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15+ Best WooCommerce Membership Themes

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WooCommerce offers a quick and convenient way to launch an online store with WordPress. However, did you know you can use it to create a membership site or a store with content that’s behind a paywall? Specifically, you can accomplish this using the WooCommerce Memberships plugin. 

Today, we’re going to discuss why this plugin is a useful tool to have in your arsenal first of all, then discuss some of the features you should keep in mind when looking for a compatible WooCommerce membership theme. Then, finally, we’ll get to the meat and potatoes of this article -- the list of the best WooCommerce membership themes for WordPress currently on ThemeForest

Let’s get to it! 

Why You Should Consider Building a Site with the WooCommerce Memberships Plugin

The WooCommerce Memberships plugin is a fantastic way to sell memberships in WordPress. It quickly allows you to use the e-commerce foundations of WooCommerce to sell access to content, software, or services on your website. 

WooCommerce Membership pluginWooCommerce Membership pluginWooCommerce Membership plugin
WooCommerce Membership plugin

Most people have heard of paywalls, or content that must be paid for to access. And often, you see them in use on major publisher or newspaper websites. However, it might not be so apparent that you can employ the same feature on your WordPress site. Small publishers and general purveyors of information can put their content behind a paywall and require visitors to sign up for a membership to access. 

But it’s not just publishers that benefit here. Education sites are another popular example. Online courses can be sold via memberships or subscriptions, allowing visitors to gain access to audio, video, and downloadable files chock full of high-quality content. 

Really, any website that wishes to offer exclusive content can make use of the WooCommerce Membership plugin. 

Key Features of WooCommerce Membership Themes 

As you approach the search for a theme to use, let’s pause for a moment to discuss the key features you should be on the lookout for that set high-quality WooCommerce membership themes apart: 

  • Compatibility. The top thing to be on the lookout for is whether or not a theme is compatible with WooCommerce and its membership plugin. You should also be mindful of its compatibility with any other third-party plugins you plan on using. 

  • Landing page templates. A key part of setting up a membership site is having a solid landing page that encourages people to sign up. Ensure any theme you select includes a landing page template. 

  • Compelling calls-to-action. Similar to the above, you also need to ensure that the WooCommerce membership theme you pick includes a couple of calls-to-action as well. Buttons, boxes, and even CTAs that go in the header or footer are nice to have on hand. 

  • Plenty of layout options. Any theme you go with should have a healthy amount of layout options to choose from. This gives you flexibility and also allows you to display your membership offerings in the most user-friendly way. 

Best WooCommerce Membership Themes for WordPress 

Now it’s time to get to the part of the article you’ve been waiting for: our collection of the best WooCommerce membership themes currently available for WordPress. Let’s dive in. 

WooCommerce membership themesWooCommerce membership themesWooCommerce membership themes
WooCommerce Membership Themes on ThemeForest

1. Aardvark - Membership WordPress Theme

Aardvark membership themeAardvark membership themeAardvark membership theme

First on our list is the Aardvark WordPress theme. This WooCommerce membership theme offers an abundance of features for creating a variety of different types of sites from straight membership-driven sites and online education courses to online stores and communities.

It includes several pre-built demos, works with BuddyPress, and includes templates for landing pages, directories, and online courses. Lastly, it includes over 200 different customization options and tons of compatibility with plugins and page builders. 

2. Vayvo - Media Streaming and Membership Theme

Vayvo media streaming membership themeVayvo media streaming membership themeVayvo media streaming membership theme

Vayvo is another WooCommerce membership theme that could be customized to suit any industry but definitely brings specific features to the table. Specifically, this one is made for media streaming and membership sites. With it, you can place media content behind a paywall using a membership plugin of your choice.

A few features to be aware of include a drag-and-drop page builder, pay-per-post support, restricted content, a video player, a ratings system, a watchlist, search, and more. Plus, it has more typical features like unlimited colors, demo content, and a responsive layout. 

3. Cinematix - WooCommerce Membership Theme

Cinematix WooCommerce WordPress themeCinematix WooCommerce WordPress themeCinematix WooCommerce WordPress theme

And then there’s the Cinematix theme, which is still another way to create a WooCommerce site with membership features relatively easily. It comes with 40 different social pages, several homepage designs, a three-column layout option, unlimited colors, as well as integration with community plugins like BuddyPress and bbPress.

