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2.2 Adding a New Course in Moodle

Welcome back to the course. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to create a new course in Moodle. Let’s begin.

2.2 Adding a New Course in Moodle

Welcome back. In this lesson, you're gonna learn how to create a new course with Moodle. So let's begin. Now before we create our first course, there is a quick note I want to make. To get started with Moodle, you would go to its official website which is this one and you will go to downloads. Here, you would get the latest release of the software, which at the time of this recording is 3.9.1. Now to install the software, you will need a web server with PHP and a database. In fact, if you've worked with WordPress before, and you installed WordPress manually, you know the procedure, it's very much alike. Now by doing this, you can make sure that your courses will be published on your own domain, on your own server. However, if you don't have experience with this, you can choose a service that's called MoodleCloud. This basically offers hosting for your courses, but, of course, that comes at a price. And that price Is different depending on the plan that you choose. So if you have a single class, then you can go with the starter plan. Otherwise you can choose from one of these classes and you'll see that these plans have different limitations. So for example, on the starter plan, you have a maximum of 50 users, while on the medium, you have 500. So it really depends on your purpose and how many courses you want to publish with this. However, please note that with MoodleCloud, you cannot install third party plugins and themes. If you want to do that, then you need to go with a standard Moodle installation on your own service. But because the software is pretty much the same, for this demo, I'm gonna choose to work with MoodleCloud. And because we have a 45 day free trial, well, we can go with that. So click Select there. And if you don't have an account, click this button to create a new one. I already have one so I'm gonna hit login. And once you do that, you're gonna land on a page that looks roughly like this, where you'll probably see an available course that's called introduction to Moodle. This is one of their default courses. And its purpose is to guide you through the creation of a new course, and also a little bit of information to get you going with this platform. Now this lesson is about creating a new course. So once you're signed into your Moodle Cloud website, you can go to site administration, courses, add a new course right here. So this is gonna ask for the full name of the course. Let's say, Testing Moodle. This is a short name. This will be displayed in the navigation. So I'm gonna say TM for testing Moodle, but you can obviously name this whatever you want. And here you can basically choose the course category, the visibility, so is it hidden or is it shown? By default it's recommended that you choose hide because while you're still working on the course, it should not be visible. Here, you can set the course summary. And here, you can set the course image, and you can upload a file that's gonna serve as kind of a cover image for that particular course. Then you have some additional options like the course format. You have four different formats you can choose from, single activity, social format, that's mainly a forum, topics format, or weekly formats. So you can have the course separated into week one, week two, week three, and so on. I'm gonna choose topics here. How many sections do you want in the course? You can also add more sections later if you want. Then under appearance, you can choose how many announcements to display. You can choose whether or not to show the gradebook. A lot of different options here. You can go through all of these, and once you're done, you just hit save and display. So that opens up the screen for the actual course, as you can see here, Testing Moodle. And right here in this navigation drawer, this is what it's called, and you can also hide and show this by clicking this button on this particular theme. You can find TM, this is the short course name, this is where it's being displayed. And once you're inside, you'll get access to everything related to the course, like the course participants, the badges, the grades, and also the topics. So remember we chose a topic format for our courses as well. These are the topics. And if you want to change these, you would hit this little button that says, turn editing on and that will allow you to change the name of the topics. It will allow you to add various activities, resources, but we'll talk more about those in a future lesson. But for now, this is how you create a new course on Moodle. If we go back to our homepage, you can see that we now have a new course, Testing Moodle, the new one that we just created. So to sum it up, to create a new course, go to site administration, courses, add a new course. All right, and with that your first course is created. The next step is to add some learning materials for your students. We'll do that in the next lesson. So I'll see you there.

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