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15 Best Website Cleanup and Maintenance Plugins for WordPress

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Do you want to take the headache out of cleaning and maintenance of your website so it can run quickly and efficiently? At CodeCanyon, you'll find plugins that will automate your website cleaning and maintenance processes.  

Why Should You Use a Website Cleanup and Maintenance Plugin?

As your WordPress website grows, so will your content, media files, and databases. You will also add more plugins to extend its capabilities. Along the way, some plugins become irrelevant, the database gets too big and disorganized, media gets duplicated or takes up too much space, links break, some content will need to be deleted, and so on. 

As a result, websites become bloated over time. Accumulated clutter leads to slow loading speeds, which in turn creates bad user experiences, high bounce rates, and loss of business to competitors. This clutter can also make managing the back end of your site difficult. 

For your website to function at optimum capacity, you need to do regular cleaning and maintenance. Otherwise, all the accumulated clutter will slow it down. Users of both desktop and mobile expect fast loading times. 

Growing your website should go hand in hand with its cleaning and maintenance. That's where a WordPress maintenance and cleanup plugin from CodeCanyon comes in.

WP Cleaner Pro
WP Cleaner Pro is an example of cleanup, maintenance and optimization plugins available on CodeCanyon

Best-Selling Cleaning and Maintenance Plugins on CodeCanyon

You can improve the performance of your website for a very affordable price with premium cleaning and maintenance plugins for WordPress from CodeCanyon. 

Topselling Cleaning and Maintenance Plugins on CodeCanyon

Here is how regular cleanup and maintenance of your website will benefit your business:

  • improve your website loading speed
  • increase page views and user engagement
  • satisfying user experience for visitors
  • reduce bounce rate
  • increase conversion rates 

Best Premium Cleaning and Maintenance Plugins on CodeCanyon

Let's look at some cleaning and maintenance tools available on CodeCanyon. I'll divide them according to the cleaning and maintenance functions they perform.

Premium Database Cleanup Plugins

Databases, if not regularly maintained, become cluttered with data that is not useful. Database cleanup can be done manually, but it's cumbersome. These plugins will save you the headache of manual cleanup. They delete unnecessary data and leave important files in place. 

WP Cleaner Pro

WP Cleaner Pro

Clean your WordPress database and make your website faster. WP Cleaner Pro cleans 26 types of orphaned and obsolete database data. In addition, it can optimize your databases. It can do all these tasks at once or in a scheduled event. The cleaning process is logged for later review. 

Crucially, WP Cleaner Pro also creates a backup of the WordPress database before changing anything.

The plugin is optimized for speed and has a clean, mobile-friendly admin dashboard with no back-end errors. Equipped with a friendly user interface, it's developed for WordPress single-site installations, not for multisite. 

Ultimate DB Manager

Ultimate DB ManagerUltimate DB ManagerUltimate DB Manager

Ultimate DB Manager allows you to quickly create a backup database. With the plugin, you can also clean your database, optimize it, and schedule your cleaning. This saves you a ton of time from having to go into phpMyAdmin and helps eliminate backup mistakes. You will absolutely save time and space with this database WordPress plugin.

  • database backup with selected tables
  • sort backup list (date/ database size)
  • database tables cleanup
  • schedule database tables clean up automatically

Smart Cleanup Tools

Smart Cleanup Tools

Smart Cleanup Tools helps you take control of junk weighing down your databases. Orphaned records, expired transient records, and other clutter be gone! 

This powerful WordPress database cleanup plugin is easy to use and has a total of 37 cleanup, reset, and removal tools. With this plugin, you can remove data that is no longer in use or is unneeded.

You can schedule cleanup jobs to run at any time. They can run once or repeatedly within selected periods. All cleanup reports can be exported and saved into files.

The plugin supports WordPress multisite. It also has a few tools designed for network admin that can help you reduce database overhead and speed up database operations.

Smart Cleanup Tools is capable of performing many tasks, some of which include:

  • remove WooCommerce sessions in options table 
  • remove orphaned terms records 
  • remove cached post meta records 
  • remove orphaned relationships records 
  • remove expired transient records (also in multisite mode)

Premium Shortcode and Broken Links Cleanup

Broken links contribute to a negative user experience and adversely affect your website's SEO ranking and credibility. But you can fix broken links by using plugins. 

