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Figma Object Selection Tips

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This post is part of a series called Figma Tips and Tricks.
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Welcome to this, the second post in our series of Figma tips. In this video we’ll be covering three tips to do with object selection, so let’s get started!

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1. Select All Objects With the Same Characteristics

Figma lets you select a whole bunch of objects with the same characteristics. One of the most useful ways I’ve found to use this is selecting all text objects with the same font, then changing the font for all of them.

For example, I’d select a heading like this:

select same font in Figmaselect same font in Figmaselect same font in Figma

Then I’d go to the Main menu > Edit > Select all with same font. All headings with the same font settings would be selected, after which I could change those settings throughout the document in one go.

This works equally well with other characteristics too. For example, to change the fill color across all kinds of objects (shapes, text etc.) I’d go to Main menu > Edit > Select all with same fill, then change the fill in the properties panel.

select objects with same fill in Figmaselect objects with same fill in Figmaselect objects with same fill in Figma

2. Quickly Select a Sibling Layer

This is a really quick tip: hitting TAB will select the next sibling layer (SHIFT + TAB will select the previous).

3. Enter/Exit Groups and Frames

This is another simple tip: we’ve just covered traversing within a group or layer, but to navigate down into nested groups, hit ENTER. To navigate back up, hit SHIFT + ENTER.

navigating down into nested groups in Figmanavigating down into nested groups in Figmanavigating down into nested groups in Figma

Figma Learning Resources

Stay tuned for more tips, and to learn how to use Figma like a pro take a look at our series of courses:

The UI kit used in this tutorial is fully compatible with Figma and available from Envato Elements:

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