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Designing for Business Goals in 60 Seconds

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This post is part of a series called 60 Second Video Tutorials.
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For business websites, the goal is getting visitors to take action. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to design for business goals in sixty seconds!

Six Pointers

How do we, as designers, get website visitors to take action? Let’s look at six pointers:

  1. Begin by asking your client what action they want site visitors to take. It could be requesting a quote, filling in a form or downloading an app, for example.
  2. Now decide on your “call to action”, like buttons or links reading “Download App”.
  3. Add your call to action above the fold, so visitors see it clearly as soon as they arrive. If there’s a product or service illustration, be sure to include it.
  4. Add some clear, easily read supporting reasoning to convince people to take action.
  5. Make any extra elements smaller and less prominent than what you’ve already added to the page.
  6. When setting colors make sure that you use the business or product’s color scheme, and add anything else, like extra information, below the fold.

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