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Forms are an essential part of almost every website. They are used for gathering information about users, login and registration, letting users provide feedback, and as a way for users to contact website administrators. Forms are also used for other purposes like booking events and hotel rooms or calculating costs for different items.

Basically, forms can be used anywhere you want to ask users for input and then process the input to receive or provide a service or additional information.

Your needs will vary greatly depending on your reasons for including a form in your website. For example, login and registration forms need to follow strict security standards and would use different input elements than a form which helps people calculate their calorie intake for the day.

There are a wide variety of professionally crafted JavaScript forms available on CodeCanyon. In this post, we will pick the ten best JavaScript form scripts, builders and frameworks from the large selection available to us in the marketplace.

JavaScript Form Frameworks

Smart Forms

The first item in our list, Smart Forms, is a responsive professional form framework which boasts a clean, consistent form UI.

Smart FormsSmart FormsSmart Forms

All form elements are built entirely with a combination of CSS3 and HTML5—instead of relying on images. The forms are based on a fluid 12-column grid and use jQuery and AJAX to add additional enhancements to the forms.

Here is a small list of its neat features:

  • support for Google reCAPTCHA
  • support for drag-and-drop file uploads
  • formatting for numbers and currencies
  • input validation for international phone numbers
  • export data in PDF, XLS, and CSV format
Smart FormsSmart FormsSmart Forms

Small Forms is a fantastic plugin with responsive design and cross-browser support. Each form has three styles: elegant, flat, and dark. And each style has seven different color schemes. The plugin also includes 40+ starter templates.

Forms Plus

Forms Plus is not simply a form plugin, but a fully featured form framework. It has a complete collection of working contact and e-commerce forms. You can use it to create all kinds of forms, no matter how simple or complicated.

Forms PlusForms PlusForms Plus

Take a look at some of its features:

  • includes date and time pickers, color pickers, sliders, CAPTCHA fields, and spinners
  • over 100 form templates and 40+ color schemes
  • 13 different form designs
  • server-side validation
  • store data in a database on the server

The list of features doesn't end here. You can check out the demo page to see everything else that the plugin offers.

Forms Plus datepicker widgetsForms Plus datepicker widgetsForms Plus datepicker widgets

Just play with hundreds of working forms created using Forms Plus on the demo page. You will almost certainly find a form that could be included directly in your website.

Web Form: Multi-Purpose HTML Form

As the name suggests, this item allows you to create multi-purpose HTML forms to integrate in your website. You can use the script to create contact, login, registration, or support ticket forms.

Multi-purpose HTML FormMulti-purpose HTML FormMulti-purpose HTML Form

Some of the useful features in the plugin are:

  • fully responsive and mobile-friendly design
  • jQuery and AJAX-based input validation
  • popup alerts for error messages
  • Google reCAPTCHA or maths-based CAPTCHA

The list of features does not end here. You should check out some of the forms included on the demo page to see all the features in action.

Web Forms contact page demoWeb Forms contact page demoWeb Forms contact page demo

Keep in mind that the plugin does not come with a full back-end. However, the plugin comes with all the back-end code you might need to start receiving the data, so integrating with your own back-end code should not be a problem. 

Special-Purpose Forms and Form Builders

Simple Price Calculator

Any website which sells some kind of product or service will benefit from the Simple Price Calculator plugin. You can use it to transform any of your HTML-based forms into a price calculator and give your customers an instant price quote or estimate.

Simple Price CalculatorSimple Price CalculatorSimple Price Calculator

Here are some of its features:

  • easy to set up
  • complete documentation and many working examples
  • support for multiplying values in different fields
  • email the total and other details to clients

The four examples in the online demo show four different forms to provide price quotes for a product, service, or food item. The form can be customized easily with CSS in order to make it blend in with the rest of your content.

It has received five-star reviews from almost every buyer, so you can rest assured that the plugin is fantastic.

Easy Contact Form

This plugin is meant to specifically create contact forms, and it does that very well. There is even a simple CAPTCHA included in the form plugin to keep spammers away.

Easy Contact FormEasy Contact FormEasy Contact Form

The minimalist design makes the form very attractive and also gives you the chance to add your own CSS to easily adapt the look and feel of the form to the theme of your website.

It also comes with a useful set of features:

  • live validation without page reload
  • server-side validation for users who have disabled JavaScript
  • fully responsive and easy to integrate into your theme
  • animated error and submission messages

The plugin relies on PHP GD to create the CAPTCHA, so make sure it is enabled on your server. Try filling in some invalid data in the online demo to see how the form handles validation.

