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Bower is a package manager (which helps organize your front-end development). This is a rapid fire explanation of how you use it, in 60 seconds!

Bower, Briefly

Let's say you're building a website and you're using jQuery plugins, CSS frameworks. or libraries. Managing all these by hand can be really painful at times. So, instead, you can use Bower; a widely used package manager. 

First you need to search Bower’s library to find the package you want. Then you need to install that package. By default the files are downloaded into “bower_components” folder.

Need to update a package to the latest version? Simply use bower update. You can also define your packages in a “bower.json file”. Here you can list all the packages you want to use in your project and also their dependencies. Once you’ve done this type bower install in the terminal and Bower will read the JSON file and download everything. 

Lastly, you need to reference those files in your HTML documents.

Useful References

Learn more about Bower on Tuts+.

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