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2.1 Working With Projects, Files, and Pages in Figma

Welcome back to the course. In this quick Figma tutorial, you’ll learn how to organize your design files by using projects and pages. Let’s begin.

2.1 Working With Projects, Files, and Pages in Figma

Welcome back to the course. In this lesson, you're going to learn how to organize your design files by using projects and pages, so let's begin. We are at the starting screen in Figma. And in the previous lesson, we actually stopped at this screen here. Well, this is a file that's being opened. And to get to the previous screen that I showed you, to get to see all your files, you can simply go to this menu button here and click Back to Files, and that's gonna take you to this screen. Now, there are a few ways to organize your design work in Figma, and the very first one is projects. So as you can see, under our Tuts+ Design team, we have a First Project. And inside this project, I can create files. So Untitled here is an example of a file, and I can double-click to open that file. I can click here to rename it, slet's say, for example, File 1. And if I want to create a new file, I can simply go Back to Files and create one there, or I can go to File > New. Let's do this, let's select First Project, and right here, New File. Click, and now I have File 2. And as you can see, these are both organized under First Project. Now if I want to create a new project, I can go to my Tuts+ Design team. And here, we can actually see all the projects inside or that belong to my team. And at the very top, I can select New Project. I can give it a name, here I can set my permissions. So all the members at Tuts+ Design can either edit, view, or I can choose individual access for my members. So I'm gonna select Create Project, and now inside my Second Project, I can create new files. And I can call this File 1, and then File 2, and it just goes on and on. So now all my files are neatly organized into First Project and Second Project, pretty cool. Now inside a file, you can create multiple pages. So let's say that File 2 is a website design, and my pages could be named something like this, Wireframe, Design, and maybe Playground for exploring new ideas. And then in each of these pages, I can have different content. Or something else I could do, let's actually open File 1. I could have maybe an app design here. And the first page would be Screen 1, and then I can have a page for Screen 2, Screen 3, and so on and so forth. So there are a lot of ways you can organize your design files. And how you name these pages, these projects, and these files is really up to you. Now, you can also create multiple teams inside Figma. So my team name is Tuts+ Design, but I can create a new one. And I can call it Mobile App Design, or just Mobile App or Mobile Apps. And I can create that team, and then I can add my collaborators. And here, I'm gonna choose Starter for my team. So now as you can see, I have the team Tuts+ Design, and Mobile Apps. And I can also go in here and rename my team, let's call this Websites, right? So I can have a team for creating websites, and I can have a team for creating mobile apps. So with Figma, it's really easy to separate your various projects based on who's working on them. Just keep in mind that when you need a high number of collaborators or teammates having access to these projects, the free plan will not work for you anymore. You will have to upgrade to either the professional or the organization plans I showed you earlier. All right, so now that you know how to organize your project files, let's move on and learn about the Figma UI or user interface. And that's coming up in the next lesson.

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