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Quick Tip: How to Get Free Logos for Your Envato Market Previews

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In this quick tip we’ll take a look at a couple of resources which you can use when you’re looking for assets to include in your Envato Market files.

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When you’re selling graphics files or themes on Envato Market you’ll want what you’re offering to look its best. Licensing can be difficult however, so it’s important to be sure you’re not violating use of anything you include.

  • For previews of items on sale it’s necessary to have a commercial license for anything on show.
  • For the download files of the items themselves, you need to have correct permissions for reselling.
  • You can use watermarked Envato Market assets in your item previews, if you give the other author credit.

For the sake of being sure, let’s take a look at two resources where the logos you can download come with the correct licensing:

This website has loads of graphic files, all of which come with a free commercial license. The logos you find here are therefore perfectly fine to use within your Envato Market items.

This website is equally large in its range of offering, and again, the licensing is all appropriate for you to use within your Envato Market items for sale.

When quality is a factor, you will likely fare better with a purchased asset. GraphicRiver has over 50,000 logo items for sale, all of which can be purchased with the appropriate license.



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