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13 Best Restaurant WordPress Plugins

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With the evolution of online shopping, an increasing number of shoppers are buying food and groceries online. To make a restaurant website to stand out, you need the right plugins.

In this tutorial, I'll review some of the premium best restaurant plugins on CodeCanyon, and some great free plugins you can start with today.

WordPress Plugins for Restaurant Websites

WordPress restaurant plugins are a great way to add to the functionality of any restaurant, bar, café or takeaway business website. And Envato's CodeCanyon offers an array of food plugins for WordPress.

As a restaurant owner, having a website is the best way to encourage customers to your establishment. In this digital age, many diners order meals from restaurant websites, and an even larger number look up restaurant locations from their devices.

Other than having quality pictures and breathtaking design, the website should also make it possible for customers to:

  • view the menu
  • find directions to the restaurant
  • see opening hours 
  • make reservations
  • order meals from the website
  • review the restaurant

In this post, I'll review some of the best free and paid plugins in the following categories:

  • menu plugins
  • reservation plugins
  • map plugins
  • event calendar plugins
  • delivery plugins
  • page builders
  • marketing plugins

1. WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress


In order to have a fully responsive website without too much time invested, you'll need a page builder that makes the process quick and easy.

Page builders help everyone create websites, even when if don't possess any programming experience. WPBakery is the ultimate page builder that allows you to get a restaurant website running in no time.

It'll save you not only time but also the cost of hiring a developer to build the site. It contains unlimited design options to create stunning and beautiful pages with a simple drag-and-drop method.

Works With Any WordPress Theme

WPBakery is compatible with any theme, allowing you to design or redesign any site without being tied to page builders that restrict you to specific themes.

Front-End and Back-End Editors

WPBakery comes with both back-end and front-end editors, so you can choose whichever editor you are comfortable with.

Fully Responsive

WPBakery Page Builder is fully responsive, so that you can create beautiful sites that work on all devices. This eliminates the hassle of having to create different sites for different devices. 

2. Accura FoodMenu WP

Accura FoodMenu WP—Modern Restaurant Food Menu
Accura FoodMenu WP—Modern Restaurant Food Menu

This is a flexible WordPress restaurant menu plugin that enables the addition of multiple food and drinks to create a menu for a restaurant, café or bar.

Get going with one of over 50 ready-to-use menu styles and create unlimited menus across different locations.

A shortcode generator and a stylesheet generator help you manipulate the look and feel of menus.

Choose from a simple menu, a table menu, modern or special with tag, toggle and accordion menu systems.

Using this plug-in, create menu items in particular Meal/Dish types and separate menus into lunch, Dinner, Drinks and more.

  • Create unlimited menu for each location
  • Using Short code Generator you can easily manipulate the  short code
  • Menu Item Re order and Meal/Dish Type Re order
  • Table Based Menu. ( mainly used in Wine List and Beer List, Salon Menu, Beauty )
  • CSS well documented, so you can customize the design yourself
  • All menus are Responsive to be compatible with tablets and mobile
  • Create Unlimited menus and menu items
  • Add a photo and price for each menu item
  • Menu sections can include guidance, such as “All entrees come with a side salad or fries”
  • Add a footer to each meal or dish type  for legal disclaimers or other notes
  • Use the widget to display your menu in a sidebar

3. FoodBook—Online Food Ordering and Delivery System

FoodBook Multibranch Add-on
FoodBook Multibranch Add-on

FoodBook is a WordPress order online food plugin and WooCommerce takeaway plugin.

It's a great way of setting up a WordPress website to work as a complete online ordering, online management and food delivery system.

It's a fully customizable theme so that you can tailor it to suit your brand. Get going quickly with a one-click demo content importer and choose from a product list view, a product grid two, three of four-column view with further product details and ratings that only genuine buyers can use to review your restaurant's food and service.

4. Google Maps Locator plugin for WordPress

Google Maps Locator plugin for WordPress
Google Maps Locator plugin for WordPress

The Google Maps Locator plugin for WordPress is an excellent plugin to build custom Google Maps with high-quality markers and additional features that make it ideal as a restaurant locator.

Customize the search content fields and include media images. Change icons, markers and colors to suit your brand.

Deploy a compact search form with a radius slider to search for restaurants within the specified radius and choose a full-screen map option.

If you're looking for a WordPress location plugin or a WordPress restaurant locator, this is a professional plugin solution to consider.

5. Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution

There is nothing better to welcome a customer to your site than some beautiful images of your products. That's where Slider Revolution comes in—it is a very advanced plugin with tons of features that make it easy to create beautiful image sliders and carousels for your site. 

Responsive Layouts

Slider Revolution allows you to display and showcase your content in sliders, carousels, hero image scenes, or as a full-page background. All this in a responsive way, no matter the device the user is using.

