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How to Install Your New Webflow Template

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Webflow is a website builder with some pretty powerful engineering under its hood. It allows users to build and manage their own websites, without having to understand how to code, thanks to some very capable visual tools. The Webflow platform is also open to templates from third parties, and in this quick tutorial I’ll explain how to install one you’ve purchased.

Webflow Templates on Envato Market

The Webflow category on Envato Market is new and growing; currently offering 24 templates ranging from $18 to $20–go take a peek!

Webflow templates on Envato MarketWebflow templates on Envato MarketWebflow templates on Envato Market
Webflow templates on Envato Market

Getting Into the Flow

If you haven’t already signed up for Webflow head over to and enter your details to kick off an account. Your first project is completely free; paid plans begin if you need custom domain hosting or premium features.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be prompted to start a project, but before you do so you’ll need to make your newly purchased template available from within Webflow. 

Important: once you’ve started a project and assigned a template, you can’t change it!

Redeeming Your Theme

There are a couple of routes in at this point; if you open your purchased theme directly in the browser it will likely prompt you to click a link:

At this point you’ll be taken to Webflow and shown the way:

Alternatively, you might already be logged in and working within Webflow, in which case you can go to Account > Settings > Purchases to reach the same point.

You’ll need two pieces of information:

  1. Your Webflow redemption code: included with your downloaded files, possibly in the documentation. If not, contact the author.
  2. Your Envato Market (Themeforest) purchase code: available on your Themeforest downloads page.
your Themeforest downloadsyour Themeforest downloadsyour Themeforest downloads
Purchase codes, available through your Themeforest downloads

With those two details filled in, you’ll be able to redeem your template:

Using Your Brand New Template

To kick off a project, you’ll need to do so from within the Purchases tab where you’ve just entered the codes. Your template won’t be available via the “normal” Create a New Website process.

I’m using the MAGIC template for this example

Your new project has started, using your new template, and you’ll be presented with the whole thing in Webflow’s designer tool interface. To change the name of your project, or any other details, go to Site Settings under the main hamburger menu. 


Take a look at the following popular templates available on Envato Market!


Evnt Webflow TemplateEvnt Webflow TemplateEvnt Webflow Template
Evnt Webflow Template by Coffeecream


Hedone - Creative Webflow TemplateHedone - Creative Webflow TemplateHedone - Creative Webflow Template
Hedone - Creative Webflow Template by IG_design


Hive - Restaurant & Cafe Webflow Template by medium_rare


Canna  Multiuse Webflow Template With Page BuilderCanna  Multiuse Webflow Template With Page BuilderCanna  Multiuse Webflow Template With Page Builder
Canna | Multiuse Webflow Template With Page Builder by DeoThemes


Jackson - Professional vCard Webflow TemplateJackson - Professional vCard Webflow TemplateJackson - Professional vCard Webflow Template
Jackson - Professional vCard Webflow Template by webisir

Wrapping Up

From choice inspiration, to installation, that should help you get started with your new Webflow template!

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