, Rooms for Rent and B&B

13. Travelz - WordPress Theme for Tour Agency

A great option if you’re running a tour agency, Travelz opts for the booking system right at the top followed by content blocks which enable potential customers to explore the available tours. Icons coupled with short lines of copy also help to quickly explain to visitors about key offerings. You can provide information about popular hotels in areas covered by the tour company. 

Travelz - WordPress Theme for Tour Agency
Travelz - WordPress Theme for Tour Agency

14. Solaz - An Elegant Hotel & Lodge WordPress Theme

Taking a step back towards the luxury, Solaz is another solid option for your hotel booking WordPress theme. It comes with at least 4 unique homepage layouts plus loads of other page demos for you to explore. You can also see exactly how this template will look on mobile, with a handy demo video to show off the simple user experience. There are also more than 16 predefined color schemes for you to try, or you can go your own way entirely as there are unlimited color options. 

Solaz - An Elegant Hotel  Lodge WordPress Theme
Solaz - An Elegant Hotel & Lodge WordPress Theme

15. Travel Booking WordPress Theme

With more than 7,000 sales, this is a popular contender on the list. Whether you’re setting up a tour, are looking for a WordPress hotel comparison theme, or have a single hotel to promote, there’s a demo to follow. The Single Hotel theme has a luxury feel but also includes the option for lots of fun sliders which help this template to stand out. The full-width header is eye-catching as imagery twists and turns when it comes into view. 

Travel Booking WordPress Theme
Travel Booking WordPress Theme

16. Moon - Responsive Hotel Booking WordPress Theme

Gutenberg optimized, this template will be super easy to navigate via drag and drop content blocks, meaning it’s a great option especially if you or your team and new to WordPress. There are 2 header options to choose form, 2 hotel landing pages, plus you can easily integrate email confirmations when a visitor books a hotel room. 

Moon - Responsive Hotel Booking WordPress Theme
Moon - Responsive Hotel Booking WordPress Theme

17. Mojado - Mobile Friendly Hotel WordPress Theme

Although the majority of WordPress developers now make responsive design a priority, the team behind Mojado even include it the template’s name! On the demo, you can click multiple device symbols, including tablet and mobile, to see how the theme adapts. 

This theme uses the Awebooking plugin which enables customers to easily setup any reservations with managing rooms, reservations, and price. Plus, the video header is a distinctive feature. 

Mojado - Mobile Friendly Hotel WordPress Theme
Mojado - Mobile Friendly Hotel WordPress Theme

18. Hillter - Responsive Hotel Booking for WordPress

Speaking of eye-catching headers, Hillter makes the most of animation in multiple sliders so new photography comes into focus in novel ways. The ability to incorporate testimonials onto hotel imagery is also a nice touch. 

There’s an image gallery that can be categorized according to particular areas in the hotel, i.e. if a user is most interested to see the bar or the restaurant, they can quickly navigate their way to the most relevant imagery. 

Hillter - Responsive Hotel Booking for WordPress
Hillter - Responsive Hotel Booking for WordPress

19. FiveStar - Hotel Booking Theme

With at least 6 demos to choose from, you can pick a template most relevant to your hotel niche and then edit it to make it distinctly your own. The Nature Resort demo, for example, is simple in terms of design but the template allows for imagery to be peppered throughout. 

FiveStar comes with more than 800 Google fonts, the option to style your mobile and desktop header differently, plus Contact Form 7—a plugin that enables people to get in touch. 

FiveStar - Hotel Booking Theme
FiveStar - Hotel Booking Theme

20. Milenia - Hotel & Booking WordPress Theme

Large image content blocks give you the opportunity to really sell your hotel facilities. Plus, the Hotel Booking Payment Requests extension enables owners of this template to send automatic payment reminders—it’s a great feature that saves time too. You can also customize email reminders to include specific personal information, another handy time-saving tactic. 

Milenia - Hotel  Booking WordPress Theme
Milenia - Hotel & Booking WordPress Theme

21. Hotel WordPress Theme | Sailing

This template strikes a great balance between imagery and copy—there’s plenty of space for photography, but also a small amount of copy to help provide wider context. It’s widely praised for its helpful customer support, plus has been built with SEO in mind to help give your site a greater chance to climb the Google search ranks. 

Hotel WordPress Theme  Sailing
Hotel WordPress Theme | Sailing

22. Calluna - Hotel & Resort WordPress Theme

Calluna has all the features you’d expect from a WordPress booking template, including a booking calendar, image gallery, plus testimonial functionality. It also offers 3 header styles, including the Transparent Overlay, Full Width, and Boxed, so you can decide which works best for your site. 

Calluna - Hotel  Resort WordPress Theme
Calluna - Hotel & Resort WordPress Theme

23. LordCros - Hotel Booking WordPress Theme

This theme does well to offer customers the option to pull out key hotel facilities on the homepage, i.e. the restaurant and spa. With each feature, you can add content blocks like imagery and copy, and you can then direct users to a separate child page to add further information. 

The theme was only introduced in 2019, but it’s already collected many five star reviews. 

LordCros - Hotel Booking WordPress Theme
LordCros - Hotel Booking WordPress Theme

24. Morrison Hotel - WordPress Booking Theme

Morrison Hotel is a room rent WordPress theme with a cool, chic feel—it’s simple and modern but subtle image sliders and low-key galleries to show the rooms available. 

It’s similar to LordCros in its use of separate content blocks to talk about important hotel facilities in greater detail. It’s also fully supported by PayPal. 

Morrison Hotel - WordPress Booking Theme
Morrison Hotel - WordPress Booking Theme

25. Lava - Luxury Hotel WordPress Theme

The tones used in this theme’s demo—black and gold—contribute to its luxurious appeal. It’s also optimized for speed, offers unlimited sidebars, plus a live customizer so you can make any site changes as you go. The subtle movement of the header color disappearing as you scroll is a nice touch. 

Lava - Luxury Hotel WordPress Theme
Lava - Luxury Hotel WordPress Theme

26. Iver - Modern Hotel Theme

This is a seriously cool theme and would work perfectly for a boutique, fashion-forward hotel. There are at least 6 homepages to choose from, but the Fullscreen Showcase, in particular, really stands out. 

Of course, with a site like this, you need to have the quality, high-res imagery to match as its success will depend on the selected photography. The navigation in the top right is small so as to not distract from the site’s overall look and feel. 

Iver - Modern Hotel Theme
Iver - Modern Hotel Theme

Time to Create!

Now you’ve explored some of my favorite hotel WordPress themes, it’s time for you to get creative! You can either select one of the templates mentioned in this post or head over to ThemeForest and choose between hundreds of hotel booking options. 

Do you have any other themes you think should have made the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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