It’s also responsive and has compatibility with Elementor, Event Manager, and the WooCommerce Membership plugin. With solid community features like achievements, badges, notifications, and like buttons, Cinematix is a lovely choice for your membership site. 

4. Gwangi - PRO Multipurpose Membership Theme

Gwangi PRO multipurpose membership themeGwangi PRO multipurpose membership themeGwangi PRO multipurpose membership theme

Or you might want to opt for Gwangi, a true blue multipurpose theme that can be used for setting up a membership site. It offers unlimited site customization options, including control over colors, fonts, buttons, sections, and more. It also comes with five child themes with SEO-friendly code and WPML compatibility.

Custom widgets allow for even greater customization and you can even create a member directory, use global search, integrate an e-learning community, and even build member profiles. 

5. Cera - Community WooCommerce Theme for Membership

Cera Community membership themeCera Community membership themeCera Community membership theme

Another theme you might want to consider is Cera. This membership theme works seamlessly with WooCommerce and and allows for an unlimited number of customizations. It’s SEO-friendly, compatible with WPML, and includes custom widgets that make adding custom features a snap. It also has compatibility with BuddyPress and bbPress. 

6. KLEO - Multipurpose WooCommerce Membership Theme

KLEO Multipurpose membership themeKLEO Multipurpose membership themeKLEO Multipurpose membership theme

Or, perhaps KLEO is more your speed? This multipurpose WooCommerce theme offers a fantastic platform onto which you can build a membership site. It includes full demo content you can import with a single click, a child theme, and full integration with the Paid Memberships Pro plugin to streamline site setup.

You can also opt to create a one-page design, add unlimited sidebars, create custom menus, or even select from a multitude of blog designs. 

7. TianLock WP - Membership WordPress Theme

TianLock WP Membership WordPress themeTianLock WP Membership WordPress themeTianLock WP Membership WordPress theme

Still another great option is the TianLock WP WordPress theme. This one works with the Restrict Content Pro plugin, offering a convenient way to create a membership site with content restricted or set behind a paywall. It can be used for any number of site types from educational to magazines to industry niches.

It also supports a wide range of ad options and provides full WooCommerce integration, which really eases the burden of accepting payments and such. Additionally, TianLock WP includes 16 custom widgets, demo content, front-end submission support, and a child theme. 

8. CitiLights - Real Estate WordPress Theme for Memberships

CitiLights real estate membership themeCitiLights real estate membership themeCitiLights real estate membership theme

If you’re looking to create a real estate-focused membership site, the CitiLights theme is a standout choice. This responsive WordPress theme can serve as a property listing portal and even as an agency’s personal website.

It supports all sorts of membership exclusive features like front-end submissions, subscriptions, and more. It works with WooCommerce and includes maps integration, advanced search, and integration with popular real estate listing services. You can create your own exclusive real estate community with this one. 

9. Home Villas - WooCommerce Membership Theme 

Home Villas WooCommerce membership themeHome Villas WooCommerce membership themeHome Villas WooCommerce membership theme

Another option for real estate websites is the Home Villas theme. This one also works with WooCommerce and provides tons of features for setting up a real estate site with minimal effort. It’s jam-packed with 18 different designs as well as features specific to the real estate industry like a mortgage calculator, search filters, and map support.

With membership support, it’s easy to create an exclusive property listing directory with support for appointments, scheduling, reviews, and front-end submissions. It also supports paid listings, ad banners, and a variety of other features that could add to the exclusivity of a real estate directory.  

10. Yogi - Health and Beauty WordPress Theme for Memberships

Yogi Health and beauty membership themeYogi Health and beauty membership themeYogi Health and beauty membership theme

Now, if you’re intent on creating a health or wellness website, the Yogi theme is the perfect choice. Yes, it’s ideal for yoga inspired sites but in reality, it would work for any kind of spa, fitness, event, health, or even beauty website. It comes with four post types including class, trainer, event, and testimonial as well as support for a variety of widgets and shortcodes.

Thanks to integration with WooCommerce, it’s easy to sell memberships to your class (in-person or virtual) with online registration and payment forms. Additionally, this theme also includes a drag-and-drop page builder and Revolution Slider so building out your site’s design has never been easier. 

