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15+ Best WordPress Themes for Tattoo Artists and Studios 2021 (Free & Premium)


With so many tattoo studios out there, it couldn’t be more important to establish an online presence that catches your customers’ attention. Thankfully, no matter your tattoo style, you’ll be able to find a tattoo WordPress theme that you can quickly and simply customize to make your own. 

Read on for our roundup of some of the best free and premium templates that will be set to put your art, or your tattoo studio, on the map. 

How to Create a Tattoo Artist and Studio Theme

These days, creating your own high-quality tattoo artist website doesn’t need to be a costly or time-consuming exercise. Just head to ThemeForest where you can scroll through a wide selection of WordPress templates designed with tattoo artists and studios in mind.

Once you’ve picked your favorite example, download it straight to your PC before getting creative with color schemes, content blocks, and many more features. 

Top 15+ Tattoo Shop Website Templates

Read on for our pick of not-to-be-missed tattoo website themes. 

1. Nelson - Barbershop Hairdresser & Tattoo Salon WordPress Theme

With demos designed specially for tattoo artists, as well as piercing studios, barbers, and hair salons, you can see just how many customization opportunities there are. 

The tattoo theme is slick, with a full-width slider header and loads of ways to jazz up your site, including videos, image galleries, testimonials, an online booking system, a blog, and a contact page. 

Nelson - Barbershop Hairdresser  Tattoo Salon WordPress Theme
Nelson - Barbershop Hairdresser & Tattoo Salon WordPress Theme

2. Tattoos - WordPress Theme

If you’re after a tattoo studio WordPress theme with plenty of space for copy to tell your story, then this is a good option for you. Still highly visual, you can easily include written detail about each tattoo artist, the wider team, as well as the services you offer. It’s mobile-friendly, comes with three homepage layouts, and is easy to customize. 

Tattoos - WordPress Theme
Tattoos - WordPress Theme

3. Barber - Hair, Tattoo & Beauty Salons WordPress Theme

This studio WordPress theme launched back in 2017, but is regularly updated to ensure its users don’t miss out on the latest features. And, it shows! With an average rating of 4.97 out of 5 stars, Barber has plenty of happy customers. 

Head to 06 Tattoo for the tattoo demo to be wowed by a highly visual site with great touches like icons to draw the eye to key services. It’s designed well, with one color accent visible throughout the site—of course, this color can be adapted based on your brand’s look and feel. 

Barber - Hair Tattoo  Beauty Salons WordPress Theme
Barber - Hair, Tattoo & Beauty Salons WordPress Theme

4. Tattoo - WordPress

You can’t get much more to the point than the apt name of this studio WordPress theme! But simplicity, done well, is what ‘Tattoo - WordPress’ should be known for. 

All of the six demos are beautifully designed—the first, for example, opts for dark imagery with an impressive video header, followed by eye-catching bios and a modern image gallery effortlessly showing the craftsmanship at the heart of the studio. 

Tattoo - WordPress
Tattoo - WordPress

5. Tattoo Studio - Responsive WordPress Theme

This WordPress theme tattoo couldn’t be simpler in terms of design, and opts for a collection of full-width imagery to tell the brand’s story. 

It also comes with unlimited skin colors, custom page templates, a contact form, and custom fullscreen Google Maps. As you’ll see from the demo, the navigation bar is unusual and effortlessly draws the user’s eye to relevant sections. 

Tattoo Studio - Responsive WordPress Theme
Tattoo Studio - Responsive WordPress Theme

6. Tristero - Tattoo WordPress Theme

If variety is the spice of life, then Tristero is piping hot. You can pick between light or dark demos—both giving a very different vibe. Once you’ve picked your aesthetic, you can then scroll through plenty of distinct home pages, each individual in style. 

If you want your work to do the talking, for example, you could pick Portfolio Metro which displays an impressive image gallery with space for photos of different sizes. This is also one of the Gutenberg-optimized tattoo website themes too, designed for extra simple customization. 

Tristero - Tattoo WordPress Theme
Tristero - Tattoo WordPress Theme

7. Revolver - Tattoo Studio and Barbershop Theme 

Another excellent tattoo studio WordPress theme, Revolver comes with six homepages, various slide animation types, and the shortcode to include features including a Twitter feed, team info, and a testimonial slider. 

The Tattoo Studio Home demo, for example, comes with enticing quotes across a full-width slider, rolling numbers to signify the salon’s experience, and imagery showcasing services and staff. 

Revolver - Tattoo Studio and Barbershop Theme
Revolver - Tattoo Studio and Barbershop Theme 

8. Salon | Barbershop & Tattoo Studio WordPress Theme

This tattoo WordPress theme is ultra-responsive, translation-ready, and eye-catching in design. Plus, it comes with an events management calendar and is compatible with that all-important WooCommerce plugin. 

Like the Tristero theme, it comes with a light and dark version so you pick whichever aesthetic suits your style. This one launched way back in 2015, but it’s regularly updated, with the latest in April this year.

