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11+ Best Festive Shopify & WooCommerce Website Themes for 2023

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Ho ho ho! Whether you live for the festive season or like to avoid it for as long as possible, you can't deny it's not many sleeps away... In fact, is that the faint sound of jingle bells I hear in the distance? Read on as I share some stand-out Shopify themes to help your business soar as high as Santa's sleigh this Christmas. 

Why Create a Christmas Shopify & WooCommerce Website?

If you're starting your digital commerce journey or already have a sales-focused site, never underestimate the importance of the festive website! Here are a few reasons for picking a Christmas web theme. 

  • Stay up-to-date: If you have a website designed specifically for holiday sales, you show your customers that you're moving with the times and keeping content and items fresh. 
  • Popularity: 47% of US sites and 42% of UK sites celebrate Christmas so you'll be in good company. 
  • Profit: Holiday shopping can account for up to 30% of retail sales, so shoppable festive sites can help you make the most of this sale potential. 
  • Ease: People are busy, especially in the lead-up to the most magical time of year! If they're doing their Christmas shopping online over an evening or two, a well-designed site can help to make their lives easier. 

How to Create a Festive Shopify & WooCommerce Website

It's easier than you may think to build a festive website! Follow these simple steps: 

  1. Select your favorite festive Shopify template. Peruse the templates listed below and check out ThemeForest for the full collection.
  2. Download the template straight to your PC.
  3. Customize the template with your own words and imagery. Many of the best festive Shopify festive templates are easy to edit layout-wise too. 
  4. Watch the sales come ro-ho-ho-lling in! 

Top 6 Festive Shopify Site Templates for Christmas 2022

Read on for some stand-out Christmas templates that are super simple to edit yours-elf (get it?). 

1. Plantmore - Flower Nursery Christmas Shopify Theme

This modern theme is perfect for plant or flower shops or gardening and landscape-related stores! Maybe you have new holiday stock to draw your customers' attention to, or perhaps you just want to spread that festive feeling! Either way, like many of the best Christmas Shopify templates, Plantmore is 100% responsive so it's optimized for every device. 12 unique homepages are also available, including two snow-filled Christmas options.

2. Lezada - Fully Customizable Multipurpose Shopify Theme

You can practically feel the chill in the air with this snowy festive Shopify theme! With animated snow tumbling from the top of the screen to the bottom, it's hard to keep your eyes away from this jolly site. With more than 225 home versions included within Lezada, you have plenty of options to choose from too. This template is designed for a wide variety of businesses, including sportswear, pet shops, shoe stores, and spas.  

3. Uniqlo - Minimal eCommerce Shopify Theme

If you prefer a more minimal take on the festive period, then Uniqlo is for you! With a full-width header and central call to action, the page is designed to secure sales. There are also eye-catching product-focused content blocks to hero Christmas collections. You can add features such as product countdowns, as well as the option for users to favorite items. 

4. Votto - The Single product Multipurpose Shopify Theme

It's hard to get much more Christmassy than the Votto Christmas demo! Be inspired by the template to see just how you could customize your site to celebrate this special time of year. Add video or imagery to the homepage and hero offers too. Check out the scrolling trending products content block, where you can display your most popular items including their prices and discounts. There's a handy testimonial section as well. 

5. Queen - Responsive Shopify Sections Theme

With video integration, the Queen festive Shopify theme can be a good option if you have quality brand assets or product videos you want to share with your customers. There's also a newsletter signup pop-up to help users sign up for regular content more easily. And last but not least, there's a super mega menu to organize product categories and aid user discovery. 

6. Minimal Shopify Theme - Airi

Get transported to a wintery wonderland with the Airi Shopify theme! Home Version 24 (Christmas) is the clean and clear demo layout you're looking for. With plenty of space for festive photography, this template will be Santa's little helper for securing sales. Products can be organized by categories including 'new arrival,' 'trending,' 'latest products,' and 'top sales.' Each product can feature a timer, price including any discount, plus a customer rating. 

Top 5 Festive WooCommerce Site Templates for Christmas 2022

Take a look at this cracking selection of festive WooCommerce templates! 

Upohar - Christmas WooCommerce WordPress Theme

With a full-size festive slider and call to action button, your Christmas website is already off to a good start. Scroll through the featured products, which users can quickly and easily add to cart for stress-free shopping. Check out the well-designed blog too, where you can increase the storytelling around your shops, products, or festive giveaways. This Christmas WooCommerce theme comes with four different header styles, so you can pick your favorite. 

2. Flone – Minimal WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Perfectly combining modern design elements with festive fun is the Flone WooCommerce theme. With 16+ homepages to choose from, you can find your perfect fit. The Christmas demo comes with eye-catching animated elements, such as when you hover over products. Head to the 'about' page for inspiration about how to highlight festive gifting offers. 

3. Cake Bakery – Pastry WP

If you're after festive sophistication, this WooCommerce cake WordPress theme should be the first thing on your gift list! Check out the subtly animated snowfall on the header too. Image overlays help to add to the luxurious feel, as well as asymmetric content blocks which work perfectly as pricing charts. Animated stats and well-designed iconography are also visually appealing. 

4. Revo - Multipurpose Elementor WooCommerce WordPress Theme (25+ Homepages & 5+Mobile Layouts) 

If you have a wide range of products available, Revo is a brilliant option. With a mega menu to categorize different products and many different-sized content blocks to hero specific products, it's perfect if you have a high inventory. Fashion shops, furniture stores, bookshops, gaming companies, and even multi-category commerce should check out the capabilities of this snazzy template. 

5. The Moon - Creative One Page Multi-Purpose Theme

If you're looking for a cute, whimsical, animated festive WordPress site, then look no further. The winter scenes combined with the subtle animation couldn't be more festive if they tried! Like many of the best festive web templates, this one comes with flexible column grids for easy editing and it's translation ready so it can be easily adapted into different languages. 

Tips for Festive Website Success

  • Stay on brand: Although many rules can go out of the window during the festive season, try to make sure your website template matches your identity. You can customize brand colors, logos, and photography. 
  • Remember your aims: Is your website there to raise awareness of your services? If so, try to find a site with Google Maps integration and/or a front and central 'contact us' block. If you're all about the products, then make sure you have a well-organized navigation and your products front and center!
  • Focus on sales: Ensure whichever festive template you choose is integrated with WooCommerce or Shopify so consumers can easily purchase your products or services and help boost that bottom line!

Over to You! 

I hope this Christmas round-up will help inspire the next stage of your e-commerce journey! Remember to check out ThemeForest for the full selection of festive WooCommerce or Shopify templates too. And for my final top tip, why not grab a minced pie and put on a few Christmas tunes while you're at it?

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