Galaxy: Login and Register Page Template

You can use this plugin to create truly unique forms for login, registration, filling out one-time passwords, or resetting passwords.

Login and Register Page TemplateLogin and Register Page TemplateLogin and Register Page Template

The plugin is based on the Bootstrap framework and uses the Particle.js library to add subtle particle animation effects on the form pages.

Here are some of its features:

  • based on Bootstrap 4
  • responsive and mobile-friendly design
  • use of Google fonts and Material Design icons
  • social login options

This plugin lacks a back-end so you will have to add the functionality yourself. The demo page has links to a variety of login and registration forms created using this plugin.

Ajax Contact Form

Are you already using a framework like Bootstrap, Semantic UI, or Bulma on your website?

If you are, then the Ajax Contact form will serve you well. It is fully responsive and takes advantage of the features in existing frameworks to make it even more powerful and useful.

AJAX Contact FormAJAX Contact FormAJAX Contact Form

Any forms that you create will blend seamlessly with the rest of the website because they will be built on the same framework.

Here are a few of its useful features:

  • use of AJAX to prevent page reloads
  • easily integrate into an HTML, PHP, or WordPress website
  • maths-based anti-spam solution
  • error messages for incorrect or incomplete forms
  • save results to a back-end database

The plugin offers separate, ready-to-use form template for each of the supported frameworks. Check them out on the live demo page. You can also configure an included back-end to save the information collected through the forms in a database.

Multi-Step Forms and Form Builders

jQuery Step Wizard With Step Form Builder

This jQuery-based builder for step-by-step forms comes with a wizard that can be used to create multi-step forms very easily. You won't have to write any code yourself! The wizard allows you to insert all kinds of input elements into your forms, including text inputs, files, checkboxes, and dates.

jQuery Step Wizard with Step Form BuilderjQuery Step Wizard with Step Form BuilderjQuery Step Wizard with Step Form Builder

Some interesting features of this plugin are:

  • 21 different styles to create your own unique design
  • 8 different animation effects
  • cross-browser compatibility and responsive design

The plugin is actually incredible if you want to create step-by-step forms for your website. There are a lot of options included to customize almost everything and make your form truly unique.

jQuery Step Wizard ExamplejQuery Step Wizard ExamplejQuery Step Wizard Example

Just experiment with creating some forms in the online demo and you will see what I mean.

Multistep: jQuery Enquiry Form

Multistep: jQuery Enquiry Form is yet another script which allows you to create amazing multi-step forms for all kinds of scenarios, like user registration, payments, and booking hotel rooms.

Multistep jQuery Enquiry FormMultistep jQuery Enquiry FormMultistep jQuery Enquiry Form

The demo page includes a quick start guide, so you won't have any trouble integrating the forms into your own website. And, you can easily customize the behavior of the plugin using callback functions.

Here are some of its unique features:

  • unlimited steps in each form
  • fully responsive and easily customizable
  • based on the Bootstrap framework
  • SCSS files are included for easy customization

The plugin provides validation of form input and won't allow users to go to the next step without filling out all the required fields in their correct format. This makes sure that any data you get in submitted forms is actually complete and fully valid.

Multistep Form exampleMultistep Form exampleMultistep Form example

Take a look at the five different example forms included with the plugin, and you will notice that each of them has a different style and highlights a unique feature of the plugin.

... And One Helpful Tool

Password Generator Script

This plugin is a bit different than the others. It lets you create a form that can be used to generate passwords. Basically, it can act like a password generator tool for your website visitors.

Password Generator ScriptPassword Generator ScriptPassword Generator Script

You can either use it separately or in combination with other forms to give your users the option to generate strong passwords.

Here are its features:

  • responsive, user-friendly design
  • adjustable password strength
  • add numbers and symbols to passwords

Try generating some passwords using the demo and see if you like its functionality.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we tried out some of the best JavaScript form scripts, frameworks and builders available in CodeCanyon. Some of them, like Smart Forms and Forms Plus, are complete frameworks that can be used to build all kinds of forms: bookings, registration, contact forms, etc. Others simply focus on creating a specific type of form, like a contact form or a simple price calculator, so you have to do minimal work after purchasing them. Just go through their description page and look at some of the demos to see which one you like the most.

If none of the items listed here suit your needs, there are hundreds of other scripts and plugins on CodeCanyon. These make it really easy to create professional-looking forms in a matter of minutes.

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