11. Catalog - Marketplace Membership WooCommerce Theme

Catalog Marketplace and membership themeCatalog Marketplace and membership themeCatalog Marketplace and membership theme

Or, perhaps the Catalog theme is more in line with what you’re looking for. This membership theme is a fantastic choice if you want to create a subscription or membership-based marketplace. With it, you can sell all kinds of merchandise, including websites or other digital goods. It has a directory style as well as custom membership pages that streamline the setup process.

The theme itself is built on Bootstrap and HTML5, offers a responsive design, and is compatible with most modern browsers. It also supports a wide range of customization options and includes profile pages, upload options, mega menus, dropdown menus, and more. 

12. PointFinder - Directory and Listing WooCommerce Theme

PointFinder directory and membership themePointFinder directory and membership themePointFinder directory and membership theme

If you’re looking for another directory option, the PointFinder WooCommerce theme allows you to set up listings and directories with ease. And within that, you can build a custom system for building a membership around.

It includes Google Map integration, geolocation, customizable points, AJAX features, a mail template system, and support for front end uploads. This makes it incredibly easy to create a membership website that provides access to location listings and the like. 

13. Chariti - Charity and Donation WooCommerce Membership Theme

Charity Charity and Donation WooCommerce themeCharity Charity and Donation WooCommerce themeCharity Charity and Donation WooCommerce theme

If you want to create a charitable endeavor online with membership signups, the Chariti theme is a stellar choice. It includes a full donation system built right in with a wide range of features of accepting new users. People who sign up can create profiles, view their donation history, manage a wish list, send email confirmations, and view a transaction receipt, all without having to leave your site. You can even configure social media logins and accept a variety of payment options thanks to convenient eCommerce integration.

This theme is built on the GoodLayers framework, which helps to streamline customization. It also includes the Revolution Slider and the LightGallery plugin. 

14. KALLYAS - Creative WooCommerce Multipurpose Theme

KALLYAS creative WooCommerce themeKALLYAS creative WooCommerce themeKALLYAS creative WooCommerce theme

Still another option is KALLYAS, a creative WooCommerce theme that is a bit more multipurpose in its approach without sacrificing the specificity of features. It’s built on Bootstrap and allows for live page building, one-click demo installation, and it has a responsive design so it’ll look great on any device.

This theme is optimized for SEO and includes multilingual support as well. It’s fully customizable with unlimited headers, colors, and homepages, and it includes 12 premade homepage designs for your convenience. It’s also fully WooCommerce compatible and includes support for pricing tables, portfolio layouts, holiday-specific headers, and the Revolution Slider. 

15. CBKit - Course and LMS WooCommerce WordPress Theme

CBKit Course and LMS WordPress themeCBKit Course and LMS WordPress themeCBKit Course and LMS WordPress theme

If you want to create an online learning space, a virtual classroom, or an exclusive course, the CBKit theme is an excellent choice. This LMS WooCommerce theme includes a course builder that makes it easy to create online classes with support for teachers and students.

The courses look fantastic, require no coding, and are configured to bring in the maximum number of new memberships as possible. With conversion optimization like this, your signups and memberships are bound to soar. 

16. Edukul - Online Course Theme for WooCommerce

Edukul Online Course WooCommerce ThemeEdukul Online Course WooCommerce ThemeEdukul Online Course WooCommerce Theme

Last on our list is the Edukul theme. This one is another education-focused theme that offers full WooCommerce integration as well as the LearnPress LMS plugin for making the process of creating online courses a snap.

With it, you can accept new students, including paid memberships and provide recurring access to a set of content or courses. Accept payments via popular methods like PayPal, Stripe, or credit card, support co-instructors, and allow students and teachers to create custom profiles. Plus, the theme is SEO optimized and fully editable via drag-and-drop.

Launch a New Site with a WooCommerce Membership Theme

Building a membership site is an exciting prospect that can generate a lot of revenue for you in the long run. But getting everything set up can be a chore. To take some of the headache out of the process, use one of the WooCommerce membership themes listed above. It’s bound to streamline your efforts considerably and provide a solid foundation on which your business can thrive. 

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