SEO Cleaner

SEO Cleaner — WordPress Plugin for Site Clean Up

Over time, your WordPress site can accumulate clutter that could not only harm your site's performance but also make it less visible in search engines. SEO Cleaner makes it easy to remove things like unused meta tags, links, scripts and styles in your head section, redundant server response HTTP headers, and any extra features you don’t use. 

Video Link Checker

Video Link Checker

Videos are uploaded and removed or blocked frequently—either by the user or the site itself for usage or copyright violations. If this happens to videos you have embedded on your site, your visitors are going to see broken content instead of the video they expected.

Avoid showing broken video content to your visitors with Video Link Checker. The plugin runs in the background,  protecting your site by automatically validating videos on your site from top video sites like YouTube, VidCloud, VidLoad, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and many more.

It does this by extracting video URLs from each post and querying the video site APIs to ensure those videos are still valid. This is a must for any video site that wants to retain its visitors and not annoy them with broken content. 

Video Link Checker can also detect when a YouTube video is or becomes blocked in your target region(s) for whatever reason.

Premium Image Optimization Plugins

You can automatically compress your images and use small versions for your website. Image optimizer plugins compress images and reduce their sizes without noticeable loss of image quality. 

Automatic WebP and Image Compression

Automatic WebP & Image Compression for WordPress & WooCommerce

Automatic WebP and Image Compression uses the reSmush API to convert an unlimited number of images to WebP for free, even if your server does not support WebP conversion. It also compresses an unlimited number of images for free using the reSmush API. 

The compression is lossless, meaning it maintains the original quality of your images and delivers the images in the right format, resolution, dimensions, and size.

There is a built-in tool that allows you to select and compare different qualities, so you can know which quality suits you best.

If your browser does not support WebP images, the plugin will automatically serve the original JPEG or PNG images. Browsers that do not serve WebP include Safari and Internet Explorer.

This plugin also allows you to back up your images and restore them. 

Lana Image Optimizer 

Lana Image Optimizer

Making your images smaller helps your site load faster. Use the Lana Image Optimizer to convert the images in your media library into JPGs with smaller file sizes.

This WordPress image optimizer plugin comes with intuitive rich features that help save space. The plugin converts files from formats like PNG to JPEG. The plugin deletes the old files and also replaces the file name in the WordPress database.

Premium Website Speed Optimization Plugins

The code on your website can contain unnecessary comments, long identifiers, spaces, and other code that can affect loading speed. Website optimization can be achieved by compressing CSS and HTML to make the computer read your website code much faster. 

wphave Admin

wphave Adminwphave Adminwphave Admin

The default WordPress admin theme is pretty outdated. The wphave Admin plugin looks to fix that by offering a modern take on the admin panel. The plugin is highly customizable so you can create a unique WP admin area. Give your admin area an upgrade and enjoy using it!

  • unlimited color options
  • custom background color
  • white label for WordPress back end
  • white label branding for login



Increase your website loading speed by up to 300% using Lighthouse. This WordPress performance tuning plugin removes lots of default WordPress behavior such as injected code, native code, third-party actions, and filters. This kind of cleanup allows your website to load fast and error-free by helping the browser to cache requested content and enabling your caching plugins to work with 100% efficiency. 

Premium Content Cleanup and Maintenance Plugins

Kronos Automatic Post Expirator

Kronos Automatic Post Expirator Plugin for WordPress

Automatically delete WordPress posts using an auto deleter plugin. Kronos Automatic Post Expirator Plugin for WordPress uses a built-in wp-cron engine to automatically delete posts.

Using the Kronos Post Expirator plugin, you can easily  set expiration dates for both posts and pages, as well as applying expiration dates to custom post types.

The plugin's features include:

  • republish old posts
  • delete posts permanently or move them to trash
  • set old posts as draft or pending
  • reset publish date for old posts to the current time 
  • detailed plugin activity logging
  • scheduled cleanup running (using wp-cron)

WordPress Bulk Post Editor Professional

WPBE - WordPress Posts Bulk Editor Professional

For robust, flexible management and bulk editing of WordPress posts, pages, and custom post types, consider WordPress Bulk Post Editor Professional. It is equipped with a convenient WordPress post editor with rich HTML elements.

You can assign and limit the responsibilities of site editors based on their roles. Editors can do joint editing of posts without interfering with what the other is doing.

