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FREELessons: 17Length: 1.6 hours
Open Assignment Available
There's a hands-on Open Assignment associated with this course. Practice everything you've learned in the course, ask questions, and post your designs in the comments section.

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Wireframing With Sketch



Wireframing is something every web designer should do before starting a new project. Whether it’s for a website or a web application, a wireframe allows you to create the proper structure for it in an efficient manner.

In this course you’ll learn what wireframing is all about and then build your own kit using Sketch.

Sketch is an amazing application for digital design, learn everything you need to get started in our course Up and Running With Sketch. Up to speed with Sketch? Learn how to use Craft, a plugin for Sketch, and accelerate your workflow by creating rapidly with real-world content in our course Craft: Designing With Real-World Data.