Salon  Barbershop  Tattoo Studio WordPress Theme
Salon | Barbershop & Tattoo Studio WordPress Theme 

9. Dotwork - Tattoo Studio and Piercing Shop Theme

Hello full-width video header! Adding a video can create a dramatic effect while showing your current and future fans the quality of your tattoo designs. This highly customizable studio theme also comes armed with three homepages, and shortcode to include a blog, a pricing table, and social icons. 

The Vertical Showcase demo, for example, lets the imagery do the talking. This is the tattoo studio WordPress theme for you if you have lots of high-res brand collateral to tell the story of your services. 

Dotwork - Tattoo Studio and Piercing Shop Theme
Dotwork - Tattoo Studio and Piercing Shop Theme

10. Inkd. Tattoo Studio One-Page WordPress Theme

This tattoo WordPress theme opts to put the team front and center before moving onto the image gallery. The pricing table is also clear and easy to follow, perfect for those budget-conscious customers who want to see everything upfront. 

There’s also plenty of room for copy to accompany the selected imagery, perfect if you want to add deeper context to the tattoo artists, their work, or your studio’s story in general. 

Inkd Tattoo Studio One-Page WordPress Theme
Inkd. Tattoo Studio One-Page WordPress Theme

11. Ewo - Tattoo Studio WordPress

One of the newest tattoo shop website templates out there, Ewo launched in January this year and was last updated in April. It already deserves a place on the top 15+ tattoo website themes list for its effortless style and modern design. 

It’s clear to navigate, and the demo shows you what can be achieved with Ewo—users can easily find info about the artists, the services, prices, partner brands, and testimonials. 

Ewo - Tattoo Studio WordPress
Ewo - Tattoo Studio WordPress

12. Maori - Tattoo Studio WordPress Theme

How’s this for a dark and brooding tattoo studio WordPress theme? It’s fully responsive, WooCommerce compatible, and comes with a rich set of live customization options to enable you to make the site your own quickly and easily. 

It’s also built with SEO in mind to give you every opportunity to get as many eyes as possible on your studio WordPress theme. 

Maori - Tattoo Studio WordPress Theme
Maori - Tattoo Studio WordPress Theme

13. Hares - A Stylish WordPress Theme

Get ready for some killer numbers... 15 homepage demos, 12 pre-made inner pages, and an average rating of 4.93 out of five stars. 

Head to the Tattoo Parlour demo, for example, for yet another shining example of a tattoo studio WordPress theme—each of the sections are easy to navigate, from the steps a user needs to take to booking an appointment, to the beautifully-designed image and video gallery. Of course, like many of the tattoo shop website templates, these sections can be arranged and edited as required. 

Hares - A Stylish WordPress Theme
Hares - A Stylish WordPress Theme

14. TattooPress - A WordPress Theme for Ink Artists

If you prefer to keep things super simple, then pick the Interactive Links demo within TattooPress. This option means your user will be greeted with a concise homepage with links to relevant sections—in this case, artists, photos, videos, and merchandise. 

They’ve then opted to add the address, opening hours, small Instagram feed, newsletter sign-up, and social sign-up buttons. This could work well especially if you’re just starting out. 

TattooPress - A WordPress Theme for Ink Artists
TattooPress - A WordPress Theme for Ink Artists

15. Ancora | An Urban Tattoo Salon and Ink Shop WordPress Theme

This is another one of those tattoo shop website templates that just really sings! You can include content blocks to break up key info such as tattoo artists and services, and an image gallery showing recent works which can be filtered according to relevant categories. 

There’s also a good use of color accent throughout the template, which can be edited based on your taste. 

Ancora  An Urban Tattoo Salon and Ink Shop WordPress Theme
Ancora | An Urban Tattoo Salon and Ink Shop WordPress Theme

16. Tattoo Expert (Free WordPress Theme)

If you’re on the hunt for free WordPress themes for tattoo artists, then look no further! This one’s simple in design but comes with many of the features expected from a premium tattoo WordPress theme—from CTAs to being SEO-friendly and coming with plenty of customization options and interactivity. 

As you can see, it’s highly visual with plenty of space to upload your own imagery to show off your services. 

Tattoo Expert Free WordPress Theme
Tattoo Expert (Free WordPress Theme)

Free vs. Premium Tattoo Shop Website Templates

You’re certainly spoiled for choice when it comes to tattoo website themes! You can pick a theme based not only on its features, but also on its cost. Often, premium themes come with more features and customization opportunities, but free themes are also available. Take your pick of free WordPress themes for artists on wordpress.org—plus, check back regularly as free themes are updated regularly. 

Also be sure to check the Free WordPress themes on ThemeForest, which are updated every single month. Get notified of new free WordPress themes by signing up for the Envato Market newsletter.

Set up Your Tattoo Website Today!

As you can see, there’s a wide variety when it comes to coupon websites. To see the full selection, visit ThemeForest and pick your favorite. 

Are there any other tattoo website themes you think should make the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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