Before bulk editing of posts, you can filter all the product fields: title, content, status, categories, tags, meta fields, and custom taxonomies. 

Free Cleanup and Maintenance Plugins for WordPress

If premium plugins are beyond your budget at this moment or you want to try free plugins and see how they work for you, I have put together a few that caught my eye.


WP Optimize

WP-Optimize is an all-in-one WordPress performance plugin that cleans your database, compresses your images, and caches your site. The cache feature is built around the world’s fastest caching engine. This simple, popular, and highly effective tool has everything you need to keep your website fast and thoroughly optimized!


WP Sweep

This plugin takes the broom to all the trash in your database. It deletes spam, orphaned data, comments, and more. It also optimizes your databases. It uses proper WordPress delete functions as much as possible instead of running direct delete MySQL queries.



Clearfy optimizes your SEO and speeds up your website through the following operations: 

  • clear website code from trash
  • eliminate WordPress vulnerabilities
  • speed up search engine indexing
  • fix another plugin’s bugs
  • make your WordPress easier, more convenient, and faster

WP Bulk Delete

WP Bulk Delete

WP Bulk Delete helps in finding and mass deleting unnecessary data. It allows you to use powerful filters and conditions to delete posts, pages, comments, attachments, users, taxonomy terms, and meta fields in bulk. Use it to improve your website speed by reducing the database load.

Some Website Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Before embarking on WordPress version updates, cleaning, or maintenance, you should regularly back up your files. You want to recover data that you may accidentally delete. 

1. Update Your WordPress to the Latest Version

The WordPress core infrastructure is updated yearly. To avoid the hassle that comes with having old versions of the software, you need to update to the latest version of WordPress. This update is done manually on your dashboard with a single click. Also, WordPress performs regular security, maintenance, and bug fixes that are done automatically.

2. Get Rid of Themes and Plugins You No Longer Use

There's a plugin for everything. In fact, plugins extend the capabilities of your website immensely. But it doesn't mean you should have them all. Conduct an honest assessment of the plugins and themes you've downloaded. Deactivate and delete those you no longer use. 

3. Schedule Automatic Updates of Your Plugins and Themes

Update your themes and plugins. Simply go to the Themes and Plugins section on your WordPress dashboard and click Update Now. 

4. Clean Out Your Media

Old media files you no longer need or use, such as images from deleted posts or pages, bog down your website. You can delete them manually, but it's cumbersome to go through all your media files one by one. So a good media management plugin like FileBird or Real Media Library will make the process easy for you. 

5. Optimize Your Images

Without images, your content will look dull, and visitors won't stay long on your website. But images take up a lot of space. Your goal should be to have all files and images take up as little space as possible. Besides, smaller images load fast. Shrinking your images without losing quality is important. For this, I recommend automatic image optimization plugins like Automatic WebP and Image Compression for WordPress.

6. Remove Broken Links 

Links that lead to non-existent pages don't do you any favors. They make your website appear unreliable. If you want your content to instill trust in visitors, you will need to weed out links that no longer work. You can enlist SEO CleanerShortcode Cleaner, and Video Link Checker for this task. 

7. Clean Up Your Databases

Obsolete data is a big part of unnoticed clutter buildup in databases. With the help of database cleanup plugins like WP Cleaner Pro, you can have lean and useful databases. 

8. Content Review and Cleanup

Over time, content needs to be assessed. Delete content that is irrelevant and out of date, articles that are repetitive and need to be deleted, and so on.

Fix Your WordPress Site

The plugins mentioned in this video will absolutely help you make your site more efficient and fast. However, there are still other areas that you need to focus on to make the best website possible. Below is a list of resources that can help you tackle common WordPress problems. 

Make Your Website Efficient and Fast Now!

The behind-the-scenes operational health of your website is important. Regular cleanup, maintenance, and optimization will make your website run faster, improve your SEO rankings, and increase visitor engagement and conversion. 

Also make sure to let your clients know your website is under maintenance. These coming soon or maintenance mode plugins will do the trick.

Make your website fast and efficient Now

These additional resources will help you in cleaning and maintaining your WordPress website.

This post has been updated with contributions from Daniel Strongin. Daniel is a writer for Envato Tuts+, an avid electronic music producer, and the founder of an online store dedicated to melodic electronic music producers.

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