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How to Change Multiple Colors at the Same Time in Figma

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In this Figma quick tip you’ll learn how to change multiple colors at the same time. This is such a huge timesaver and it’s actually one of my favorite features in Figma, so let’s take a look!

Simultaneously Change Multiple Colors in Figma

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Select Objects

Let’s start off by imagining you have a bunch of rectangles on the artboard, like this:

rectangles in figmarectangles in figmarectangles in figma

You might want to change all the gray rectangles so their color matches the blue ones. You could copy and paste the color value by first selecting the blue, then selecting the other objects of course, but Figma has a useful trick up its sleeve.

Selection Colors

Select all the objects you need (all the rectangles) and you’ll see the colors all displayed in the the Selection Colors panel to the right:

Selection Colors panel Selection Colors panel Selection Colors panel

Now you can copy the blue value, paste it into the gray value, and all the gray objects will become blue. Amazing!

Big deal, you might be thinking! But these rectangles are a really simple example; imagine you have a complex UI with loads of colors, like this:

Medical Mobile UI Kit Design UI kit in FigmaMedical Mobile UI Kit Design UI kit in FigmaMedical Mobile UI Kit Design UI kit in Figma
From Medical Mobile UI Kit Design

In the mere blink of an eye, all the #384DFE blue objects can be switched to a teal green (or whatever):

all objects now greenall objects now greenall objects now green

Selecting Objects by Color

By clicking the icon to the right of the color picker you can select all the objects of that color in one go.

Selecting Objects by ColorSelecting Objects by ColorSelecting Objects by Color

Save Time With Figma Quick Tips

This quick tip is just one of many time-saving tricks which will help you design more efficiently. Check out these other tips and let us know if you have others of your own! 

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