Multi-Media Integration

Slider Revolution allows you to showcase your content based on posts, pages, or portfolio items. You can also create content from videos or just regular uploads.

Extensive Library of Templates

Slider Revolution features an extensive library of layouts and objects that allow you to bring your vision to life.

Try the live demo to see if this plugin is right for you.

6. Foodlify


Menu plugins are important for creating and maintaining online menus.

If you're looking for a WordPress menu plugin, Foodlify is a responsive plugin that works with WooCommerce and allows you to add different menu designs to your website. You can also include images of your food, ingredients, and an Add to Cart button.

Other key features of this plugin include:

  • mobile-ready and responsive
  • ability to group menu items by category
  • visitors can search the menu

7. Bookly PRO

Bookly PRO

In today's digital age, people want to be able to book and make reservations at any time of the day. Having this option on your restaurant website will prove to be a great boost.

Bookly PRO is a booking and reservation plugin that any kind of business can use. It is the perfect restaurant reservation plugin enabling anyone to book a place online. An advantage of this plugin is that you use images and descriptions to give customers a feel for the ambiance of your restaurant.

Coupon System

Bookly pro features a coupon system to allow customers to make use of discounts at any time—provided they have a valid coupon.

A Powerful Event Manager

This is an advanced admin portal that allows the manager to perform certain functions such as creating places and setting prices.

You can try the Bookly plugin free of charge with the live preview.

8. Map Pro List

Map Pro List

The most important thing every restaurant should have is a map.

If customers can't find you, the restaurant is as good as dead. With Map Pro List, add a map and a store locator on the website. With over 35 styles to choose from, you'll be sure to find one that matches your theme. 

Ability to Add Featured Images

As a restaurant owner, you will want to add mouth-watering images of your dishes so that when someone sees your location marker, they will be enticed.

Ability to Add Multiple Locations

This feature is important if your restaurant has multiple branches. You want your customers to be able to find their nearest location.

Different Styles to Choose From

Map Pro List gives you many options for displaying locations. Display the map alone, the list of locations alone, or a combination of the map and the lists. You also have the option of choosing where to display the map.

9. EventOn


Having events in your establishment is one way to ensure that customers keep coming back and referring others. An event plugin is certainly one that your website should not miss.

The EventOn plugin is the ultimate solution to ensure your restaurant is always lively. It allows you to create beautiful, minimal calendar designs which feature images and locations as well as the event organizers.

EventOn comes with very many other features such as:

  • shortcode generator with easy-to-customize calendar options
  • repeating events
  • maps and directions—uses Google Maps to display event directions and locations
  • social share icons

10. Reviewer WordPress Plugin

Reviewer Plugin

Testimonials are a very powerful way of helping people choose what to buy or where to go—thus having reviews from your customers is a very powerful marketing technique.

If you're looking for a WordPress restaurant review plugin, the Reviewer WordPress Plugin is the best way to add customer reviews and ratings to your posts and pages.

Full Customization

This plugin offers different customizable themes that fit your website needs. All themes have responsive layouts that adapt to mobile devices.

Review Boxes

This plugin also features beautiful review boxes and comparison tables. 

User Reviews

Choose different rating modes such as 5 stars, bars, and single criteria. Customers can also upload their own images to reviews.

Advanced Admin Features

The admin system allows you to moderate user reviews and manage reviews in a very efficient way.

11. WordPress SMS Marketing Plugin

WordPress SMS Marketing Plugin

The WordPress SMS Marketing Plugin is another plugin that every restaurant needs to have. This plugin allows you to keep constant communication with your customers via SMS. You can send information such as promotions, notifications discounts, or even newsletters via bulk SMS.

For example, as a restaurant owner, you can keep customers updated about new food items or any ongoing promotions or discounts.

12. Woo Product Table Pro

Woo Product Table Pro

Woo Product Table Pro is a plugin that will allow you to make the online ordering process fast and easy. It allows you to show your products in an easy-to-operate table. Ease of use is important, considering that customers are likely to abandon shopping carts if your website is hard to navigate!

Woo Product Table Pro comes with a shortcode generator, so even if you have little or no programming experience, you can get started in minutes. This plugin is also responsive and mobile friendly.

13. WPPizza


WPPizza is a free plugin meant for pizza delivery, but it's flexible enough to accommodate any kind of business that delivers its products. WPPizza will allow you to perform functions such as setting categories and descriptions of items. It also comes with the ability to track your orders.

Other features include:

  • support for multiple currencies
  • customers can choose cash on delivery

You can get started with WPPizza today for free!


The plugins in this list help take your restaurant business to the next level.

Every business is unique and your needs may be different, but luckily CodeCanyon features a lot of restaurant plugins that have been tried and tested for quality and performance. 

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