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Best Free Themes for WordPress Kids’ Websites

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WordPress is a popular CMS platform, so you can easily find all kinds of free and paid themes for your website. In this post, my focus will be on free themes available for WordPress kids’ websites.

Themes are the central component of any WordPress website. They play a very important role in determining the functionality and appearance of a website. A fresh WordPress installation does come with a few default themes installed. However, the right theme for you will depend on the type of website that you want to create.

It is obvious that the needs of a photography website are entirely different from a news website or an eCommerce store. Therefore, it is important for you to install the right theme on your website.

Kids’ Education Themes

Kids usually don’t like studying. Therefore, creating a theme which caters to the education of young children requires the developers to create a colorful and engaging design. The fonts have to be playful, the colors have to be bright, and you should ideally also have images of kids having fun all over the website.

Here are some free themes in the WordPress plugin directory that meet these criteria. They are all responsive and will look great on devices with different screen sizes.

Kids School

The Kids School theme is ideal for anyone who is looking for a color and cheerful theme centered around education.

Kids School ThemeKids School ThemeKids School Theme

This theme can be used on websites related to kindergarten, daycare facilities, or preschools, as well as arts and crafts classes. Some nice features of the theme include:

  1. support for left and right sidebars
  2. full-width and two-column layouts
  3. featured images
  4. widgets in the footer
  5. custom header, logo, and menu
  6. theme customization options

Kids Education Soul

The Kids Education Soul theme has been specifically designed for kids’ education websites. The colors and typography of the theme are child-friendly.

Kids Education SoulKids Education SoulKids Education Soul

You can use this theme to create websites for kindergartens, daycare centers, primary schools, and so on. Here are some nice features of this theme:

  1. support for featured images
  2. left and right sidebars on blog posts
  3. full-width and two-column layouts
  4. ability to make a post sticky
  5. custom background, menu, and logo
  6. translation-ready

EducateUp Kids

The EducateUp Kids theme looks the most playful of all three education themes in my opinion. The bright colors really liven up the website.

EducateUp KidsEducateUp KidsEducateUp Kids

Websites for child daycare, kindergarten, and primary schools will look great with this theme. Some interesting features of this theme are:

  1. plenty of customization options
  2. full-width website template
  3. left and right sidebars
  4. translation-ready
  5. custom background and featured images
  6. support for the LearnPress LMS plugin

Nursery Kindergarten

Looking to create a website for your kindergarten, playschool, nursery, daycare service, playhouse, or kids’ learning center? This Nursery Kindergarten theme will serve you well.

Nursery KindergartenNursery KindergartenNursery Kindergarten

Its user-friendly interface and available customization options mean that you can update the theme style without any coding skills. Prominently placed call-to-action buttons can help drive sales and engagement.

Here are some of its useful features:

  1. availability of block editor styles
  2. custom background and logo
  3. custom header and menu
  4. full-width and grid layouts
  5. left and right sidebars
  6. sticky post and footer widgets

Kids’ Toy Shop Themes

Kids love their toys. If you are in a business that manufactures and sells kids’ toys, it is imperative for you to have a website that showcases your products. As with other kids’ websites, you will have to go with a theme that has a colorful design with playful fonts and fun graphics.

Here are some free themes that you can use on your kids’ toy shop websites. You can download and install all of them from the WordPress theme directory.

Kid Toys Store

The Kid Toys Store theme uses bright colors and a fun-filled font to appeal to kids. You can use it to create a website that either sells toys or takes kids’ party orders.

Kid Toys StoreKid Toys StoreKid Toys Store

The theme also provides a blog section where you can post articles related to kids. Turning your website with this theme into a full-fledged eCommerce store just requires installation of WooCommerce.

Here are some of its useful features:

  1. support for block editor patterns and block editor styles
  2. support for BuddyPress and WooCommerce
  3. one-column, two-column, and four-column layouts
  4. RTL language support and translation-ready
  5. left and right sidebars
  6. sticky post and front-page posting

Kids Gift Shop

The Kids Gift Shop theme is ideal for websites which want to set up an online store to sell kids’ toys and games. You can basically sell all types of items related to kids, such as clothing items, games, toys, and so on.

Kids Gift ShopKids Gift ShopKids Gift Shop

The theme is SEO-friendly, fully customizable, responsive, and has a very fast page loading speed.

Here are some of its useful features:

  1. includes a testimonial section to show user reviews
  2. support for block editor styles
  3. custom background, colors, header, and logo
  4. featured images and sticky post
  5. full-width and two-column layouts
  6. support for left and right sidebar
  7. support for RTL languages and translation-ready

Kids Online Store

The Kids Online Store theme is great for websites that want to sell all kinds of items related to kids. This can include toys, books, learning kits, baby food formula, kids’ furniture renting, etc.

Kids Online StoreKids Online StoreKids Online Store

Here are some of its features that you will like:

  1. RTL language support and translation-ready
  2. one- and two-column blog layout
  3. left and right sidebars
  4. support for block editor styles and wide blocks
  5. featured images and sticky post
  6. eCommerce and footer widgets

More Assets Related to Kids’ Websites

Website themes are usually multi-purpose, and you can tweak their styling and content according to your own requirements. However, you might not be completely happy with the free themes available for you to use. In that case, you should give Envato Elements a try.

Enato Elements Kids WebsiteEnato Elements Kids WebsiteEnato Elements Kids Website

The website has over 600 WordPress themes, plugins, and template files related to kids’ websites. They will cover everything from a learning website to a shopping website, kids’ party planning website, and more.

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